Lie of the Year Goes to Obama and Healthcare

    December 13, 2013
    Brian Powell
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After winning a Pulitzer Prize due to its coverage of the 2008 political election, the website Politifact.com found international credibility and started stepping up its game. The organization became so credible, in fact, that it now decides who the biggest liar of the year is every year. Since 2009, Politifact has been awarding an annual “Lie of the Year” award. This year, the proud-but-yet-not-so-proud recipient of said award was none other than our president himself, Barack Obama.

Obama received the “Lie of the Year” award for his oft-repeated phrase, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.” In saying this, Obama was speaking on the grandfather clause in the Affordable Care Act which would allow for those who held qualifying plans before the ACA went into effect to keep their previous insurance plan.

The key word here, though, is qualifying plan. Under the newer, stricter guidelines of the ACA, many previous health insurance plans did not qualify under the law. As such, an estimated 4 million people received cancellation notices when the ACA went into effect. Obama and his administration have tried to downplay that number many times by pointing out that the 4 million comprises less than 2% of the insured population and that many people wound up receiving healthcare plans that were better and more affordable, but the conservative media and pissed-off 2% wouldn’t let Obama live his mistake down.

Thus, in November, Obama mustered enough courage to go onto national television, admitted the mistakes of his administration, and apologized to those who lost their insurance plans under the new law: “We weren’t as clear as we needed to be in terms of the changes that were taking place, and I want to do everything we can to make sure that people are finding themselves in a good position, a better position than they were before this law happened. And I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me.”

Since the inception of the “Lie of the Year” award in 2009, 4 of the 5 winners have been lies concerning healthcare. In 2009, Sarah Palin received the award for her claim that the ACA contained “death panels.” In 2010, the lie of the year went to the GOP for claiming that the government was “taking over” healthcare with the ACA. In 2011, the Democrats took the top spot for stating that Paul Ryan’s proposed healthcare plan would “end Medicare.” Not to be outdone, however, the Republicans took the top spot again last year with Mitt Romney’s commercial stating that Obama was forcing Jeep to outsource to China due to his policies.

This year alone, all 4 finalists for the award dealt with the issue of healthcare. The runner-up for Lie of the Year was Ted Cruz’s claim that Congress was exempt from the ACA. The other two finalists were Michele Bachmann for claiming that the IRS would be in charge of keeping healthcare records and Ann Coulter for saying that no American doctors would accept insurance provided by the federal government through the ACA.

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  • Sorry

    Personally, I think it should go to the NSA and Clapper. That man does nothing but lie. Obama is a close second though.

  • gary

    obama did not lie
    the republicans lie about everything so its hard to have just one big lie
    when everything they say is a lie. Hopefully the next elections we can vote more republicans out of office

    • Tom Betts

      Yeah Gary and the moon is made from Swiss Cheese. You are either full of kool-aid or a complete moron. Obama has lied since the day he decided to run for president. The man is a compulsive liar. PERIOD!

      • L

        I remember when a republican told us a country in the middle east had nuclear weapons and led are country into a multi-trillion dollar debt and meaning less war.

        • larry

          The CIA told us that ,the house and senate voted to go to war,don’t try to change history.

        • http://yahoo.com D

          Really? That’s the best you’ve got when your boy lied for reelection, not to mention the incredible list of other lies that no other president can even begin to compete with? FYI-those weapons of mass destruction(chemical weapons) were moved to Syria before inspectors found them. Ever wonder where Syria got theirs? It was seen on satellite image. Another low info voter folks…

          • http://yahoo.com D

            Also, kudos larry. Your absolutely correct. Democrats, even Hillary, voted for war/military action.

          • Fred

            Yup D, you ARE a low info talk radio spewing foxbot voter. You DO know of course that the term low info voter was coined by a dreaded “librul” didn’t you? you don’t think your God Rush, the college drop out, draft dodging, drugged out whacko was smart enough to think of the phrase do you? Hell no, he stole it from Bill Clinton’s administration. And of course they were talking about brain dead republican sheeple like you.

            On another note, I’m curious on how president Obama could tell people all along that plans that didn’t meet the minimum qualifications would not be allowed and that makes him a liar. Just goes to show that the dumbing down of America extends top the so called media………..

          • Iamarepublicantard

            Exactly Fred. There is no reasoning with these total psychopaths though. No point in trying. Albeit, people must band together to stop their lying, scheming, inept selves from ruining our country. Their hatred must end, we must stamp it out. Bigots, all of them, psychos, the lot of them. Calling other people liars. Pot calling the kettle black.

        • Tom

          How long can you live in the past….?

