Linux Users Get Opera 8

    January 7, 2005

Yesterday, Linux users were greeted with another browser to benchmark. Opera released version 8, available to the Linux platform in beta format. However, a lacking feature has left Linux users “speechless”.

The newest version of Opera’s browser contains RSS capabilities; a Fit-To-Window-Width function, which resizes web content to fit in the browser window; a zoom feature, and automatic updates to name a few. However, according to, Opera 8 was without some features that immediately stood out:

In contrast to the Windows beta release, which touted the incorporation of Opera’s voice technology, Opera 8 will leave Linux users’ browsers, well, speechless An Opera spokesperson confirmed that Opera will not be adding voice capabilities to the Linux version of Opera 8 any time soon. Unfortunately Voice is only available on Windows. Voice uses IBM technology, and until IBM develops Voice for Linux and Mac, Opera is unable to offer this feature,’ the spokesperson told”

The final version of Opera 8 should be available somewhere in the early part of this year. The beta is available here.

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