Rush Limbaugh Losing Radio Show Crown To Huckabee?

El Rushbo Is About To Get A Conservative Challenger

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Since Rush Limbaugh has been under fire for his comments about Sandra Fluke, it hasn’t just been advertisers who are heading for the hills. People who had supported Limbaugh in the past are starting to wonder what he’s up to. Many of them have grown increasingly uncomfortable with what he says on his show sometimes. But, In the 12:00-3:00 time slot, Limbaugh is the only game in town.

Until now.

Starting April 9, 2012, Gov. Mike Huckabee is throwing his hat into the arena. His new radio show will air in exactly the same time slot as Limbaugh on the Cumulus radio networks. Huckabee’s aim to unseat Limbaugh is apparent from his shows tag line: More Conversation. Less Confrontation.

Rush Limbaugh has a huge conservative fan base that are used to him adding humor and very blunt talk when discussing his point of view. Some who only listen occasionally don’t see the humor and take everything he says literally. They also don’t appreciate the blunt talk. Prior to Limbaugh and Fox News and then the internet there weren’t conservatives with national platforms in the media.

Rush’s attacks on liberalism daily has worn on liberals over the years, hence the backlash over his comment about Sandra Fluke. This is their opportunity to strike back and coincidentally Huckabee’s opportunity to step up to the plate for conservatives with a nicer and gentler radio program. Huckabee plans to challenge Rush by attracting those that seek a less pointed discussion.

Huckabee aims to soften that rhetoric, get people talking again. And, his brand of conservative approach could be the very place that advertisers, radio stations and frustrated conservatives can go as an alternative to Limbaugh’s heated rhetoric. Huckabee could even make the notion of conservative talk radio palatable to progressives who don’t mind a good debate, so long as it is civil. Time will tell.

Rush Limbaugh Losing Radio Show Crown To Huckabee?
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  • jimmy

    Rushes’ comments were way out of line. I will not listen to that jerk who calls women terrible names! He has perhaps went off his rocker! Either way ditch him, kick him out!

  • http://elloco.com Hal Eskew Jr Gulf Shores AL

    I listened to Rush when he first came on and his show was like nothing that had ever been on the radio before. I listened to him for many years. I think at some point in time he began to get very frustrated as he could not see the change he wanted in the country occur. Because of this, I simply stopped listening and agreed to disagree with Rush. Freedom of speech in this country is the most important liberty we have but competition drives business so in effect Rush and Huckabee will be a battle of ideas which are theories.

    I would suggest that Rush take a week off and have some guest fill in and play golf or whatever he likes to do and cool down a little and get some advice from people he trusts. When there’s a fire everyone stampedes to the exit when they could of just walked. Rush is a good man, I know because I listened to him for a long time. He believes in policy, I believe in policy, too but policy causes problems and problems have to be fixed before you can change policy.

    Competition drives this country and always will. Without it, we are doomed to be socialist. Socialism is a failure in every occurrence in history. I support Romney and I hope Rush will, too.

  • Diogenes

    What Rush said was stupid and mean, and the logic he used to justify it initially, was just wrong-headed. I was angry, and remain somewhat angry, that instead of sticking to making an argument based on logic, when there was a darn strong logical argument to be made about the nanny state/entitlement mentality vs. personal responsibility, and gov’t encroachment on religious liberty, Rush used a crude ad hominem insult where not only was it unnecessary to do so, but counter productive.

    That said, the contraception issue is a manufactured controversy, and IMO Sandra Fluke is a fraud. The anger that I felt at Rush has been eclipsed by the shocking display of hypocrisy, faux outrage, sanctimony, and craven deception by those on the Left and their media accomplices.

