Rush Limbaugh Should Be Fired, Say Most Republicans

    March 15, 2012
    Mike Tuttle
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Right about now, Rush Limbaugh may be wishing he had not called Sandra Fluke a slut. Even after an apology that few think he meant, advertisers have bailed on Limbaugh in record numbers. The flagship station for his show, WABC in New York, have been forced to play unpaid PSAs rather than commercials in most of his ad slots. Unprecedented amounts of dead air in some of the slots have been reported.

And now, even as Limbaugh tries to rally the faithful, Bloomberg has released a new poll that indicates that most Republicans think it’s time for Rush Limbaugh to go away.

Limbaugh has run several segments in the past few weeks with titles containing phrases like “Don’t Doubt Me” and “Everything’s Cool Here” and “Don’t Doubt Our Enthusiasm

But, the numbers are showing things unraveling for Limbaugh. This week, his syndicator Premiere Networks, notified affiliate stations that they did not need to run their obligatory barter spots that offset the cost of Limbaugh’s program in their markets. Those spots are fed from the syndicator, and they simply may not have enough varied material to send after the advertiser walkout. So, they are, in effect, telling the local stations, “You fill those slots. Don’t let there be silence or PSAs.” But, with a sustained local boycott nationwide, it’s getting tougher and tougher to fill the silence, despite what Limbaugh tells his supporters. The proof is in the airtime. Commercials are not there.

Local markets are starting to address the question of whether or not the Limbaugh program should be dropped there. One station, WISN in Milwaukee, posted a blog entry asking that very question. Local journalist Duane Dudek made a couple of salient points that should be looked at in all Limbaugh markets.

Is there a chance that WISN-AM (1130) would ever drop the conservative talk show hosted by Rush Limbaugh?

Unlikely, considering the show is distributed by the station’s owner.

According to Talkers Magazine, Limbaugh’s show reaches 15 million listeners a week and is the top-rated radio talk show in the nation. Second-ranked Sean Hannity has 14 million listeners.

Locally, his ratings picture is not so rosy.

Limbaugh’s show on WISN-AM is 11th-ranked in its time slot. Local conservative talker Jeff Wagner, airing opposite on WTMJ-AM (620), is ranked second, with almost twice as many listeners.

The number of stations Limbaugh is on is commonly listed as 650. However, on his own site, there are only 594 listed. When you start to research those stations to find contacts to speak with, you soon start to realize that many of these are Clear Channel stations, which have no choice in the matter of whether or not it is in their local interest to air Limbaugh’s program.

What would Limbaugh’s next likely move be, if bad comes to worse?

Satellite radio is a possibility, as is an online format. It seems unlikely that Limbaugh will tell his listeners that he has lost so many advertisers that he is forced to leave terrestrial radio. When a boycott against Dr. Laura Schlessinger killed her television show and finally forced her off radio, she told her fans that she was going online so as to regain her First Amendments rights.

  • paul Ziegler

    how many years yes years has called everyone names. like some first grade bully. he has been in power due the listeners who like these name calling. isn’t it time for rush to say good bye. hope clear channel gets enough emails at publicrelations@clearchannel.com

  • kurt mudgeon

    Rush has been on the air for 23 years. He never once called any woman a slut. Not Hillary. Not Pelosi. Not even Molly Yard. I suspect he was defining the behavior not the woman, girl, student.

    • Adam

      You are the exact kind of idiot that are the reason that a%* is still on the air. He is a bully that is never wrong, anyone who disagrees with him is stupid. He’s a grade A DI*# of the worst kind. That makes you worse than he is!

    • TM

      You’re absolutely right. He was talking about the behavior and not the person and any leftist crackpot knows it.

      What’s he ever said about men? Where’s the outrage there?

      • Karla McGowan

        Anytime he wants to criticize a man he gives his standard instructions, “Bend Over and Grab Your Ankles”, “Take it in the Butt”. Rush Limbaugh is one of the most disgusting people who has the ears of the public. He’s not entertaining to anyone except maybe ignorant people (you). He has no social redeeming qualities. His very presence is offensive to civil people.

    • Harriet Stanton-Leaffer

      You’re making excuses for Limbaugh’s hate speech? Mr. “Kurt Mudgeon” doesn’t begin to define you.

  • marty

    Well,If most republicans say he should be fired,why is he still talking? I don’t know any democrates that think he shouldn’t be any thing less then shot.Limbaugh’s a piece of garbage.

  • Bill

    Listen….those that regularly listen to conservative talk radio have not abandoned Rush. The advertisers have made the mistake of listening to a very small group of very vocal left leaning liberals. I have read so many opinions by so many people with liberal agendas. These people generally don’t portray the discussion in an honest light. They don’t believe in free speech unless it is from an individual who agrees with them. Anyone who believes in rugged individualism, working for what you get and for a reward system based on performance is deemed to be a bigot, a hater, an evil and stupid person. Our Grandparents surely would not have approved of the slut comment, but, he did apologize. I know my grandparents and parents (all deceased at this point) would have wondered why does anyone give these liberal left wingers the time of day. I am glad the advertisers have shown their true colors after this incident. We now know who is liberal left leaning and who does not believe in the exchange of ideas and free speech.