        • Phoenix

          Obama is a disgrace to America. He is obviously more interested in taking America down on all levels and fronts. From the deficet to healthcare, to imigration.

    • http://yahoo Willie

      Gary. You are either being sarcastic or the biggest idiot on the planet. I’m neither democrat or republican but can see the collective group of retards running this country are to blame. Quit blabbering your liberal bullsh*t and keep your mouth shut!

    • Lari

      You’re an idiot Gary, do the world a favor and go slit your wrists. And no pus sy cuts, do it from your wrist to you elbow, we want to make sure we never hear from your ignorant liberal a ss ever again.

    • larry

      gary your a fool if you don’t think Obama lied.

    • http://yahoo.com D

      Still cant admit you voted for a turd huh? Sad you would rather flush this country than admit being wrong, and being duped…

      • Lion

        Wow, such hateful remarks to gary for stating his opinion and yet these are probably the same people who would agree this country is great because it allows freedom of religion. As for me I see problems with both sides every day. For starters you may have heard the joke that says how do we know they have WMDs? We have the receipt. Funny but sadly there’s some truth there. This country has become one huge lie and its a result of everyone in office. Our current Congress is the least productive one ever, this isn’t an opinion, its a fact you can learn with just a little research. We need to stop with picking sides, attacking the other side and trying to blame a particular person or party and we need to start expecting and requiring real results from everyone in office. A good start would be to stop attacking someone for speaking their mind. If you really want to challenge an opinion, offer a better one and give good, solid reasons why its better. Telling them to kill themselves just shows how hateful you are and how much you won’t help this country’s progression.

        • http://er RrDjbabe

          You’re lonely aren’t you?

    • James

      Gary what fairy tail dream world do you live in? The man lied, plain and simple. Sorry your great and powerful over lord is a liar.

    • Iamarepublicantard

      I am shocked that so many republicans can own a computer and internet connections to respond to this comment, especially being on public assistance. It’s a known fact (especially down south) that 72% of republicans are on public assistance. While they spew hatred for those on it, they are receiving it themselves. Paradoxical, hypocritical, psychos.

    • James Andrews

      Man….are you dumb, and very brainwashed!

    • John Sudduth

      Gary, you are a delusional parasite. Obama is on record as being the biggest liar in political history. Nothing he says has anything to do with his intentions. He is intentionally destroying this country. He has ruined the, once proud, Democratic party for a long time, as the polls show. Keep supporting your own demise and the ruining of the country. The GOP were the ones telling the truth about obamacare, the dump kept saying they were lying.

  • Paul Sel

    The #2 lie that it beat out was one told to the milenials in order to get them to sign up for OB☭M☭C☭RE ● insurance they don’t need. This lie was, “Let me stick it in just a little bit, and if you don’t like it, I’ll take it out.”
    Now we can focus on the REAL PROBLEM! OB☭M☭C☭RE ● to Hill☭ryC☭re conversion. Hillary is certainly hoping for more relief, understanding, & sign ups. Perhaps if Barry can just give another shuck & jive speech & we would finally understand and feel better about the problems? Maybe the PR Campaign Zeke Emanuel (who actually interviewed on TV without his top teeth) was chatting up on Chris Wallace’s Sunday show will convince the soft headed b*stards that voted for Barry & Company again, to now open up their wallets and buy something they don’t need for a higher price than they could get before, just so Brother Barry’s legacy doesn’t look bad. Remember Democrats you own OB☭M☭C☭RE ● (enjoy)
    Hillary has also been quoted as saying,”You had better get this sh!t fixed before I have to run in 2016!”


    It’s no lie. I like mine, and I kept it. Where’s the problem, what’s the lie?
    I’ve talked to hundreds of seniors on Medicare and they ALL like it and are able to keep it.
    Private insurance can cancel any policy on any person any time. It’s always has been that way since the first insurance policy was written two centuries ago.

    • PJB1277

      Educate yourself and not accept the opinions of MSNBC as gospel. The passage of the healthcare law was based on lies…….and as the media says, it represents 20% of our GNP. Thats a ‘big’ lie!

      • http://yahoo rich

        the media is as big a liar as the “big O”, without the liberal media lying to us daily about how great the O is, most of the country might actually look for themselves instead of listening to the hacks on tv.

        • Fred

          Wow, Fox news is liberal? Imagine that………

          You’re worn out tired lie of “the liberal mainstream media” only works on totally brain dead talk radio foxbots. You reply on lies and call them “arguments.”

          There is a reason you far right wing nutcases keep losing elections, independents like me are tired of your lies, and for once, the democrats have been smart enough to shut their mouths and let you brain dead folks bad mouth your way out of elections…….