    Watching the Left and the media howl in sanctimonious, phony outrage over Limbaugh’s crude comments, after both gave a free pass to Ed Schultz, Bill Maher, Mike Malloy, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, David Letterman, Louis C.K. and other libbies for comments that were equally as misogynistic if not moreso, and often FAR more vulgar and cruel – has opened my eyes wide. The Left, is morally and ethically depraved. What’s more, they’ve been trying to get Rush and other conservatives, banned for years – and recently tried again thru a revival of the laughably named “Fairness Doctrine”. They have cynically used Rush’s blunder and a sickening double standard, to try again.

    After watching the Left give Ed Schultz a pass, with no attempt to get him fired or remove his or his network’s sponsors, after he angrily called Laura Ingraham a slut without any provocation..after watching the “ladies” on The View give Schultz a pass and laugh off his calling her a slut, then claim great offense after Limbaugh did the same thing, after hearing Letterman call Sarah Palin a slutty flight attendant, then seeing BSNBC’s Contessa Brewer say it was no big deal and Palin should just develop a thicker skin, after rabid lunatic lib-talker Mike Malloy called Michelle Bachmann a skank and the Left mounted no such campaign against him, after Bill Maher called Palin a twat and the c-word, and made other vulgar, misogynistic comments against her and Bachmann, after Olbermann made crude and misogynystic comments against Carrie Prejean and others, and the Left mounted no campaign against him, after Chris Matthews repeatedly made chauvenistic comments against Palin and Bachmann and even Hillary, and the Left made no campaign against him, after Louis C.K. made the most vulgar and disgusting misogynstic comments against Palin and even attacked her Down Syndrome baby, then the media picked him to host their upcoming dinner, while they relentlessly went after Limbaugh for making comments that were far less vulgar and offensive -I can only conclude that the Left and their media co-conspirators are beyond redemption, and cannot be reasoned with. This is pure mendacity, pure perniciousness, pure sactimoniouus hypocrisy.

    Watching BSNBC howl over this, after they told us it was no big deal to call someone a slut after Letterman did it – watching them say that Maher’s vulgar misogynism is fine because “he’s just a comedian”, when the guy has hosted political talk shows and made a career from political commentary for two decades, even appearing on non-comedy shows like This Week – it’s just shocking to see people just outright LIE so transparently in order to excuse their grotesque hypocrisy.

    Same for watching the media complicity in the false portrayal of Sandra Fluke as some doe eyed college kid, a defenseless amateur. The woman is THIRTY, is a liberal activist, and an agent procateur being rep’d by Anita Dunn, and making the talk show rounds! She enrolled at Georgetown with an agenda. By the time I was 30, I had a wife, two kids, and a mortgage, and had a full time job for 12 years. I’m sorry, but if you can’t pay $9 a month to support your own sex life, you don’t need to be having sex while picking someone else’s pocket to pay for birth control. Let alone forcing religiously affiliated institutions to pay your sex life’s costs, against their conscience.

    This whole situation has exposed the Left and the media as shockingly corrupt and duplicitous.

  • joe

    I can’t wait. A larger problem with folks parroting shock infotainers is the men and women good people are mimicking are crude, vulgar, boorish and never address issues only personalities. That is what we are left to deal with in the public spaces. It is hard to debate issues with your friends when a political conversation leads off with a personal attack or conspiracy theory. Thankyou Governor Huckabee for doing the responsible thing and bringing civility back to political dialogue.

  • EnviroSmart

    Rush, Ms Fluke,and Bill Marr provide excellent contraception if thought about before romance.

  • Daniel

    This has become a tempest in a teapot. Rush was wrong the way he said his remark, but he was right on the topic. If this chicklet wants birth control on her insurance, let her buy a rider and pay for it herself and others like her. The same goes for Viagra. I don’t need to nor want to underwrite the cost with my premiums.

    Then we have Bill Maher who used the C word to describe Sarah Palin. So where’s the outrage on this one? Nowhere? Bottom line is that Rush and Bill are the extremes on their sides of the fences. Both are gasbags.

  • Otto

    People like Rush Limbaugh are actually working for the democrats.Rush convinced many decent Americans to vote for the Democrats.

    • Mary

      I have thought that for a very long time.

