Life Sentence For Pot: Jeff Mizanskey Seeks Support

    December 8, 2013
    Aleyia Dixon
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A Missouri newspaper tells us of a man named Jeff Mizanskey who was convicted of an intent to distribute about five pounds of marijuana charge in 1993.

Today, Mizanskey seeks support to gain clemency from the resulting life sentence.

Although this was his third marijuana offense, Riverfront Times tells us that Mizanskey has never been convicted of a violent crime. He says that he has been working a steady job in prison and being a model prisoner while violent offenders are being granted with parole chances not allowed to him.

Mizanskey was caught in a deal arranged by police and civilian cooperatives. Police were targeting another dealer, who was arrested and given a 10-year sentence, and also picked up Mizanskey who merely handled a brick of marijuana briefly during the deal.

That was 20 years ago; the now 60-year-old inmate knows that close to half of the United States allows the use of medical marijuana now, and how the overall climate of marijuana use is changing. This gives Mizanksey hope of clemency from the ancient Prior and Persistent Drug Offender statute found only in Missouri that allows a judge to order a ten-year to life sentence for anyone with any type of prior drug offenses.

So, what do you think? Do you think that Mizanskey deserves to serve a life sentence for a marijuana offense? If you want to help Mizanskey, you can email the governor of Missouri to join the others who feel that Jeff Mizanskey should be set free.

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  • Wow

    I know many people in prison for victimless and non-violent crimes. America is insane. We lock up more people than any other country in the history of the world and look at us — we still aren’t safe. Crime is out of control in this country. I think that is an indication that we need to change what we are doing.

    If you don’t have a victim, you should not be in prison — period. When you send a person to prison, that person’s life is destroyed, the could easily get killed, they get sexually abused from the hundreds of strip searches they have to go through, and mentally it is crushing to stay in a 6 foot cell 23 hours a day. Prison should be used as a last resort.

    Cases like this — for pot. Anyone serving time for pot should be released. It is the most hypocritical thing in the world. Most of the violence and crimes are induced by alcohol. Yet, that is legal. All we are doing is picking and choosing morality. On top of that, the government makes so much money off of illegal drug sales. We fund whole black OPS programs with them. It is hypocrisy. It is wrong. People know it.

    One last thing, pray for people in prison. Half of them are innocent or in there for very petty things. I work in a courtroom. Don’t ever think you can’t end up in prison. Trust me. You can. I see people with totally clean records get caught up in something stupid every day and end up there. Also, the average person commits a felony every week – they just don’t realize it. Few people read the actual law and case law. I do this for a living. There are laws on top of laws. You can get arrested for anything. Then you are at the mercy of the system — which will try to force you to plead guilty. That is all DA do. That is what they are expected to do.

    I was one. I quit because of the corruption. I will never be one again. Pray for prisoners. It is not right what is going on in the US and it is going to get much worse.

    • jc

      While I agree with you on the life sentence; you are not only peddling the myth about the USA penal system more, you are greatly exaggerating it. Many countries today, and certainly throughout history have a higher prisoner ratio. And not only that but there are far harsher prison environments as well. Then you go on to say that people can get arrested for anything. Wrong. In the highly unlikely event that I ever pray, it will be for victims of crimes and not the those who chose to break laws, regardless of bad the law.

      • AJC702

        Check your facts dude, the USA has the highest rate of imprisonment of its citizens in the world. He’s not exaggerating anything.

      • Helena_Handbasket

        Name the specific countries and the comparative statistics for your claim of many countries having a higher prisoner ratio. His are available review.

        As far as the harshness of prison conditions, you are constructing a strawman argument, as he did not make any statement regarding prison conditions. (but on that note, some countries have worse conditions, many have far better conditions….. but it WILL be getting worse, as the privatized prison industry grows)

        It’s lovely that you’ll pray for victims of crimes, but a shame you won’t pray for those who break an unjust law. An unjust law IS a crime, and those imprisoned for violating it are victims AND heroes.

        BTW.. not sure what your religion is, as many religions pray. However, if the initials on your user ID are the same as the initials of the mortal incarnation your God…. I recommend praying hard or harder for those prisoners. It’s what JC kind of expects of you.

    • jonson tym

      this is so pitiful,

    • Maybe

      I sort of agree with you, yet I find issue with some of your statements. I would love to drive 80 MPH on the freeway, coming home from work. I know I can control my car and I am a very good defensive driver. However I don’t drive that fast because it’s against the law. Anyone who knows the law and breaks it should be given a fine and/or jailed (depending on the crime.) The system is just like a business. They want to make money. I couldn’t agree with you more about the DA’s wanting to get people to plead guilty. I think if everyone arrested for pot would stop pleading they would finally legalize it. If everybody stopped taking deals and started taking trials it would jam up the justice system and cost them more money (and more time) then they are receiving for fines and holding people in jail. Why should they compromise with us when they are winning and making money?

      It’s all just to make money. IDK if this is standard but I’ve seen judges make people list out their assets and monthly income before deciding bail, which is flat out extortion. If two people break the same law, why should one pay more to get out of jail? They also extort everybody when it comes to sentencing. They throw around the words 2 to 10 or 1 to 4 to make sure people plead guilty and pay the $1000 fine. Nobody, innocent or guilty, really wants to gamble when it comes to a few years of their life.

      Anyway I guess I’m trying to say until they start losing money, or until money is taken out of the entire thing, the courts will stay the course regardless of who gets screwed over. The more people they lock up means more federal budget for them.