    • Ender

      Tell that to the millions of Americans who have been canceled. My brother in law, mother in law and several cousins and friends all got the boot from their insurance.

      • Fred

        So they had fly by night crappy companies and that is our fault? Only sub standard ripoff plans were cancelled. It’s about time your relatives quit sucking on the taxpayer tit and have to fend for themselves. I for one am tired of footing their bills.

    • Constance

      You’ll see!!!

    • http://yahoo.com D

      The fact is millions of people who need their healthcare HAVE had it cancelled. Open your eyes..

      • http://er RrDjbabe

        Maybe but replaced by better!

        • GreyWolf

          @RrDjbabe – Please let the rest of us in on the source, of info, who told you that.

          Those who have been dropped by their insurance providers have not been provided with any replacement, by anyone. That is a well publicized fact! AND, from the news reports,(even by MSNBC) the poor souls putting the website together are not going to get it right any time in the foreseeable future.

    • James Warren

      your boy just won liar of the year. never thought i would live long enough to see the president of the USA win such a honorable award.

    • K

      Did you know that medicare now limits your hospital visits to two per year that they will pay for? Any more than that and it’s not covered!

      • http://er RrDjbabe

        Not true. Stop spreading fear.

  • Bob

    Actually, as time passes, the Obama lie will become the lie of the century.

  • Ender

    Love how the author tries to shield Obama, as the media has done for 5 years by qualifying his lies. Face it, the man lies. It’s not that hard to see.

  • Scamuel Jones

    Obama is such an accomplished liar that the Muslims have given their hero and role model a new Muslim name! He is now known as Obumma bin Lying!

    • Fred

      The above post is proof that there is not only no cure for stupid, but no one is working on one.

      Here’s your sign…….

  • carl

    They all lie, not just Obama — He’s right up there with,
    “No new Taxes” – “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”
    And “I am not a crook”.

    • larry

      Its not even close,Obamas lie will screw this country for a long time if its not stopped.

  • TVA

    Brian Powell you write, “Obama and his administration have tried to downplay that number many times by pointing out that the 4 million comprises less than 2% of the insured population and that many people wound up receiving healthcare plans that were better and more affordable, but the conservative media and pissed-off 2% wouldn’t let Obama live his mistake down.” I don’t know that I would deliver a broad, misleading statement such as, “the conservative media and pissed off 2%” without first researching the statistical evidence around it. You make it sound as if it’s only the Republicans who are against the plan. There are PLENTY of DEMOCRATS (as well as Democrats in the media) who HATE THIS PLAN and think it sucks, and who are actively and openly complaining about it.

  • http://rance leon

    Their is a saying, that says judge yea no, that yea be judged. To find fault of the President the United States of America, at least he is making an attempt to correct poor judgements of past elected officials, who have allowed insurance companies to take advantage of clients, to make more money, and less services.

    • http://yahoo.com D

      Easy to say AFTER those lies got him reelected…no one said reform would be bad….if it made some type of sense. ACA is a disaster and was based on lies like this whole “transparent” administration has been.

    • gregzb1

      leon, pull your head out of your ass and start looking around. we have a Liar-in-Chief (LIC). There is not a single thing that he has said to us in the last five (5) years that has been the truth. Not a damn thing.

      We are being sold a “bill of lies” and the Liberal-Socialist, Soros-financed-&-controlled news media stations (CoNNed news, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC) are spreading nothing but Obama hype and propaganda. Only Fox news will give u an accurate rendition of what is REALLY going on in this country and the world.

      We now know that the USA and Obama lied about WMD’s in Syria saying that al-Assad gassed a number of civilians. Turns out that it was al-Qaeda in the country which did so and al-Qaeda terrorists that are killing one Christian after another in that country.

      It was al-Qaeda trying to lure us into an attack on Syria and it was al-Qaeda as well that were the real recipients of Obama’s weapons. Just yesterday, food for refugees was taken by the al-Qaeda group. The food aid has had to be stopped by FEMA-type agencies.

      Does Obama care? NO, not in the least bit, as long as Muslims are winning and Christians are suffering.

      The same is true about Egypt which did not give a crap about the dying Christians and destroyed churches and monasteries.

      But, go google it if u don’t believe me – look it up to learn the TRUTH about this completely NON-transparent administration which is yet another big lie which was promised otherwise.

      Obama and company are liars plain and simple, and destroying this country.

  • Jana

    the whole Adminstration ha slied. Do they all liv ein Pinnochioville? For Shame!