    • mike

      Bloomberg has released a new poll that indicates that most REPUBICANS___ think it’s time for Rush Limbaugh to go away.

    • Harriet

      Small group? Time is our side.

  • KnowBetter

    New Poll Asks ‘Former’ Base. So much for your phony poll. ABC/Disney insults women every week with their “GCB” program and they haven’t apologized or been taken off the air. What do you have to say about that? WF is “WebProNews” or “Talkers Magazine”? You don’t know what you’re talking about. BTW, Limbaugh has been using the phrase “Don’t doubt me” for two decades. Where have you been? In your crib with a pacifier in our mouth. Some snarky journalism you have going here, Mike Turtle.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/mike-tuttle Mike Tuttle

      Turtle? Wow. Haven’t heard that one since the third grade. Good shot.

  • http://yahoo Donna

    Rush has really crossed the line on this one. People should be concerned what he will say next. He cannot take back what he said and instead of a real apology he points the finger at others. This is a serious matter and he should not be calling the women groups “nags”. He sounds like a real nag !

  • http://yahoo patrick james

    Rush id a radio jockey. he is paid to excite things. I serve my country and I am afraid of losing the freedoms we fought for. let not let public opinion destroy our constitution. Anyone that over reacts to his dumb statements just does not understand freedom and how deliciate it is??? We bneed to keep free speech and the constitution strong. We are on the virge of losing our rights

  • michael V. Caldwell


    All of us make choices everyday that have a Major Impact on Our Country on Our World on Ourselves,on Our Children & Their Children.

    Our Children and Grandchildren, are always watching us to see how we treat each other when we have a disagreement.


    That, NEED TO BE FOUND AGAIN when disagreeing with each other Especially Publicly & Especially with anyone who is choosing to be “Part Of The Solution” by Using Common Sense, Ameri-Can-Do Attitude and Respect as their “Guideline To Follow At All Times”
    These Five Words that need to found again and used when disagreeing with with each other are;


    Each of us can choose to be “Part of the Problem” or to be “Part of the Solution” this choice is up to each individual to make in our daily lives by the words we choose to use and by our attitudes.


    Disrespectful Words & Attitudes that hurt Ourselves & Others, Lack of Team Work, Constant Criticism instead of offering Solutions to the Problem at hand.


    Mutual Respect, Ameri-Can Do Attitude, Team Work & Suggesting New Ideas That Solve Our Problems As A Respectful Nation, That Leads Our World, Our Next Generation By Good Example Not By Bad Example.

    What ever Choices that each of us choose Impact “OUR CHILDREN, OUR GENERATION, THE NEXT GENERATION & OUR WORLD ! !

    I choose to be “Part of the Solution” always trying my best to use Respect as my Guideline to follow at “All Times Publicly” it’s not an easy Choice to make at times but it is; THE RIGHT CHOICE TO MAKE FOR AMERICA & for “OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE”

    Respectfully, Michael V. Caldwell

    Who Is Always Striving to be “Part Of The Solution” Using Respect, Common Sense & Ameri-Can-Do Attitude as my Guidelines to follow at all Times, Especially Publicly Because Public Comments “Impact So Many Lives”

    • http://yahoo Donna

      That is a beautiful,true and well written. How lucky your family are. Common sense and respect seem to lost today. Thanks !

  • LevelHeaded

    You are so right Paul Zeilgler. And I bet Clear Channel is owned by Bain Capital or something. There is a clear act of collusion here between Romney, Bain, Clear Channel, God, Zeus, versus newly offended liberals, Democrats, Hercules, and entertainers. After we #OccupyRush and drone his white, pasty Anglo butt, we’ll get that Romney and all of those Jesuit women haters who think they can even discuss covering contraceptives as a whole no matter the heatlth reasons. Let our voices drown them out with our suddenly new found morals regarding the word “Slut’ I mean for Darwin sakes, the svelte, tan Ed Schutz clearly yelled “Slut” twice referring to Laura Ingrahm. And he works for NBC owned GE who is deep in Obama’s green pockets. But in Mr. Schultz’s case, he yelled his “Sluts” in the correct Liberal context. Like Bill Maher…or something. Whatever…I’m offended and want to get my liberal drone on!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YriSB0nwzgw&feature=related

    • Samantha

      Jesuit women haters ? What Jesuits? Got any credible sources ?

  • Benjamin

    This is not a first amendment issue. This is a business issue. The government is not trying to interfere with Limbaugh’s ability to spread his message. Advertisers, who pay for exposure to customers feel that they are not getting their money’s worth, so they are choosing to withdraw their financial support. There’s no conspiracy here. He was offensive to people. People stopped listening. Advertisers will go where the listeners go–it’s that simple.
    (PS: I am not a “left-winger with a liberal agenda.”)