  • Brandon

    Anyone else sick of the reasoning that because Bill Maher (not a fan) called Sarah Palin a c**t, Rush was justified in calling Sandra Fluke a slut? Sounds like a fight between little children, he said this so I can say that. Both Maher and Limbaugh are toxic. Whether you support Bill or Rush, you should ask yourself why you need someone to tell you how to think. As for me, I’ll not listen to either of them and discern the facts for myself.

    • Mary

      Agree with Brandon. Why the heck do you need some radio personality to tell you how to think? Or get your “news” from them? Left or right, they both twist the stories to get you to believe them. None of them are Jesus but some of the Rush lovers seem to think so, judging by the comments I’ve read. Grow up people and start THINKING FOR YOURSELF!

      • Mary

        And I am very embarrassed by the comments conservatives have made from this and other stories. I thought conservatives were supposed to be the religious group. The hate spewing out of their fingers in type are so much not in line with conservative ideals.

  • Frank

    Huck, Huck, ain’t worth a #$%@!! Rush has beaten back EVERY challenger and will do the same thing to the annoying Huckabee. The market rules and in the radio market Rush is King. Sorry libtards, I know the truth hurts but it is what it is.

  • pjrogers

    Rush is not an entertainer..by any stretch of anyones imagination…Rush is a talk show host..who is on 15-20 hours a week. Someone like Mahr is a entertainer..he is on an hour a week, has other people on his show and also goes out and does an hour or two in events you have to pay to see him..big difference..Mahr makes you think…and laugh…Rush on the other hand try to convince you to think his way…right or wrong..and sometimes without all the facts..

    • Diogenes

      You are full of it. Watching liberals say that Maher’s vulgar misogynism is fine because “he’s just a comedian”, when the guy has hosted political talk shows and made a career from political commentary for two DECADES, even appearing on non-comedy purely POLITICAL shows like This Week to give commentary – it’s just shocking to see people just outright LIE so transparently in order to excuse their grotesque hypocrisy.

      The majority of Real Time, as with Politically Incorrect, is hard core political discussion with serious political commentators and many actual politicians. For people like you to sit there and just brazenly lie and mischaracterize Maher and what he does, in a laughable attempt at denying your brazen hypocrisy, is utterly laughable.

  • Mark

    Hey Rush – really well-worded and well thought-out. Whats next?

    Finally everybody has woken up to this deadbeats verbal tirades over the past 10+ years. I have already decided for myself several years ago that he is not at all tuned in to issues that really matter to the real people in this country.

    He is now officially referred to as a “HAS-BEEN”! Good news – in 10 more years – nobody will remember him anyway.

    You know what happens to has-been’s – they just fall off and fade away.

    Let me be the first to say THANK YOU to the people who had a real impact on making this his last experience working ON-AIR LIVE.

  • K Rue

    No their not fleeing. I am a Christian woman and I am conservative, I am not about to stop listening to Rush. I can see myself listening to Huckabee from time to time though. I feel that the words that Rush used to describe this woman were very inappropriate but no more than the language that Mr. Maher has used to describe women and men for that matter. Why is it ok for one and not for another? Could it be that powerful people want to quite Rush?

  • J.R.

    There isn’t any middle ground anymore. It is time to split this country in half: Liberals on the left coast, Conservatives on the right, and let’s see who survives. The Left Coast built on handouts and re-distribution, or the Right Coast, built on self sufficiency.

    Let the chips fall where they may.

  • Barry Weddleton Sr

    Its realy amusing to watch you lefties try to get to Rush, the only problem you have is Rush’s liseners are much to smart for you,


    It sounds like Mike Tuttle is at it again. It is not a secret that he doesn’t care for Rush or conservatism but he almost seems like he has his pomp-pomps for ol’ Huck.

  • Mary

    We need someone who doesn’t embarrass the conservatives. I have always thought Rush is a far left liberal on a mission to make conservatives look bad. The things he says are idiotic, and he does NOT tell the truth. I saw with my very eyes a press conference way back when and then I heard Rush talk about it. He told a completely different story about that press conference. I quit listening to him many years ago. I sure as heck don’t want him representing me and my values.