      • Ron Angel

        The only reason I would not drive at 80 is in case I
        got caught as with many people. Not the law. The quicker they legalise Pot and tax it the more time to look for hard drugs. Pot smokers want to chill out not kill people. Me I don’t even smoke cigarettes, I like my heath.

    • Cat Figueroa

      I totally agree and think it needs to be straightened up sorted out ! Something is terribly wrong with the system!

  • Jerryj

    I agree, the prison system today,especially the “For profit” prisons are a joke. The more “prisoners” they get and longer that they can keep them puts, Billions in their pockets. And, the “Marijuania laws” are a joke. Here is just one example. In 1973, I was arrested for “posession” of 1/8 of a gram of pot, which back then was a felony.OK, I admit the police found a “roach” in my ash tray. Because, it was a felony back then, I cannot legally own or purchase a firearm of any type, since the “new” NICS program started, and I used to be a avid hunter, Ate what game I got. But, now,it has made me a criminal to own a firearm ???
    My question is this, WHAT about the real issue here is WHY ,cant they go after the “GANG BANGERS as fervently as they have gone after the “victomless” criminals ?????????

  • tami

    This is totally absurd!!!!! Seems our justice system needs to concentrate on those who are killing innocent people and babies instead of allowing them to go free to do it again.. Last I knew Marijuana has not ever killed anyone and our pathetic justice system chooses to lock a man up for life? Seriously? Nowadays some people have no brains when it comes to real crime that needs more attention and justice besides Marijuana which I might add helps in certain diseases..SMH!!!

  • cassandra rogers

    I hope this man g.ts free

  • http://facebook Pamela Patterson

    Are you kidding me? I thought Life was for taking a life or 2 or 3 or more. Look at McDuff in Texas who killed 3 teenagers and got out to kill several more. He got out for overcrowding. But yes, lets put someone in for life for pot. OMG!. Let the murders out on parole so they can do it again and don’t forget the pedophiles who get out. What is wrong with our justice system?

  • http://Aceyheart.tumblr.com Acey

    Uhh, that judge from the 80’s musta had some sort of stick up his butt when he sentenced Jeff, wow, it’s amazing what judges can do to people depending on the type of mood they’re in on any given business day, this is absolutely preposterous.

  • Andrew

    I hope everyone who reads this actually writes Governor Nixon of Missouri to insist that he pardon and release this man – immediately. This is truly sickening. This a free country and that means we should have the right to choose what we put in our bodies – especially anything that grows out of the ground. In fact – anything that grows out of the ground – that in its natural state – for which we have specific receptors built into our brains – is between man and God – is hands off for Government. To imply that our Creator made a mistake in the way our brains are made – or with the most medicinal plant on the planet – that is blasphemy. Our 1st Amendment rights to freedom of religion (consciousness) and speech – should obviously protect our rights to consume what occurs naturally / in nature. No Government or individual can regulate nature – because nature will regulate them.

    I am sick and tired of the hypocrisy in this country and people that because of worrying about the opinions of others – don’t speak up. Real Patriotism is a willingness to challenge the government when it’s wrong. Please speak up.

  • Shantell

    No wonder our prisons are over flowing!!! We have people like this in them…. Smh

  • Tuco

    Posted the Governor. If prisons are still to be referred to as “correctional institutions,” then 20 years already spent for such a benign crime should be considered correction enough. What amazes me is that Mr. Mizanskey doesn’t come off as a hopelessly bitter man, at least in that interview video. Enough is enough. Laws and times change. Hell, you used to be able to buy cocaine and heroin over-the-counter at drug stores. Times and laws change. He’s in his 60s now. Let him have a little bit of his life back for a ‘crime’ that should have cost him about a week in jail and a $20 fine.

  • mark r

    Just let pot guys go keep killer inside. They will forgive u.

  • mark r

    Just let pot guys go keep killer inside. They will forgive u.

  • mark r

    Just let pot guys go keep killer inside. They will forgive u.

  • mark r

    Just let pot guys go keep killer inside. They will forgive u.

  • mark r

    Just let pot guys go keep killer inside. They will forgive u.

  • http://facebook david haynes

    Due to government E.P.A NAFTA The New world Order Prisons are big business Traded on the Stock Market .The job of local government is to fill prison to capacity ! This is the future of America Only pressure on government will change things Power to the people !

  • siriusthecat

    I support legalizing drugs, I do. Bricks and pounds are never legal. Those quantities bring violent crime with them. He’s not some old stoner. He probably should have moved or stopped trafficking weed. He had no idea it was a drug deal, before or after he inspected the brick? This idiot thinks he’s going to use medical marajuana to get pardoned? Nope, 5 pounds is still illegal. Even if you have a prescription. Was he dispensing drugs without prescription? Was there prescribed weed 20 years ago? They can legalize murder, killers won’t be released. If i were governor of mo, id be offended by the , i was just giving him a ride and didn’t know, i only touched one of the bricks for a few minutes, and everyone smokesweed now. Its legal in some states that aren’t this one. Sure buddy, back to your cell. Actual innocent people are stuck in jail in MO. Lets worry about them. Is Ryan Ferguson a Missouri case? Young guy never got in trouble before, some nuts false confession has had him locked up for a decade. Even his jurors want him out.

  • Cat Figueroa

    I can honestly say I don’t smoke pot or anything else for that matter but this is seriously wrong!!!What’s wrong with the system?

  • nedmorlef

    They don’t do to child rapists/killers what they do to pot smokers in or out of prison. They terrorize them that they can’t arrest. This nation has lost it’s way when ppl are punished for what they say and what they smoke.