LinkedIn Continues Language Expansion

    February 4, 2009
    Chris Crum

Last summer professional social network LinkedIn began its internationalization efforts by launching a Spanish language version. Then in November they launched a French version. Now LinkedIn is introducing a German version, appropriately called LinkedIn auf Deutsch.

According to Kevin Eyres, Managing Director Europe at LinkedIn, the network already has over 9 million members from Europe alone, so it only makes sense to offer more European languages. Eyres did not mention what other languages are on the agenda.

While it is not growing at nearly the rate that Facebook is, LinkedIn is still growing tremendously at about a million users every seventeen days. Eyres says LinkedIn’s global network adds a new member every second.

That’s not bad. The quicker they can get the network into more languages, the quicker it will be able to bolster that number. And considering that LinkedIn is far more focused on the professional niche, whereas everybody and their grandma use Facebook, growth is looking good.