Links On Yahoo Answers Lose Power

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This isn’t nearly as serious as having a car’s wheels fall off while a prospective buyer takes a test drive.  Still, even as Microsoft tries to push Yahoo into a sale, links within questions and responses on Yahoo Answers have ceased working.

The good news: the dead links aren’t a fresh feature (it seemed possible that this was an attempt to cut down on spam- and malware-related stuff).  On the Yahoo Answers Blog, "Lou" stated, "We are working to fix the problem and we don’t yet have an estimate on when it will be done.  Sorry for the inconvenience – we will keep you posted."Links On Yahoo Answers Lose Power

Unfortunately, Lou wrote that yesterday afternoon (hat tip to Barry Schwartz for covering it very early this morning), and user-provided links within Yahoo Answers still don’t work.  Many folks weren’t too fond of these live links, anyway – think of the spam- and malware-related issues mentioned a moment ago – but others are unhappy about what happened.

"People A" wrote, "I had a lot of good link lists to resolved question best answer links are disabled.  It is too bad and may cause a lot of people to leave YA.  Some information is difficult to find and links are a good source of information sometimes."

We can’t, in all seriousness, suggest that this issue will have any impact on the Microsoft-Yahoo acquisition (and Microsoft’s falling stock price is effectively lowering its offer, anyway).  Yet the problem makes Yahoo look all the more pathetic, and that’s one area in which the company didn’t need any help.

Links On Yahoo Answers Lose Power
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  • http://www.ricerocket.com Guest

    those bastards

    • http://www.bmiweightcalculator.com Bmi Calculator

      Please respect!!!!!

  • http://www.hemroidshelp.com Hemroids

    I have never understood why larger platform websites place a nofollow link to websites, or remove links altogether. There are a ton of ways to regulate spam submissions nowadays, including the ‘4 moderated submission’ dofollow limit, which basically means moderators flag users that do submit spam and wait until the user submits at least 4 solid comment entries before enabling dofollow.

    Users that spam are given two chances, after that their email / website combination is not accepted.

  • http://www.animaroo.com puppies for sale

    Eventually websites will be ranked on social aspects as opposed to links, and this will essentially kill the need to follow / nofollow any link. The rankings will be measured by user stickiness, conversions, user behaviour an bookmarking.

  • http://www.homeremedyhaven.com Home Remedies

    It seems as though half of the Internet is nofollow friendly now due to spam. Unfortunate how a small group of people can mess it up for everyone else.

  • http://www.amoils.com/warts.html Wart Removal

    Its really unfortunate that websites have had to resort to nofollowing everything.

    Many times, the very process that got those websites their rankings and traffic is taken away from smaller, very niche and great websites that could really use (and deserve) some of these votes.

  • http://niche-traffic-sale.blogspot.com/2008/12/problem-with-yahoo-answers.html Problem with Yahoo Answers

    I can understand the Yahoo answers links being no follow and it probably has gone a long way to control spamming

    The other big problem is their criteria for deleting accounts

    Again another move to reduce spamming but a review of the topic on the forums will reveal a hand ful of ex users who have not breeched the TOS but had their accounts deleted

    Funny thing is this actually happened to me a couple of days ago but I still got two best answers notifications today

    Go figure

  • http://www.choicehow.com Mr.Choice

    It is possibly a great idea that Yahoo Answers keeps all links submitted as sources in nofollow. Nofollow is important and reduces actual spam. Nobody enjoys reading absolute spam stuff these days.

  • http://fishingtackleoxford.co.uk Carp Fisherman

    The clickable links are down again on yahoo answers. Has anyone got any news.

  • Guest

    Yea I just posted on Yahoo, its nofollow and the link isn’t even clickable.

    Wireless Phone Deals

  • http://11bag11.com 11bag11

    i need yahoo answer

  • james

    The sad part about nofollow links, is the majority of bloggers are usually business’s looking for back links in return for contributing to that social network. Half or more of these big social networks wouldn’t be where they are if were not for business’s using them this way. We kinda need each other. If I spend time on a social network helping them out, at least give one link! Seems fare?

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