  • KatBallou

    GO MIKE HUCKABEE! For those still seeking that bloated drug addict/drunk out for his words of wisdom? If there are still enough out there to keep him on the air after his complete and utter lack of self-control and God only knows what he must have been doing to himself below his desktop, then there are even more inbred GAPs than I imagined. Because only those with an IQ lower than that fat pig’s would be afraid to raise their expectations and listen to someone as classy and honest as Mike Huckabee. I don’t always agree with him. But at least you know you’re getting a good CHRISTIAN man, honest man, who doesn’t sprew hate, violence and lies just to increase the wattage on his ever-dimming spotlight, quickly fading audience that is sooo looking forward to Mike. And just think. You can let your kids listen, again. No more XXX content! Depending on Mike Huckabee is going to be such a ray of sunshine after such a cold and uninspired few years of Winter. It’s about time.

  • Blake

    I don’t really care one way or the other, whether it’s Limbaugh or Huckabee that takes the “lead.” I like them both, but no matter what I will put Glenn Beck above everyone any day. He’s the real voice of America, the Founders, and true Conservatism. He works harder than anyone else in my opinion, and offers countless amounts of facts using people’s own words. I don’t think I would’ve called Sandra Fluke a “slut,” but I truly believe all this outrage about Rush Limbaugh is over the top. I think he’s got a good point in what he’s saying. The fringe left-wing media is so hypocritical and insane that the majority of Americans don’t give a flying flip what they have to say. You want Limbaugh off the air? Then take Bill Maher off the air as well. His views and hate speech are a disease to this country and anyone who listens to him on a regular basis needs some prayers. But as for me? GLENN BECK, baby! He’s the man!

  • john

    what if rush tells you that your girlfriend and your mom was a slut…..what would you feel….good move huckabee replaced him….tx

  • pep

    go down fatman!

  • pep

    I think Rush should retire. Never show his big fat keester in public ever again!

  • Roy Lucier

    All this whole incident shows is that America is no longer a country where freedom of speech is allowed

    • ExTexan

      Guess you have heard the free speech does not including yelling fire in a crowded theater and neither is slandering a private citizen.

  • Caroline

    I had been a liberal democrat all my life and thought as so many of you do that Rush was just a blowhard with to high an opinion of himself then my husband always had him on the radio in the car and I started to really listen to him and wow, he truly opened my eyes to how messed up the liberal way of thinking is. Everything bad in this country can be directly related to liberals. I am ashamed now I ever was that stupid. Rush is the professor and this is merely a bump in the road for him, he will be on for years to the benefit of us who love our country. He is also a great man who has his own foundation for leukemia although I am sure none of you know that because he does not brag about that part of his life.

  • Jonathan Gartner

    LOL Rush losing to a RINO like Huckabee I dont think so nice try. Just like the 98 advertisors supposedly jumping ship what a load of crap

  • ExTexan

    Just heard that ALL of Lush Lintball’s sponsors have dropped their advertising. ALL OF THEM!

  • Jackie

    limbaugh and other extremist will destroy the gop….John McCain

  • bobbdel

    Wow really LOL mike Huckabee(sucks)he couldn’t beat the Progressive POS McCain sorry I will dial in to Rush no matter who is up against him I understand all the attention has brought new listeners to Rush once you listen to Rush for a few days your hooked unless your a mindless Libturd with no Common Sense Goodbye Democrat Party 11/2012 RIP LIBTURDS ! Google “Bill Ayers Standing on American Flag Photo” if you want to see what Obamas original best friend, campaign manager and author of his 2 books thinks of the Flag Americans have died for !! If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you were not a Racist you will have to vote for someone else in 2012 to prove your not an IDIOT !

