Lindsay Lohan Burglary Case: She Can’t Get Her Story Straight

    August 29, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Lindsay Lohan seems to epitomize the term “troubled”. In the past few years she’s been accused of hit-and-runs, drinking and driving, being addicted to drugs, stealing jewelry, and procuring hastily-done plastic surgery which makes her look several years older than she actually is. She’s been in jail, she’s dealt with lengthy court appearances, and somehow, in the midst of it all, she’s managed to appear in a few movies which garnered mostly bad reviews.

It doesn’t look like things are changing anytime soon. Lohan has been accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of cash and other items from a friend, Sam Magid, when she attended his house party. Her assistant told authorities that some items were indeed taken, but wouldn’t say who the culprit was. And while that certainly sounds suspicious, Lohan didn’t have any trouble pushing the blame onto other party-goers, including Andrew Knight (son of music mogul Suge Knight).

However, she later alternately said she was on Ambien and was too hazy to remember exactly what happened, and that she was simply hiding the items in different locations around the house because she was worried they would be stolen. Because none of the items were found to be in her possession and because there are so many conflicting stories, officials say they don’t have sufficient evidence to press charges against Lohan, so it looks like she’ll get a pass on this one. Hopefully she’ll stick to making movies and stay out of trouble.

  • http://www.artworksofafrica.com Virginia Martin

    The woman is pure trash. She needs to be sent to the dump with the rest of the trash.

  • Ben

    Poor Linds will never amount to anything. What a waste of a life.

    • http://policeinamerica.infopoliceinamerica.us Vice Admiral Smitty


      please reference the recently posted posts regarding your criminal activity on this messaging board.

      Agent Agent # 0000017.b

  • Roberta Byrnes

    Would everyone please stop watching ANYTHING this poor girl does, movie or news-wise, and let her hit bottom so she can get some help? Hollywood: IGNORE HER! Stop making her the pitiful offers for the trashy roles she gets and trying to make a dime off of her! She is trouble because she is TROUBLED! she needs rehab, severe counseling AND some guidance, which she has never gotten. Don’t give her what she feels is anything better to do.

  • http://twitter.com/magenbrittani WhiskerTits

    She is a waste of the film industry. How can this girl get away with so much bullshit?