Lionel Richie Likes Music In The Bedroom


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When it comes to seduction and lovemaking, everyone has their secrets and preferences. Lionel Richie isn't shy about sharing his favorite bedroom seduction habits and recently said he likes to use music to get his woman in the mood.

The All Night Long singer insisted that not just any music will do and that he prefers slow, instrumental tracks to those that contain lyrics.

He also doesn't need the help of any of his colleagues.

In a recent interview with Ireland AM, he said,

"If there's lyrics, that's wrong. I want a sexy classical guitar, a very sexy piano and maybe some strings but I always said to myself, and now that I'm a little older, do I really need any help in the bedroom by having my fellow artists come in and help me out? No! So Sting, stay out of the room because I've finally realized I can do this alone and I have enough going on!!"

Richie will be beginning his 31-date European tour in March 2015 and stays busy with his music career.

He also often appears on Nicole Richie's reality TV series, Candidly Nicole.

The singer said that he enjoys doing the show appearances and believes that they help add to the entertainment aspect of it and allow viewers to see what his relationship with his daughter is really like and how they interact with each other on a daily basis.

"You get to see her humor, her happy family and that the grandkids are finally realizing that 'pop-pop' [Lionel] maybe sings for a living," he said about the show and his relationship with is daughter and family.

Although Richie has admitted to becoming more aware of his age over the last few years, he seems to be doing great and staying active and healthy. Hopefully he has a lot more years of pleasing women in the bedroom and making music ahead of him.