  • http://none Gib

    I have listened to Rush since day 1. at that time he was the only talk show host that made any sense, now there are many. I say “keep it up Rush”

  • Bill

    The outcry from those saying Boycott, the outcry saying “fire Rush” is designed to sensor and to stifle free speech. Anyone can not listen. No advertiser is forced to ‘advertise with Rush.’ With that said, I have yet to encounter someone who was a Rush listener two weeks ago that is not a Rush listener today. Indeed, I have already stopped doing business with two of the advertisers who dropped Rushes show. But I don’t think they should not be allowed to advertise…or would even yell to others that they should be put out of business. It is the Liberal left that is behaving poorly here.

    • Benjamin

      True…to a point. The first amendment protects us from the government stifling free speech. It is not the government trying to stifle speech here. People asking for an advertiser boycott are using the same tool you are using. They don’t want to do business with companies that support Limbaugh. You don’t want to do business with companies that have stopped supporting him. How you spend your money is one of the loudest forms of speech. If radio stations choose to “censor” Limbaugh by canceling his contract, that is within their rights. The first amendment does not apply in this situation…that’s all I’m trying to say.

  • Denny

    Maybe if Sandra Fluke sued Mr. Limbaugh for lets say 650 million for liable and slander and defamation of character maybe this would help Rush do the right thing and go bye-bye like many of his listeners have.

    • Albert

      I want to be on that jury!

  • Denny

    Rush has every right to say what he wants. But he is also liable for those comments. If that happens to bankrupt him, there is only one person to blame. I’m sure that there will be those DO-DO heads that continue to listen to his hatred comments and enjoy that kind of stuff.

  • cyarush

    Dear Rush: “mega bye-byes”

  • Ed

    Rush has been a barely tolerable pain in the rear for years. It’s been impossible to have intelligent political discussions with any one when Rush keeps lobbing his verbal diarrhea bombs and twisted colloquialisms trying to make some stupid, thoughtless point.

    I am a diehard Republican, but as most already know, we’ve lost our way. I cried when Clinton was elected and then re-elected, and 3 years ago thought the world would end when Obama took office. But my military background pledged my to serve my president, and when Mitch McConnell nearly immediately stated his mission in life would be to make Obama a one term President and my Republican party has clearly acted do everything possible to derail his presidency, my heart stopped. This is openly treason, and who in our party stepped up to do what is right? No one.

    Every country I’ve been in has been opposed to our military presence, some more polite in expressing it than others, but everyone opposes. Each acquiesce that our presence assures an inference of military security against anyone who may wish them harm, but it is not popular. On that topic, Rep. Ron Paul has it right, especially considering the enormous financial burden it is to maintain our global posts. “Interests abroad” equates to global policing, to put it mildly. I hate being viewed in every country I have been assigned as a willing participant as a world bully, (Australia and Japan being the latest).

    I’ve read enough posts here to hear people already saying, “screw ‘em” we’re gonna do whatever we want. I implore you to join me out here, and see with your own eyes how hideous that attitude is, and how laughable buffoons we are most justifiably seen to be. I can’t wait to get home for good, but I’m not sure what my country has morphed into will be anything I’ll be proud to say I’ve defended.

    • Samantha

      Amen! The military should be used only as means of last resort ,national survival and [after 90 days ] only with Congress declaring war

  • http://Yahoo ed

    This Rush guy is nothing more than a coward, he cheated to out of serving his country, he has a garbage mough, he is nothing more than a drug addit and sounds like one, listened to one of his broadcast years ago while on the Panhanle of Florida, his followers are all there, could not believe what I heard, could not believe this country has such ill informed people.

  • http://cox Dr. Joseph Adan

    Anyone who thinks the Rush Limbaugh has the right to insult anyone just because the constitution gives him that right should be called the foul names Rush dishes out. Let’s see if they will be so philosophical.

    Let’s face it, Rush is an uncouth lout. Give a monkey lots of money, put a microphone in front of him, and he will still be a monkey!

    It is time that that poor example of a decent human being be fired immediately.

  • Bonnie

    The Rush haters have a choice: don’t listen. They probably don’t anyway, so nothing has changed. Everyone I know – men, women, some teenagers, masters degreed to high school graduates, rich and struggling – listens to Rush and understands his sense of humor. Those who do not listen are responding to mere sound bites (or are on the Media Matters/Daily Kos bandwagon to seek and destroy). It’s all good. He tells the truth about the Left…and they fear him deeply because of it. As Rush has always said, You can tell whom the is most afraid of by how rabidly they go after someone (i.e., Palin, Bachmann, Tea Partiers in general, Rush, etc.). Nobody’s paying attention anymore. All but one of these responses were written March 15, ten days ago. Most have moved on.