Lindsay Lohan Wins Lawsuit, Parties In Cannes

By: Amanda Crum - May 20, 2014

Lindsay Lohan has been in several legal battles in recent years, but this week one of them came out in her favor.

The 27-year old actress won a lawsuit against clothing line 6126, for which she was a spokesperson. The leggings company claimed Lohan didn’t live up to her end of their bargain promotion-wise, but she says she did her job and expects to be paid royalties. The judgement is for $150,000 in Lohan’s favor.

Lohan prepared a written statement for the court, saying she was unable to respond to the lawsuit due to personal matters.

“When I was in rehab, [my lawyer] was unable to contact me to discuss the case. After I completed my 90 day programme I moved back to New York. I have been overwhelmed since leaving rehab and dealing with my sobriety and a miscarriage,” she wrote.

Lohan has been posting photos from the Cannes Film Festival on social media this week, showing off what looks like a topless pic–but is probably just her in a strapless dress–with a friend and one of herself in a private jet.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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