Lisa Edelstein: Cast for 'Castle's' 6th Season


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Most people know Lisa Edelstein for her long running role on the hit television show, House. From 2004-2011, she played character Dr. Lisa Cuddy who was the hospital administrator and the love interest of Dr. Gregory House. Everyone, including Hugh Laurie, her long time co-star, was shocked when Lisa publicly announced that she would be leaving House following the 7th season.

I loved playing Cuddy for all this time, but I definitely wanted to shift out of that, because I've been playing this sort of repressed control freak for seven years. I want to have a little bit of fun.

Since leaving House,Lisa has gone on to pursue other television roles including guest starring on The Good Wife, Elementary, Scandal, and her upcoming role during the 6th season of the TV series, Castle.

Lisa was cast in a multi-episode arc, and she will appear on the 6th season's first episode. Her character, Rachel McCord, is described as "tough and talented" federal investigator who will have a part in Kate Beckett's future decisions concerning her career and love life. Season 5 of Castle left the audience anxiously awaiting the decision of whether or not Kate would choose to follow her career or her relationship with Castle, after he proposed on the season finale.

Filming for Castle's 6th season is scheduled to start this week and the premier will air in the fall. The show will return to it's regular day and time, on Monday nights at 10/9c.