LinkedIn Now Offers Polling Feature

    January 15, 2009
    Chris Crum

LinkedIn today introduced a new Polls feature. With this, users of the social network can create polls, participate in polls created by others, and keep track of past polls.


LinkedIn Polls is built upon LinkedIn’s inApps platform. One feature allows you to see how poll results vary by looking at demographics. "We know that all professionals don’t think alike, and that’s why we break down poll responses based on the demographics of respondents to show you how variables such as company size, job title, job function, age or gender change the way people respond to your question," says Elizabeth Reaves at the LinkedIn Blog.


You can also create a poll and send it to one of two groups. You can either poll your network for free, or for $50, you can poll a target group of professionals.

Polling applications are fairly easy to obtain through other platforms, like WordPress for example, but the business and targeted orientation of LinkedIn makes this concept somewhat appealing for getting opinions from a particular demographic. LinkedIn welcomes feedback on the app.