Lindsay Lohan Allegedly On a Crusade to Star on UK’s Reality Show ‘TOWIE’

    August 10, 2014
    Pam Wright
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Lindsay Lohan is apparently on a crusade to finagle her way on to the popular UK reality show The Only Way is Essex — aka TOWIE.

While Lohan has not publicly declared her desire to star on the show, a source made it clear she is obsessed with the idea.

“Lindsay’s obsessed with all things Essex and she’s watched every episode of TOWIE on YouTube. It’s like her new fix. She’s been telling anyone who’ll listen that she’d love to guest star in a few episodes and has even asked her management to set up a meeting with the producers,” said the source.

Lohan has been (purposely?) hanging with the stars of the show, including a recent trip to Ibiza with Vas J. Morgan.

That doesn’t necessarily translate into a working gig. On the other hand, she may be on to something since producers insist the reality stars of the show have some connection to Essex, which she may have now that she’s a new BFF of Morgan.

“We always ensure that everyone on the show has a genuine connection to Essex. As a friend of Vas, Lindsay might fit the bill, but there are no plans as yet,” said another source to Now magazine.

The Only Way Is Essex follows a diverse group of people that have one thing in common — they live in Essex. The show features a club promoter, a would-be model, a member of a girl band and two bar workers. Each episode airs just days after filming.

The actress hasn’t had much success with reality TV on this side of the Atlantic. Lohan joined forces with Oprah Winfrey for Lindsay, which aired on OWN earlier this year. Few were really interested in the daily life of the troubled actress, and it was canceled soon after its premiere.

Image via Lindsay Lohan, Instagram

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    So disappointed I clicked on this hoping they found her drunk passed out in some gutter in London.

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    Please England, take her off our hands.

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