LinkedIn Profiles Now Presentable In 41 Languages

    November 19, 2008

There’s nothing like a global recession to expand one’s perspectives, and now more than ever, connection-seekers can be counted on to appreciate potential contacts whether they speak Albanian, Vietnamese, or anything in between.  So LinkedIn has created a new profile option that capitalizes on this fact.

Not too long ago, LinkedIn made its site’s content available in Spanish.  This fresh development follows the same sort of internationalization trend on a rather larger scale.  Users’ profiles can now be translated into 40 different non-English languages.

HitWise Travel Graph
 Final English-To-Spanish Profile

On the LinkedIn Blog, Elliot Shmukler explains, "Once translated, your original profile remains unchanged, but members that prefer to use or search LinkedIn in a different language will see the translated version instead.  So if you create a Spanish profile . . . LinkedIn members using the site in Spanish will see your Spanish profile instead of your English one."

Creating a non-English profile is pretty simple, starting with a "Create your profile in another language" link on the "Edit My Profile" page.  The original English content is always shown in blue so that users can more easily translate things and see a sort of before and after, and the "View My Profile" tab will also display the translated profile at any point.

Since LinkedIn doesn’t really provide any translation tools, we’ll go ahead and toss in a nod to Google Translate here.  But Shmukler notes, "We’re still very early in adjusting LinkedIn for the needs of our multilingual and multinational professionals," so stay tuned for other interesting updates.