Live from World Economic Forum

    January 23, 2008

I’m here in the World Economic Forum, writing to you from the headquarters for the Davos Question where I just interviewed the head of PR for the World Economic Forum.

Keep in mind that when you see me on my Twitter account I’m actually sending live video and you can ask questions while we film. It’s really incredible to be able to do that and I thank Qik for giving me several cell phones to get lots of video up. The forum has just started (it’s 10 a.m. in the morning here) and I’m meeting incredible people and will bring more to you as I can. Places to watch:

1. My Twitter account. It gets a message every time I start a Qik video. My videos are also posted to the Davos Qik account#.

2. My Qik account. I post videos here frequently.

What are the CEOs talking about? The “economic turmoil” (which is what Matthias Leufkins, head of PR for the World Economic Forum, called it).

The Web 2.0 bloggers are talking about Automattic’s latest investment. Congratulations to Matt Mullenweg and team (they are the ones who produce the blogging software I’m using to type to you here).

Josh Spear is hanging out here too and blogging. So is Mike Arrington.