LinkedIn To Share API, Remain Food-Free

    October 12, 2007

Even as everyone’s eyeing Facebook, LinkedIn intends to let third-party developers make applications for its site.  And here’s where, in my opinion, it’ll have an edge: LinkedIn intends to keep out silly crap.

“We have no interest in doing it like Facebook with an open A.P.I. letting people do whatever they want,” said Dan Nye, the CEO of LinkedIn, in an interview with Saul Hansell. “We’re not going to have people sending electronic hamburgers to each other.”

At this point, I should make clear that I’ve paid very little attention to my page on LinkedIn, while my Facebook profile is perfectly up to date.  Yet that comment makes me want to give LinkedIn another try.  If it’ll let me.  Because Nye went on to say some rather odd things.

In terms of LinkedIn’s users, “[t]he average income is $140,000,” Hansell related.  The U.S. Census Bureau believes only around 11.5 percent of all American households make between $100,000 and $150,000 per year, so that seems rather high.  Also, “Mr. Nye said he doesn’t consider LinkedIn to be a social network.”

Right.  Millions of Facebook users are probably in no hurry to switch over, then, and will continue to just put up with those hamburgers (and worse).