  • bobbdel

    Hey anyone elses Health Insurance go up 14% last week after Obama demanded that the Insurance companies pay for Birth Control ??? I say let all Libturds Abort their Children with the other half gay pretty soon no more Libturds !! Whatever it takes to keep that Slut Fluke from Breeding works for me ! Like she really has been with a man lol you would have to really be mad at your dick to stick it in that KOW lol. Keep up the good work Obamaturd your Party has Killed over 100 million Babies !! Nomoreobama2012

  • klflancaster

    Rush is out to help open peoples eyes
    to the issues of the day.

    He is very verbal and has a harsh stance.

    If you dont like the way he delivers
    those issues, then dont listen to him.

    And I dont want to pay for someones birth control,
    if they want to be protected than they should deal
    with it, not the taxpayer.

  • Glenn Mayton

    I think Rush is the best in the bussiness.He’s not afraid to say what he thinks and he doesn’t try to sugar coat it.
    Mr.Huckelbee is a good man and I enjoy his commentaries but I believe his people are trying to take advantage of a situation.I believe he and his people should stand be hind Rush instead of helping the left try to take him down.

  • Will

    Rush was trying to make a simple and valid point and used the wrong choice of words in doing so. He has apologized. That’s where it should have ended. In today’s world, apologies are never enough for the radical left. It would entail something approaching a forgiving nature to recognize and simply accept such a gesture.

    Someone please list all the cowardly sponsors who have, under pressure from the totalitarian Left, deserted Rush, even after his apology. I will make it a point to never spend a cent on their products or services. And Rush shouldn’t take their business back even if they begged him.

  • Dean

    Want to know what the Huckabee folks are doing right now? They are scooping up the advertisers that Rush puked all over. While Huckabee may not get quite the size of the audience Rush had, he will clearly appeal to a larger demographic. This, I believe will seal Rush’s fate, and he will go to the same place we find Glen Beck.

  • R.J.

    Love you Rush, keep up the good work. Lawyers are a problem especially fat ugly women ones. By the way the fat Gov. of New Jersy is getting to big for his britchies.

  • Scott

    I understand that many people do not agree with Rush on numerous issues, and whether you like him or not, he was simply stating his opinion. He has apologized for his choice of words, and that is where this should end. Our country is, afterall, based on freedom of speech. I get so tired of “leftist” crying foul when their feelings get hurt over something a conservative says or does. If you can’t take it don’t dish it out… they do have vast control over most television news, newspapers, and nearly all major public universities. I personally do not agree with everything Rush says, but I support his right to say what he feels. If you don’t like it, turn off the radio. It is not, however, your right to take his radio show away from those who choose to listen to it. Why do so many liberals want to take things from others? Doesn’t the word “liberal” reflect a more laid back and accepting nature on issues? Freedom of speech with this type of person only works when they agree with what is being said. Enough.. leave Rush alone and stop forcing your beliefs on everyone else… conservative, liberal, or somewhere in between. For the record… I am a gay, Catholic, Republcan… we do exist.

  • Jack Murphy

    Great! Just what we need…, another moron selling soap in between 10 minutes of drivel.

  • roger kirk

    Rush speaks for the Republican party. get over it, if you don’t like don’t listen to it.

  • vincent

    LOL unseat rush… ya… ill give his show 5 months LOL at best. LOL i wont be tuning in and is huckabee going to be in over 600 markets ? LOL when that odd ball gets 200 stations let me know LOL unseat rush…. HEHEHEHEHEHEHE he is going to get FLUTED

  • rightside

    Chucklebee will never top Rush. He is just anothe evangelical huster in political cloth. He will be gone in under a year.

  • Tardacus

    Rush and his fans are emotionally retarded pinheads. We have all met a rush limbaugh when we were in grade school.Fortuantely most kids outgrow that stage but rush and his fans stopped maturing emotionally at about the age of 13 or there about. Rush and his dittoheads are an embarrassment to all real conservatives.Rush isn`t innovative or clever,he`s just a manchild with very poor social skills.

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