Library Of Congress Creates YouTube Channel

    April 7, 2009

The Library of Congress sounds like an old, creaky thing, and sure enough, it was established in 1800.  But today, the Library continued a Web 2.0 push by making about 75 video clips available for viewing on YouTube.

On the Library of Congress Blog, Matt Raymond explained that his organization has a new YouTube channel loaded with interesting stuff.  One of the clips shows Fred Ott sneezing, and is significant because it’s actually the first bit of video ever recorded.  Something more recent and in step with pop culture shows author R.L. Stine speaking at the 2008 National Book Festival.

Raymond also wrote, "We have made a conscious decision that we’re not just going to upload a bunch of videos and then walk away.  As with our popular Flickr pilot project, we intend to keep uploading additional content.  We’re modifying some of our work-flows in modest ways to make our content more useful and delivered across platforms with built-in audiences of millions."

Since the Library of Congress is responsible for over 6 million recordings, this process could become quite interesting.

The Library of Congress’s YouTube channel has already earned 123 subscribers and 2,265 channel views.