Lisa Whelchel Reunites With Facts Of Life Co-Star

    June 27, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Lisa Whelchel had lunch on Tuesday with her former co-star from The Facts of Life, Charlotte Rae. These two might be known to you children of the 80’s as Blair and Mrs. Garrett.

Lisa Whelchel shared the moment with the world in the form of an Instagram selfie captioned with, “Selfie with Charlotte Rae today at lunch. She gave me some good advice. (Just like old times.:)”

Those who know Lisa Whelchel only from her stint on Survivor Philippines are missing out on the nostalgic magic that was made here. Mrs. Garret was always the one that rich, spoiled Blair could go to for advice. Blair (Lisa Whelchel), along with fellow roomates Tootie (Kim Fields), Jo (Nancy McKeon) and Natalie (Mindy Cohn), were all supported, loved and inspired to good deeds by Mrs. Garrett.

So was a wide TV audience of kids who learned many a life lesson at the knee of the kind and big-hearted lady.

Lisa Whelchel has said that one of her biggest struggles while doing the show was her body image.

“The biggest fact of life I wish I knew while on the show is to be a little proud of being a little heavier than the typical girls on TV.”, LisaWhelchel said in a recent interview.

“Because it gave the opportunity to give the girls who watched the show a point of reference for a reality of what girls look like and accept themselves at a normal weight.”

Body image has been a struggle for most girls, but seeing the normally proportioned young women on the show probably helped many in the audience be okay with the way they were.

Man, do I miss shows like The Facts of Life! Do you?

Image via Instagram

  • Ed Smith

    When I was young, I must have spilled literally GALLONS of seed to her. Then I found out how much of a total God freak she is. Good grief, her crazy factor is right up there with Alicia Silverstone!

  • westex

    Ed Smith, you’re an idiot! Pull your head out of the porn and grow up.
    Personally, the show was cute at the time and I watched it because there wasn’t much else on TV. I’m always interested to see what once famous people are doing in the ‘afterlife.’ Lisa seems to have found a life that makes her happy and seems to be a well adjusted adult. Kudos to her.

    • Ed Smith

      It’s one thing to go to church once in a while, it’s another to be a Jesus FREAK. Maybe you should have found other things to watch- maybe you would have learned something!

      • Guy Alioto

        I’m not a “Jesus Freak” but her religious beliefs do not affect my life, my enjoyment of life or my ability to live life so why does it affect yours so much?

      • Sheila

        This is a sad conversation!! Jesus Freak??? That’s a odd term towards someone who loves and honors the Lord.

        • Ed Smith

          Sorry kids, when you die, dead is just that- dead. No cherubs with harps, no saints, dead.

          • Sheila

            Spoken like a true atheist Ed!

          • Ed Smith

            Think about why religion was created. It was created to give mankind hope, because there is none. Without any hope of a better end, mankind would have just run amok. So, religion was created to keep people in line. Humans, while intelligent, are just organisms. The organism dies, and that’s it. You believe what you want, but all we are in the end is worm food.

          • Sheila

            Ed I feel so sorry for you that you have never experienced the hand of a loving God.

          • Ed Smith

            Wow, are you a shetty judge of people. 9 years of parochial school, 4 years of parochial high school, thinking of doing pastoral college at New Ulm, MN, to become a Lutheran pastor. Spot-on, Sheila!

          • Sheila

            Huge difference in going to school to study and having a relationship with the Lord!! I’m not thinned skinned so take all the jabs you want Ed.

          • Guy Alioto

            Ed, apparently you haven’t noticed that when trees or flowers die in the fall, they come back to life in the spring. Just sayin…