Lifetime Cancels “The Client List”

    November 2, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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Those of you wondering who Riley would end up with on the next season of “The Client List” may never know. Lifetime has crossed the show off of their schedule after only two seasons, leaving us with many loose ends.

The announcement comes five months after Deadline first reported Hewitt and the Lifetime and Sony executives were having a “creative standoff” on how to go about portraying Hewitt’s pregnancy on the show. She is expecting a baby with co-star and fiancé, Brian Hallisay.

Hallisay plays Hewitt’s husband, and Hewitt wanted him to play the part of the babies daddy on the show. However, the executives wanted the other male co-star, Colin Egglesfield’s character, to be the father of the child onscreen.

“There are many story lines we are exploring,” Hewitt’s rep told Deadline about the issue. “So any suggestion that we are not doing our best to develop a great season is simply not accurate.”

Despite the cancellation of the show, Hewitt and Hallisay are very excited about the pregnancy. “This is a wonderful time and we are looking forward to starting our family together,” the couple said in a statement.

Another possible reason for the cancellation is the show’s ratings for season two. 2.7 million people viewed the premiere, while only 2 million tuned in for the season two finale. Whatever the reason may be, fans are not happy about it. Many took to Twitter to show their disappointment.

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  • Lifetime

    Wasn’t the lifetime network supposed to be television for women? Every show is about women doing something sexual and as this show depicts — there are a lot of baby’s daddies. I guess that is what women are all about in 2013, but yet they are victims. I guess that is why every male on lifetime is portrayed as a rapist, a murderer, a cheater, or a wife beater.

    American hypocrisy at its best. Women just want it both ways. and are always the victim. No responsibility is need if you are a woman in America. Just look pretty and cry on cue.

  • Marlene

    Good…now if they would cancel 90% of those nasty reality shows and start using imagination instead of just the bottom line…the bottom line will take care of itself. there is so many talented writers out there ….USE THEM and start making tv worth while