Lionel Messi: Is He Going To Jail?

    August 3, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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This is one of those scandals that is yet another reminder as to why it’s never wise to put any sports athlete on a pedestal.

Just ask fans of Lance Armstrong or Oscar Pistorius.

Though Lionel Messi was not busted doping and thankfully hasn’t killed his girlfriend, the FC Barcelona player has become mired in a scandal that is distasteful in its own way.

Tax evasion in a world where the common man is struggling, but at least trying to pay his taxes, is an instant means of earning public contempt and inciting the wrath of the government.

Could this sentiment be why a Spanish court has decided to move forward with prosecuting Messi for evading payment of taxes?

The prosecutors in the case seemed ready to bury the hatchet. After all, after being busted for non-payment of taxes, the 27-year-old has since settled his tax issues by agreeing to pay €15 million or $19,546,500 USD.

The gesture might be too little too late in the eyes of the Spanish court, who could be looking to make an example of the athlete.

After all, it’s highly possible that the FC Barcelona forward isn’t the only wealthy individual and or celebrity going out of his way to avoid paying his taxes in Spain.

Will Messi have to pay further financial penalties? We could be talking even more millions down the drain.

Will he be booted out of Spain? Despite Messi’s familial connection to Barcelona, he is an Argentinian national.

The most severe penalty, the one that is MOST heavily speculated about, is whether or not the football star’s antics will land him in jail.

While jail time is always a possibility for this type of crime, Messi’s fame and overall wealth makes one skeptical about this specific outcome.

It’s quite possible that the matter will be a lot of huff and puff for the sake of scaring other wealthy citizens within Spain out of even thinking about skipping out on paying taxes.

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  • Ahmed Hatata

    I will go to jail for #messi any day, we cannot lose a legend…. #messi4ever #innocent #lion

    • Frass

      So you willing to get ass raped in prison for Messi???

      • daquan

        But Ahmed your ass will get MESSI

  • open book

    Whats wrong with him not paying his taxes? He’s just following the lead of most of teams in the spanish league…they aren’t paying taxes either!

  • Jaruek Sribuddhachart

    Let it be, this is a normal story of any super star

  • Anonymous

    You presented zero facts showing that Messi, himself, knew of anything. Do you have an accountant handling you’re financial situation? If the people handling Messi’s money were corrupted by greed, that does not make him the bad guy. . .naive? Yes, but to throw away and tarnish his reputation because his financial team didn’t pay his taxes appropriately is just poor journalism and a pathatic attempt at getting an article noticed on the web.

  • Silvana

    It ‘s not truth. His accountant is the guilty one to blame. One football player does not know a thing about taxes.Why one millionaire risk his life for dimes owed on taxes?

  • jarlath

    I will go in place of Messi in the Jail Adding One yrs If the like
    Jarlath Agere

    • frass

      So you willing to get raped in prison for Messi???

  • ayps14

    Nothing knew here..Barca lied to Neymar’s transfer fee in order to avoid high taxes. That org is made of a bunch of cheaters, liers and corrupt people.

  • abel

    if he going to jail, government and barsa club will loose a lot of more than 18 millions

  • Los Illuminados

    WTF you do Lionel Messi? Tax evasion charges!? you idiot. Tax evasion only works if you don’t get caught. looks like the Lion will be tamed and caged for this. sad. unless one of your brainless fans takes the bullet for you.

  • Maria C Pulido

    No he shouldn’t, he has given Spain lots of trophies…
    His administrator or accountant is responsible.

    • NIMO

      I and my entire family are willing to go to jail for messi. We are prepared to die for lionel messi.

  • Billionaire D.T

    i pray that my best player C.Ronaldo help Asshole MESSI with some money to pay his danm fucking tax

  • http://cox.net/ Phil Grove

    Some righteous assholes on here. Most rich people leave taxes to somebody hired to do what’s right, but just because Messi is rich and famous some want him thrown in jail.Not the fvck up who did the cheating-the accountant. The article was a piece of shit alluring this and rhat without provided not one bit of evidence against Messi himself.