Lindsay Lohan Is Trying To Quit Smoking


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Lindsay Lohan has made it pretty clear that she is ready to put her past behind her and start all over. Rehab has helped her with many of her addictions and inner demons, and now she is even trying to quit smoking.

The actress and singer said that she doesn't want anything to get in the way of her comeback or her decision to become healthier and is even willing to try hypnotherapy to get help with her nicotine addiction.

Lohan is starring in the London play Speed-the-Plow and made the decision to stop smoking because she is scared that it could interfere with the play. The play will put Lohan back in the public eye and she wants everyone to see how serious she is about changing and concentrating on her career.

Hypnotherapy might not be everyone's first choice in terms of addiction help, but many people have found success with it. Hypnotherapy works by helping take the hypnotized person's mind off of their addiction and by showing them how to change their mindset when they feel the urge to smoke or indulge in another addiction.

Hypnotherapy is usually only used as a short-term treatment, and Lohan may need to use other methods and treatments if she plans to kick the habit for good.

Lohan has been able to overcome other addictions and if she is serious about her decision to quit smoking, she will likely succeed in quitting.

Many people are concerned that trying to quit could make Lohan grumpy and hard to work with and end up hurting her career.

Hopefully the star can beat her addiction without letting it ruin her career and new London play.