Lisa Kudrow Feels Bad About Denying A "Friends" Reunion

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Lisa Kudrow says she feels awful about saying that a "Friends" reunion was never going to happen after an online hoax suggested that it would.

The 50-year old actress says she was hurt at first, thinking she was the only cast member who hadn't been invited to attend a fictional reunion for the show's 10th anniversary; then, she realized it was a hoax.

"The graphic for this one thing was unbelievable. It looked really real," Kudrow explained. "And then they were posting this article and the headline was like, 'NBC Confirms 5 out of 6 of the Friends Are In,' and I went, 'Oh my God. They didn't ask me.'"

The rumors included a blurb about a movie and a new season of "Friends" that would air on NBC in 2014, which Kudrow shot down in a Vanity Fair interview.

“A Friends reunion? How sad. That was a rumor that started, I remember, our first interview the day after it wrapped, that was the first question I was asked, ‘So is there going to be a reunion?’ It started then and it hasn’t stopped," she said.

Later, she said she regretted being so blunt about something the show's fans were really hoping for.

"I honestly just feel really bad just by saying, 'And that was actually never something that was ever going to happen.' You're disappointing them," she said. "And people got mad at me recently because I had said, 'No, no. That's never going to happen.' They were angry, like I'm the one who shut it down."

Amanda Crum
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