Lisa Bonet: Hinting at Bill Cosby Scandal?

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Lisa Bonet was a child star on The Cosby Show, and she worked with Bill Cosby for years. Some are now wondering if recent cryptic tweets the now 47-year-old actress has shared via an unverified account are hinting at the Bill Cosby alleged sexual assault scandal.

Lisa Bonet played the role of Bill Cosby's on-screen daughter, Denise Huxstable. For years there was rumored bad blood between the two. Bill Cosby was said to have been quite disturbed by her sex scene with Mickey Rourke in Angel Heart back in 1987 and again by a nude magazine photo shoot she did about a year later.

It was rumored in 2002 that Lisa Bonet refused to join the cast of The Cosby Show for a 10-year anniversary special. An unspecified member of the cast reportedly said the following about Bonet.

“Year after year, we watched Bill throw Lisa one bone after another, and all she did was bite his hand. The rest of us were happy to be on a hit show, but Lisa didn’t seem to appreciate her good fortune.”

The account in question has supposedly been removed from Twitter, but the New York Post copied the messages said to be from Lisa Bonet's account.

"According to the karma of past actions, one's destiny unfolds, even though everyone wants to be so lucky....Nothing stays in the dark 4ever."

Another tweet reportedly read, "Be patient and be positive when problems all around you. Time heals almost everything, give it time!! Golden rules of life..."

At least 15 women have now accused Bill Cosby of being a sexual predator.

Do you think Lisa Bonet is somehow embroiled in the Bill Cosby scandal? Is it possible she was an alleged victim if there were, in fact, any crimes committed?

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