Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst Developing TV Drama

    November 1, 2013
    Tobias Roth
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Fred Durst, the front-man for the popular 90’s group Limp Bizkit, is deciding to venture into the realm of television. He is working on developing a drama series that will center around his own life and career. He has recently took a hiatus from music in order to concentrate on production projects in both film and television.

Limp Bizkit formed in 1994, and is known for their hit songs “Nookie,” “Rollin,” and “Break Stuff.”

The series will be given the title The Noise, and the plot is said to chronicle the rise of a young artist in the 90’s after escaping a difficult home life to form a popular band with a unique sound.

The show will be be an hour-long drama, and air on the CW network. In addition to being the creator, Fred Durst is also the executive producer on the show, with Miles Feld writing the script.

Many people will be surprised to hear it, but this is actually the second time that Fred Durst, after leaving Limp Bizkit, has been involved with a television show about his life.

Two years ago, CBS developed the sitcom Douchebag, featuring a musician that balancing his wild ways with his young family.

Although Limp Bizkit has been a virtually unheard of band since the time of their popularity, they have released an album as recently as 2011, and are set to release another in 2014, “Stampede of The Disco Elephants.” They released a new single called “Ready To Go,” featuring Lil’ Jon earlier this summer.

Fred Durst was the executive producer on the film Pawn Shop Chronicles, which was released earlier this years. Additionally, his film career has included directing The Education of Charlie Banks, starring Jesse Eisenberg, and The Longshots, starring Ice Cube. He has also played himself in a handful of films, and Limp Bizkit was featured on several film soundtracks.

With Limp Bizkit releasing a new album next year, they look to be making a comeback, while Fred Durst continues to look for success in the film and television industry.

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  • Stinky…. Stinky Finga!

    i think fred should not make a TV show… because its probably gonna be some MTV baby bullsh*t…. and its gonna be really stupid. Ill probably never understand the POLLUTION that fred durst will put out there because hes broke and he aint no joke ill say it once again ill preach the words about the shows that i dont wanna watch i might break stuff cuz his shows fucked and the actors suck i dont really know why but someone better justify ripppin freddies script up! no tv contract.. hes doin it all for the nookie so give him a cookie and stick it up his.. yeahh…. listen listen you better shape up son.. if i see you on my tv…. yeahh… its not 1999. Stinky. Stinky Finga. no faith. shows ova

  • Don

    Fred Durst is worse than cockroaches. Why won’t he just die with his terrible music.