Liberal Twitter Users Rejoice at Rush Limbaugh’s Hospitalization

Is this a reflection on childish liberalism or knee jerk twitterism?

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Health Update from RushLimbaugh.com (1:30 AM EST Thursday)

ALERT: Rush was admitted to a Honolulu hospital today and is resting comfortably after suffering chest pains. Rush appreciates your prayers and well wishes. He will keep you updated via RushLimbaugh.com and on Thursday’s radio program. 

Original article: Liberal Hate Tweets Chant "Die Rush"

I just read the news on TMZ that Rush Limbaugh was rushed to the hospital with chest pains while vacationing in Hawaii. The story was about an hour old and didn’t have many details so I searched Twitter to see if people on the scene would have more news.

I didn’t see any further information but I am amazed at how dominant haters of conservatives are on Twitter. They seem so proud to voice their rather baseless opinions. Most Twitter posters seem to hope Limbaugh dies! They seem to think Limbaugh (and all conservatives) are full of hate. I know that is untrue because I am a conservative and conservatives I know are about individual freedom and less government, not hate. But, that’s besides the point. 

The real issue to me is why can’t Twitter posts be about information, informed opinion and thoughtful disagreement instead of bashing, group think and hate. This kind of knee jerk twitterism is useful for nothing and makes a great service like Twitter less great.

Here are a few sample hate tweets taken from thousands about Rush Limbaugh:

Key_Air_UhRush Limbaugh might be dieing? My Christmas wish came true!


DevinBlakeRush Limbaugh in the hospital with chest pains, please let this be the end of his reign!!! This would be a great end to the decade!!!


Bane117Rush Limbaugh rushed to hospital w/ chest pains. Santa actually listened this year.


What do you think about hate tweets? I won’t delete your comments even if you bash. 

Liberal Twitter Users Rejoice at Rush Limbaugh’s Hospitalization
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  • Ju

    You only posted the “nice” comments from the left. There are many many others out there that are completely vile. These people have a Maker to meet some day themselves and they’ll be accountable for their words. They are pure filth.

  • Annirich

    CinJohn whomever you are, you’re small.

  • Guest

    Seems it’s fair play. I remember Fox New’s making fun of Kennedy’s brain cancer.

  • Ron Alford

    I’m a Liberal turned Conservative when President Reagan came onto the scene. Listen to Rush sometimes as well as some of the other talk show and TV commentators from both sides. It’s sad when folks from either side (Dems or Repubs) wish harm to anyone and have become so intolerant of other opinions. Freedom of speech is in trouble and possibly “on the way out” when we’re even having these types of dialogues.
    Happy New Year to all and hopefully with more Peace and Love and tolerance for differing opinions.
    USMC 68-72

  • Sheesh

    As somebody that doesn’t affiliate myself with either side, I think it is funny. I mean, on one hand wishing death on someone is wrong;however, on the other hand don’t act so surprised at the reaction Rich. Limbaugh is well known on both sides for his outlandish, and often seriously offensive comments. This happens anytime a controversial character either is exposed doing something wrong,dies almost dies. Some people rejoiced when Michael Jackson died too and made over-the-top remarks, but I didn’t see an article about negative Tweets then. Lets keep this objective, shall we?

  • ghostsouls

    All of you wishing Rush ill, just show what you re truly made of, the hateful evilness that you accuse conservatives of having. You can hate the opinions of a person and still like them as a person, or at least not wish them harm. But not you people, freedom of opinion goes out the window. But one thing, you keep saying Rush tell lies…..then how come NO ONE sues him for his so called lies???? It is because they are NOT lies…. YOu just can’t handle the truth. Sad thing is, you have all condemned yourself to what you wish upon others. Your nastiness will turn on you and bite you in your a$$, it always does. NO one will have to say or do anything to you, you have, unfortunately all done it to your selves, and have no one to blame but yourselves. So, be happy with yourself in the ittly bitty moment it took you to wish another human being to die….. for the tide will change. I can only offer payers to your loved ones for what you have done. We certainly do not want people of your caliber in ANY government office, let alone to have the capacity to make medical decisions for the rest of us. HOW MANY OF you people want these evil hate mongers, making your medical decisions on whether you live or die???? Especially if they see you are a conservative?? I guess that is one way to get rid of your competition…. kill them off by government mandate, and get a permanent majority.

