Little Elm Lockdown:Threat Prompts High School Lockdown

    October 30, 2013
    Sarah Parrott
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Students, staff, and faculty members at Little Elm High School in the aptly named town of Little Elm, Texas were given a shock this morning as the school was placed under lockdown. The school was informed of a threat that had supposedly been posted on a social media platform, and the administration was quick to lock down the school and contact the local police department. The school posted on their Facebook page to inform parents and visitors about the lockdown.

The threat originated from a freshman student at the high school, according to the Little Elm City Manager, Matt Mueller. Mueller went on to say, “We got reports that a freshman student who attends Little Elm High School had made threats on social media. The school is going to err on the side of caution anytime we have a situation like this.” The student was counted as absent during first period, and police searched for him during the lockdown. Supposedly, the student in question had been bullied and had threatened to bring a weapon to school in retaliation.

Various reports conflicted as new information emerged, with some saying that the student posted the threat on Facebook, and others saying that the student did not post to social media at all, but had rather expressed the threat to friends who had gone on to contact the police. It was eventually confirmed that the later case was the factual one. Reports of gunfire were also thrown into the mix, though these were entirely false; no gun shots were fired during the lockdown, and Litttle Elm High School was sure to report such to their Facebook audience.

The school was released from lockdown around 11:45, and students returned to their classes as normal. The school issued a statement on their website regarding the lockdown, saying that the student suspect had been located and that any students picked up by their guardians after the lockdown were given excused absences. The statement also stressed that no weapons had been found and that, contrary to what had been said early on, the threat had not been made on social media. No one was hurt and the student in question remains in custody.

[Image courtesy of the Little Elm ISD Facebook page.]
  • Really?

    Really? Is this what this country has become? We are nothing but a culture of fear. Do people even remember the 80s and 90s? No one freaked out like this — over nothing. No weapon. No threat. Just people overreacting over hearsay. Ever since 9/11, this country has been bombarded with propaganda about fear. It has worked so well that we are afraid of our shadows. In this day and age, nothing really bad needs to happen. People create the stress out of thin air.

    Our country is falling apart right before our eyes and all the damage is self-inflicted. We let one terrorist incident change who we fundamentally are. It is such a shame. I hate to tell people but bullying, threats, and crazy people have always existed. It is not like these things are new.

    We need to toughen up in this nation. We have become a collective group of fear induced, politically correct, feminist weaklings that are afraid of everything. We even want to ban balls and tag at recess!!! The solution to all this nonsense is really pretty easy —- parents do your jobs. Don’t let your kids get to your guns and alcohol. Turn off the damn computer. Hold your kids accountable for their actions. Take away their cell phones. Be freaking parents.

    Be freaking parents. Stop getting divorced at the drop of a hat. Work together as parents and realize that being a parent is a life of sacrifice. In fact, all life is a sacrifice. No one can have it all. Get your priorities in gear and be content when you realize you can’t have everything. Stop listening to the crap you see on TV. You are constantly being told you can be an individual, a career person, a lover, a parent and give up nothing. Sorry, but the reality is that something has to give. All successful people know that you have to give up something to get something. Start choosing your family over all the other BS.