  • http://www.webpronews.com Chris

    There is honestly nothing on this earth that I could care less about than politics. Don’t you all have anything better to do than hate on everything in Washington? I checked this week and the DJIA is up 18% YTD and unemployment is at the lowest rate in a long time. Seems all is right in the world to me….

    • Reason-Able

      Chris you can get off your soap-box now. This is not about making
      money,,it’s about being deceived and Losing money!

  • george m n nixon

    the president is doing a very good job

    • gregzb1

      yeah, right. I’ll believe that one when pigs fly!! lol. 😛

  • http://www.webpronews.com Chris

    This is all laughable. There is honestly nothing in this world that I could care less about than politics. Last time I checked my investment portfolio was up 18% this year and the latest unemployment numbers look outstanding. Seems all is right in the world to me…..

    • gregzb1

      Chris, u can thank Bush for cutting the Payroll Tax to 0%, removing taxes on dividends and recommending as few regulations on industry/business as possible. Except for the burst of the housing bubble which was inevitable after Clinton repealed the Glass-Steagall Act in ’98 or ’99, all these gains can be attributed to the Bush administration and none to the Obama White House. U should thank a Republican today.

      • gregzb1

        P.S. Although unemployment is improving, I’m sure that u are aware that many, many individuals have given up looking for employment because jobs are so few and searchers are so many.

        The government statistic for unemployment does NOT include these people who after 18 months of searching have totally given up searching for work and fallen out of the “working class citizens” altogether.

        The government numbers show unemployment dropping from 15% to 7% which is still a poor number (although the numbers/percentages before the last Presidential election have been verified as lies, as is typical of this administration), BUT the ACTUAL/REAL unemployment figures, which include the “non-looking” but employable group have been calculated to be about ~25%.

        This is not very good at all. In fact, it is horrendous!! But, I congratulate u on your portfolio. It is always nice that the top 10% of society has 90% of the belongings, and Obama has done nothing about that. He hasn’t closed the “tax loopholes” for individuals and businesses that he promised he would do at the very start of his first term, and now he is talking about “amnesty” for illegals so they can become immediate citizens who will register Democrat for free hand-outs from the government and vote Democrat so they can keep getting freebies.

        I just DON’T UNDERSTAND the Liberal-Socialists priorities and agenda. They always seem to be going about things all wrong and ass-backwards.

        Eventually this vicious cycle WILL lead to not only the crash of the markets, but also the final downfall of our once great, conservative, God-loving and fearing country.

        That’s why the neoconservatives are working so hard to get Obama IMPEACHED and in turn, SAVE THE U.S.A.

  • M

    Obama did not lie. It is true that you would be able to keep your health care plan… AS LONG AS YOUR HEALTH CARE PLAN WAS LEGAL AFTER OBAMACARE WAS EFFECTED. If your plan wasn’t up to the new standards, then insurance companies would have to either change it or cancel it. This was always a part of Obamacare. Thus, it was not a lie.

    • Reason-Able

      Good try, M. That certainly wasn’t what he said, in order to get elected, by a long shot, was it? We were duped, royally, by his
      blatantly and purposefully lying as a means to an end. A false
      president, is what we have.

  • nauj

    OB never really told a lie. He said “if you like your insurance and doctors you can keep them.” After the insurance companies cancelled all those policies, the clients no longer had insurance. So, they had nothing and could not keep their insurance because the insurance companies cancelled them, not, OB.

    • gregzb1

      nauj, so basically nauj, u are saying that Obama lied.

  • e

    Pleeeeze! “The Lie”?????? Does it beat the WMD search, the Niger uranium nonsense, the no-bid Halliburton pentagon contracts, the “oh, we’re not even looking for Bin Laden anymore (6 months after 911), he’s not relevant”, The Saudi family fly-out when air traffic stopped throughout nation on 911, the idea that Iraq now is a burgeoning democracy……pound for “lie” pound, I’d say this prez is a little lightweight.

    • gregzb1

      e, don’t u Liberal-Socialists ever get tired of blaming Bush. At least Bush was patriotic and FOR this country and not AGAINST it. On the other hand, Islamobama has never been FOR this country, not even from the start only AGAINST it. Plus, what do u plan to do?? Blame Bush again for Obama’s LIAR OF THE YEAR AWARD? Are u going to say that Bush is the reason that Obama lies on a regular basis and is a Narcissistic Sociopath and Pathological Liar??

  • David Stewart

    are you f*cking kidding me!? the actual number of people that that affected was miniscule. this year we found out about the government spying on most important countries in the world not to mention its own citizens. that affects they entire planet and you’re bitching about some people having to change over their insurance plan. omg you having to spend some time on the computer is sooooo much worse than the global death of privacy.