    • tinfoil hattie

      Are you serious? Really? You’re talking about a conservative man who made his living spewing hate. He threw down the gauntlet of hate when he ridiculed the looks of a 12-year-old girl.


    • Guest

      Did you know president Obama has the record for being the president with the most death threats against him? Did you know almost all those threats are from hatefull racist uneducated Republican rednecks? Sorry for interupting. You were saying?

  • Let Freedom Ring

    Liberals are doing what they do best and that is spew hateful names and trash who ever doesn’t agree with them . Those who wish Limbaugh or anyone dead are really sick.

  • Tater

    Ain’t nothin wrong wishin this feller or that feller would die. You grab that boy and drop him in the chipper, then you gone over the line, but wishin he’s dead ain’t nothin. Unless you some kind of moron believe in magic and wishes comin true.


  • http://www.thewritestuff.be/ Michael

    I’m outside the US. Limbaugh is an example of the radical division in America over the past few years. I’m not sure who the equivalent is on the “liberal” or progressive side, but I’m sure he/she gets as much flack. I wouldn’t take Limbaugh as representative of conservatives generally. He’s more of a media freak along the lines of Perez Hilton or Ann Coulter. Part of their raison d’

  • Tony

    I’m not the least supprised by the Rush Bashers hoping that Rush dies. I wouldn’t be supprised to hear that a Black Mass was being said in the basement of some government office to hurry Rush’s demise. I’m not sure why,but I’m always supprised at the amount of bile that pours forth from the Left. This from the so called party of compassion Tony

    • Tater

      Tell you what, you find a single instance of some Democrat callin the Democratic Party the “party of compassion” and ol Tater will eat a bug. You’re just repeatin what you heard Rush or Hannity, or some other radio feller say.

      You ought to learn to think for yourself, Tony.


  • Bob

    4 tweets out of thousands upon thousands – really scientific

    that’s called anecdotal evidence – which means it’s pretty meaningless

    of course there are haters *on both sides of the political fence*

    but don’t try to smear us all with the same brush

    it’d be like saying *all* conservative are racists, who criticize Obama

    to pretend otherwise is to wallow in intellectual dishonesty and transparent partisanship

  • Jordan

    I don’t think it was right for *some* Liberals to wish harm on Limbaugh (as much as most of us dislike him, similar to how a lot of Conservatives feel about Michael Moore)…but then again I didn’t think it was cool either for *some* Conservatives to rejoice and make similar snide comments when Senator Ted Kennedy died earlier this year. The group self-righteousness here is not warranted (from either side).

    //The real issue to me is why can’t Twitter posts be about information, informed opinion and thoughtful disagreement instead of bashing, group think and hate.//

    Why can’t Town Hall meetings, or, for that matter, Fox News and people like Congressman Joe Wilson set an example here? You’re expecting people’s instant base thoughts on Twitter to far outshine the examples but forth by elected officials and Birthers like Michelle Bachman and obsessive Obama- haters like Sean Hannity.

  • http://www.wet-t-shirt.net/ Harley Davidson T-shirts

    I am glad rush is incapacitated as he is a racist bigot.His brand of politics America doesn’t need.

  • Joe “the liquid” Plumber

    URGENT-Teabggers, Dittoheads, Racists, Warmongers, Birthers, Illiterates- Big Prayer Revival for Rush at Dick Army’s ranch in Texas sponsored by the American Health Insurance Industry and the NRA! (Glenn Beck will make a special guest appearance and openly shed tears fearing that if Rush goes, America will have Castro running the country within 2 hrs of the funeral.)

    White sheets and GED certificates must be provided before admittance!


    • Guest

      L O L !

    • reallyright?

      Liberals are always afraid…Global Warming, Guns, Babies, & Freedom. They want Government to tell them what to do, when to do it, & how to do it. They argue…just like kids do at their parents. Although the parents Know…the children yell back. I haven’t met a liberal who can have a constructive conversation. They change their mind often too. Mr. Liberal is it “Climate Change” or “Global Warming”? Are you a Liberal or a progressive? Save the polar bear but not the babies. Woman’s rights except for Woman who have special needs children. As I calmly write this most liberals are angry, upset, & totally think they can actually win an argument with these tactics.

