Liberty Media Takes Control Of

    January 8, 2008

There’s no telling how long this deal was in the works, but its announcement certainly seems to have been well-timed; just as "American Gladiators" returned to television, Liberty Media took control of

Yes, I’ll admit to having watched "American Gladiators" on both Sunday and Monday, and although the show needs to lose about 90 percent of its dialogue (a term I use loosely), it was kind of fun.  It was also the sort of thing that’ll probably send dozens of guys to the nearest gym, and hundreds more to the nearest bodybuilding website.Liberty Media Takes Control Of

Odds are decent that the site’ll be, which claims to have received 3,100,000 unique visitors in November of 2007.  Also, Michael Zeisser, the senior vice president of Liberty Media, stated, " is a fast growing leader in fitness nutrition e-commerce and the authentic voice of the bodybuilding community . . ."

So a large price tag on makes sense, and Jessica E. Vascellaro reports that a controlling stake cost Liberty Media "more than $100 million."  No layoffs or reorganizations are planned; this appears to have been a simple reshuffling of ownership papers.  I’d recommend some tie-ins with "American Gladiators," though, if there’s any money left over for advertising.