LibSyn Provides The Podcaster Soapbox

    October 5, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Liberated Syndication is a service that, like many of the other companies at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo, removes the barriers from entering into the podcasting or vlogging world – all the barriers, except, a podcaster’s own shyness. The guys that run the company are the antithesis of shy, and will even provide the soapbox on which to stand.

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For a monthly fee, LibSyn, as Matt Hoopes and Dave Mansueto like to call it, will host and distribute a podcast or vlog on their system, absorbing the bandwidth costs, and providing search, an RSS feed, and submissions to audio download sites like iTunes.

This, says the company, frees up the podcaster to “grab a mic, record an MP3, get on your soapbox” and leave the logistics to them. The pricing begins reasonably enough, offering 100 MB of storage, enough for a daily 20-minute low-quality program, for just $5 per month.

At the PPME, Mansueto and Hoopes brought an entire pit crew with them, and dressed the part in NASCAR-type green uniforms. They gave us a lively explanation of their services, and there was some discussion of “Susie Tubes.”

Say the infamous phrase “series of tubes” three times quickly and see how it sounds to you.

About a year ago, Liberated Syndication, the progenitors of which still had their day jobs, piqued the interest of Web 2.0 pioneers. As quoted by Alex Williams, Dave Winer expounds about how LibSyn is in the right place at the right time:

They ask why would Libsyn make a good investment. Answer: No matter what podcasting grows up to be, their service is going to be needed. And while I haven’t met the individuals who run the company, I’ve seen how they’ve dealt with trouble, they’re a class act. Summary — they picked a starting point that makes sense, they run a high integrity business, and they treat their customers well.

Watch the complete LibSyn video

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