Lisa Vanderpump: RHOBH Hubby Sued

    April 12, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Lisa Vanderpump of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may need to lend some moral support–and maybe some money, too, to her husband. Ken Todd is being sued by a pair of brothers who claim he assaulted them while doing some construction at his and Vanderpump’s P.U.M.P. Lounge. The suit claims he then accused the brothers of blackmail.

According to the lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, Kevin and David Cazaref are claiming that Ken Todd approached Kevin last October and told him “in a rude and aggressive manner” that he wasn’t demolishing concrete properly. The complaint also states that when Kevin asked Todd to speak to him more courteously and offered to let Todd show him how to perform the task properly, Todd pushed Kevin “hard on his chest” as he grabbed Kevin’s tool. (That could certainly be taken a couple of different ways.)

It seems Ken Todd is no stranger to lawsuits. Just last summer he and Lisa Vanderpump were sued by two men who say they were going to open a sports themed gay bar at the site where Ken and Lisa opened P.U.M.P. The men claim the location was stolen from them.

Todd also filed a lawsuit against Kevin and David Cazaref, claiming that Kevin threw the machine (that tool of Kevin’s that the brother’s lawsuit says he grabbed) at Todd, causing “serious and permanent injury to plaintiff’s lower body, including his hip, leg and knee.” Todd’s suit also claimed that the brothers engaged in an “attempted shakedown and extortion” of Todd, was dismissed in March.

Is the Ken Todd and Kevin and David Cazaref scenario a giant case pointing fingers with no actual wrongdoing having taken place? Or is Lisa Vanderpump’s husband simply a magnet for legal problems?

It will be interesting–at least on some very mundane level–to learn how this all turns out.

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  • Sara James

    Deport them both back to England. Neither Lisa nor her husband are honest business people. The IRS needs to investigate them.

    • Shieldmaiden

      What do you base your accusation on? What facts do you have? I have read about that jack hammer lawsuit for six months now. But still, I’m curious why are you willing to slander their name. You can’t put statements like that with put some backing, where is it?

    • Kelliegirl

      Ignorant bitch

    • synthiac

      Brandy no one gets deported to England. Did you not try to say this about the overstaying houseguest too? Such a silly person you are.

  • Barbara Richards

    I don’t believe it. The brothers are in this for the money and just like the lawsuit by Todd was dismissed in March, this one will be too. I guess that’s what court is for. When grown adults can’t make a decision and come to a meeting of the minds then, for a price, the attorneys and system will do it for you. I side Lisa and Ken. Love them.

  • Sharon in Texas

    How tired are we all of the people who want a piece of the pie…..these guys are in this to get a buck. Ken and Lisa have more class than any of those lying ladies on the Housewives. Kyle Richards is probably behind this….she is soooo jealous of Lisa. She and Brandi need to be seen as they really are, trouble makers with no class.