    • gregzb1

      Dave, wake up. Snowden is a scapegoat and fall guy for the Obama administration. Obama has already lied that he would hold as highest in his Presidency the whistleblower, which is what Snowden is. Two other whistleblowers were thrown out of helicopters by the Obama administration and declared “suicides”. How often do two people agree in a suicide pact to go up in a helicopter, open the doors and jump a the same time to take their individual lives? That’s murder. That’s the Obama administration for u. Sixteen (16) members also went down in a helicopter “accident” and all were lost. Where was the news media on this one since these were the guys that KILLED OSAMA BIN LADEN for which the President took credit. Again, can u say scapegoats? Can u say fall men?? The point u are missing here dave is that the Obama group is a very danger set of politicians. They wouldn’t think twice to put u or me to death for exposing THE TRUTH on them. in fact, if someone related to the reporting of these facts dies, then I wouldn’t be surprised if again it were related to the man in the White House and also claimed as just another “suicide” for someone who was young and living their life happily.

  • Bill

    Why do so many people act surprised when some politician gets caught in a lie. Think about it They are politicians. That is what politicians do, they lie for a living.

    • gregzb1

      But Bill, u must understand this: we put into office not once, but twice a Liar-In-Chief. EVEN Nixon (if u are old enough to remember) who was nearly impeached from office but resigned first OUT OF RESPECT FOR THE OFFICE, was not NEARLY the liar that Oblamer is. This “man” is the worst President in history for his lying alone…and that doesn’t even take into account all his horrible policies and trampling of human Rights as given to us by God in this country as well as the U.S. Constitution which he has trampled thoroughly. Even the Declaration of Independence has been scarred for life by this dictator.

  • Reason-Able

    What’s with the “we”….it was YOU, our president and leader of the
    United States that repeatedly lied to us over and over and over.
    I for one, have lost all respect for this man,,”Liar of the Year”

  • http://er jbabe

    Hater Nation, he still is the smartest black/ white man combo yall will ever know. This man is great and we are lucky he chose public service.

    • gregzb1

      jbabe, u are delusional. wake up and smell the coffee. the most accurate statement Obama ever said is, “I am NO Mandela.”

  • Sam

    Just think that he holds the highest office in the United States of America! What a shame that it has come to this!!!

    • gregzb1

      Not for long Sam. He’s been determined officially to be a dictator. Now Congress can streamline procedures to get him IMPEACHED and out of office. 😀

  • http://WebProNews Helen

    How do you know it wasn’t sabotaged?

    • gregzb1

      Helen = hairbrained. This is a Liberal-Socialist news media station (CoNNed news) that is reporting negative news (FINALLY!) on the POTUS who is a Liberal-Socialist Democrat by habit. Therefore, there is NO conflict of interest for CoNNed news to report the truth (or as liberals say, “THE FACTS, JACK”) on the POTUS, Barack Obama. He is a LIAR, plain and simple, in fact it is his normal and regular MO (modus operandi), which is pathological lying. One can NEVER tell when he is lying or telling the truth because 99% of the time he is lying as this LIE SUPREME should prove to u. As we neoconservatives have been saying, Obama is a narcissistic sociopath and pathological liar. And, that is just being nice to him.

  • gregzb1

    Ann Coulter is actually closer to the truth than most Liberal-Socialist news media sights. Eighty (80%) percent of California doctors will NOT accept Obamacare (via ACA).

    So, even if we counted the “truth” politically as having a supermajority of the votes, or sixty seven(66.6%, or ~67%)percent, then ANN COULTER IS PERFECTLY RIGHT AND TELLING THE TRUTH.

    Nice try Liberal-Socialist media in trying to make the “liar club” a majority of conservatives. BTW, u forgot to include all the lies from HILLARY on Benghazi which Congress is proving as lies during its investigation of her involvement in Benghazi.

    Ultimately, it may be the liar-in-chief (LIC) who threw her under the bus that was responsible for the “stand down” order that led to the entire loss of the lives in that Libyan embassy.

    Finally, Ted Cruz told THE TRUTH. NO Congressional member is required to enroll in Obamacare because Obama himself specifically said (on Liberal-Socialist news channels) that they (Congress) “would be fully exempt” from Obamacare.

    So, in other words, no one in Congress will be forced by LAW to take that piss-poor sh!t. Nevertheless, some dumb female liberal in the House decided to sign up for the sh!tty Obamacare coverage despite her being exempt from it. What a hairbrain politician.

  • Michelle

    Leave it to all the fans of the Communist in Chief to bring up trivia to deflect the fact that this is 2013, and the OBVIOUS lie of the year 2013 comes from the liar of the decade obullcrap himself.