Lindsay Lohan Tries To Redeem Herself After Unflattering Side Boob Photo

    August 4, 2014
    Val Powell
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Controversial actress Lindsay Lohan has been closely watched in recent years by fans and rumor mongers alike waiting to document her next move. Lohan has seen career highs and lows punctuated with public relations faux pas after faux pas, but this time she’s got her social media game together.

After netizens reacted to the unflattering side boob she unwittingly projected in pictures of herself at Ibiza last week, Lohan posted several pictures of her bikini body on Instagram in an attempt to recover her image, showing her detractors that she’s still got what it takes to keep people looking in her direction.

On Friday, Lohan posted a photo of herself in her hotel room wearing a simple long, white gown, showing her side boob as it should look and erasing the image burned into people’s minds by the photo of her in a neon swimsuit posted days before. This new photo of her showing a hint of her lovely figure was captioned with the words, “The mind replays what the heart can’t delete.”

She then followed the post on Instagram with pictures she took during her vacation in Ibiza. A picture of Lohan posing in front of a mirror wearing a colorful bikini and sporting a bellybutton ring shows off her figure. She later posted more pictures of herself that day while hanging out with friends. In one, she’s wearing a bikini top and mirrored aviator shades while flanked by two guy friends, posted with the caption, “Be happy and healthy. It’s possible.” In another, she’s in the water with other friends, waving their hands in the air, with the caption, “Happiness is key. Live. Laugh. Love.” The photos hint that a happier, lighter Lindsay Lohan is still hitting the beaches with a knockout body.

Image via lindsaylohan, Instagram

  • Jackson Furst

    Lindsay, lose the trashy navel jewelry for starters. Cover the side-bood ALWAYS. Remember the world is watching, so learn how to work it with class.

  • Wm Bart

    class was lost along time ago, hangs with mamma too much and no class there.

  • Mike Freeman

    Get somebody who passed at least the 3rd grade to design your tattoos or better yet, don’t get any at all.

  • lindy west

    She sadly has the face, (and now body) of a woman decades older. Just so pathetic.