Listing Supporters = Selling PageRank?

    July 9, 2006

Emad Fanous has a post on how the W3C, the internet standards consortium, is listing its top supporters on a page with a massive PageRank.

Basically, the W3C get links from millions of webpages, due to designers wanting to prove their sites are validly coded, and you can buy a link on those pages by donating to the organization.

Now, this could be link selling, absolutely, and if so, its a smart way of doing it. However, if the W3C is simply an organization that gets donations, and lists those (as it should), there is nothing wrong here. So the real question goes as to intent. What do you think?

As is, $1,000 will get you a link from one PageRank 9 page and one PageRank 7 page. Good deal?

It is an interesting way for the W3C to make money. I wonder if they intended this to happen or if this is just a side-effect of what they were trying to do. In any case, they provide good services and information and I hope it doesn’t harm them

Here’s the real question: If the W3C is genuinely leveraging its PageRank to sell links, should we all stop linking? If that comes out, I say yes.

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