LinkedIn Founder on the Future of Social Data

    June 30, 2009
    Chris Crum

LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman is featured in a video from Nokia’s He talks about new products being created from the social data that is available on the Internet.

Ideas Project was designed to bring together influential "big thinkers" to contemplate the ideas that matter most to the future of communications. "It is a new kind of conversation platform aimed at uncovering the connections between these thought leaders and their disruptive ideas," Nokia says in a release.

Hoffman certainly knows a thing or two about social data. LinkedIn is an incredibly successful social network focused on business networking.

"Once you have all these piles of data, people will build products out of the synthesis of this information," explains Hoffman. "I think the Web 2.0 platform concerning actual identities and relationships is really just at the beginning stages of its growth–we’re not close to even the midpoint of this development."

"As the founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman redefined online professional networking, making a seminal contribution to the rise of social media," says Valerie Buckingham, Director of Technology Marketing, Nokia. "Now Hoffman is once again setting his sites on the future, exploring how companies will use the growing base of online social networking information as a foundation for business innovation."

Ideas Project also features ideas from Robert Scoble, Jeff Jarvis, and a number of other influential thought leaders. What do you think of the project?