LinkedIn Gets Integrated with IBM Lotus

    January 19, 2009
    Chris Crum

LinkedIn announced a partnership with IBM Lotus today that will see integration between the professional social network and several IBM Lotus products.

"There has been significant demand from companies seeking to increase enterprise productivity by leveraging LinkedIn’s powerful network of professionals," said Reid Hoffman, chairman and CEO of LinkedIn. "Today’s announcement represents a step forward in addressing that need."

LinkedIn gets the ball rolling by announcing three upcoming features of the integration with Lotus Notes, on the LinkedIn Blog. These are:

1. Network Updates
2. People Search
3. LinkedIn Profiles

"Those familiar with the LinkedIn Outlook Toolbar may recognize similar functionality," explains Elliot Shmukler at the LinkedIn Blog. "However, by working with IBM directly on the Notes integration, we’ve been able to make it richer, more seamless, and more robust."

LinkedIn in Lotus Notes

Other products on the agenda for LinkedIn integration include Lotus Connections and The LinkedIn integration will not cost IBM Lotus customers anything extra.