Lisa Whelchel Talks New Hallmark Movie

    July 20, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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You may remember Lisa Whelchel as Blair Warner from The Facts Of Life. Whelchel appeared on the show from the time it aired in 1979 until it was canceled in 1988.

Whelchel recently talked about the show and one of her cast mates, George Clooney, who made several appearances on the show as well.

“The truth is, he was kind of in his twenties, he was young, he was gawky, he was so much fun!” she said of Clooney. “He’s really aged quite well. Back then, it was kinda fun to have a big brother around.”

Many people wondered why Whelchel never tried to date Clooney, but she claims that she had no idea that he would grow into the heartthrob he is today.

“I don’t know, maybe I was just not smart, or not thinking ahead, because I did not anticipate what he would grow into,” Whelchel added. “I think if I had, I would’ve worn makeup to rehearsal a little bit more often.”

While Whelchel may have let Clooney go, she has still hung on to acting and is working on her new Hallmark Channel movie For Better or For Worse. Whelchel’s new movie also stars another Facts Of Life star, Kim Fields, who played Tootie.

Both actresses are excited to work on the movie and with each other again.

“I am pitched a lot of scripts that are family-friendly, and I hate to say it, but a lot of them are really, really cheesy. Either that or they’re just trying to hit you over the head with a message. So when I got this one, I thought it was a great script, a delightful comedy that happened to have a nice message. I was enamored by it, so I signed on,” Whelchel said about the movie.

“They sent me the script and said that Lisa was attached, and I thought it was a great story. And after all the directing and producing, I loved not having those responsibilities. I could show up, get to work with someone I adore, and then go home! And I got to be comfortable in my post-baby skin,” said Fields.

What do you think of Lisa Whelchel as an actress?

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  • Ricky

    I always liked Lisa’s acting. she played snooty and uppity so well as Blair. but with a heart underneath the spoiled, rich girl. when they were a older and started playing the fantasy episodes like come back to the truck stop Natalie Green, Natalie Green. Lisa showed she could be really funny. as well as Seven little Indians (My Favorite). they were all great in that. Lisa has great comic timing and can really express heartfelt emotions. I watched the movie last night and enjoyed it. it’s been so long since we have seen Lisa act. but she is a natural and took it right up. hopefully we her in more television as a mature actress. she has also aged really well and looks natural and looks like ‘Blair’, grown up and beautiful.

  • Cbalducc

    Lisa is discussing a “Hallmark”, not a “Lifetime” movie.

  • trish9921

    That was a “relatively” cute movie HOWEVER, it seemed a little ridiculous for her at 51 to get together with the starring male who is only about 35. Just didn’t work for me.

  • Deb

    Of course she looks like she has aged well, there’s enough plastic in her for three people. Really annoying to read this knowing she has not aged naturally. No one looks like that at 51, our faces have fine lines and we don’t look odd when smiling!!!! This movie did not work for me at all, she is way too old for the part she played regardless of her perfect face.

    • ts

      Got news for you there is no plastic here. This is how Lisa looks/

  • MusicGuy314

    Saw the movie last weekend and loved it. The only thing was it has the same problem almost all the Larry Levinson Hallmark movies have. They go on all the way and do a real quick resolution at the end, just cutting it off. Most movies have a bit of resolution after the “big moment”.