      • Guest

        Is that your best conservative reply. I don’t think anyone should be upset. It was too lame and vague to find something argumentitve in it’s substance. I guess Joe “the liquid plumber” is correct in his satire. GED required! Please come up with something new besides the BS that Fox news has been blurting for the past year. I love how you spout “Woman’s rights except for Woman who have special needs children”. You are a Sarah “Palinite”. No need to go any further. Now I understand the lack of clarity and meaning in your reply.

        PS I may be a liberal, but I stand for what is good for the working class. You and your conesrvative allies have sold out the working middle class for the interests of Big Corporations. Have a great New Year and pray that you have a healthy 2010 and your health insurance is all that it is cracked up to be. If it isn’t, you may be writng from the other side of the political spectrum in 2011.

        I LOVE POLAR BEARS BY THE WAY! Their typing skills are atrocious, but their replies are much more profounfd than yours. They state that they can see Russia from their homes in Alaska also, and that they too are on first defense along with good old Sarah Palin in protecting us from invasion from the Russians!!! GO BEARS!

  • Guest

    How sad is it that ANYONE would wish the death of another via Twitter? Thanks to the liberal masses for reminding us all that you’re so open minded, your brains have fallen out.

    • Guest

      Well, being the Antichrist, I for one would love to see Rush come down to my sweat shop for a permanent visit. He struck quite a deal with me to become a money loving, drug abusing, heartless, mean spirited and discompassionate dickhead that he has become. Now the time is fast approaching when Rush needs to anti up and I for one could not be happier. Mind the pun, but what I’m having is a bit of a ‘RUSH’.

  • Timmer

    If you “would never wish Limbaugh dead” you’re not much of a liberal. This kind of venom is the stock-in-trade of The Party of Compassion.

  • Cahrger

    It’s not just a few tweets. Go over to Democratic Underground, Huffingotn Post, or any of the other lefty hate stes and you’ll find LOTS of posters expressing similar sentiments.

  • Guest

    Rush we pray to God for your complete and quick recovery so you can continue to lead the way through the anti-constitutional blight we currently live with! Here is wishing all a Happy, Healthy Blessed New Year!


    I’m praying for you Rush. You’re doing a great job for me down there. Not to worry. I’ve got a nice warm spot for you picked out for you bite it. Dress lightly though, its a little hot down here.

  • Tobe

    Rush is human, So are You. If you do not like him then change the radio station.

    Rush is only guilty of exposing the TRUTH about our Muslim Leader OBAMA!!!

    Obama is killing America one day at a time. And he is making much money doing it too.

    If you think I am lying then watch his income soar when he leaves office.

    Analyze before you Judge!

    Tobe/ 01/01/2010

    • Guest

      I was going to reply to this, but it is so juvenile. “Rush is only guilty of exposing the TRUTH about our Muslim Leader OBAMA!!!” LMMFAO

      ToBe, you are what us good ole boys around here call a total “dickhead” Up north you would just be an “asshole”.


    • Guest

      Rush may be human but not all humans have morals. Obama is not a Muslim no matter what some money grubbing drug addict says. With respect, in some ways you seem to be mixing Obama up with another former president whom I won’t mention but his initials are George Walker Bush. If our income returns to what it was when Clinton left office, I’d say Obama deserves a big fat raise in pay. Also your caps-lock button seems to be sticking.

  • Mickey

    Isn’t it amazing that the stupid people come out when something like this happens. What they are showing is that they listen to Rush even if they don’t want to admit it. Otherwise how would they know what he is talking about. It appears most of the idiots are college age and are influenced by one sided info from their instructors which for the most part are freeloaders working the system for the money they can extract. Let me say also that I know not all college instructors are the same. Some do have more sense than others and are really trying to teach students to think for themselves instead of following the instructors personal agendas.

    • Guest

      Wow Mickey,

      Thanks for telling me the truth about college academia. You are a plethora of wisdom and insight. I can tell you attended college, but you don’t seem to be Ivy League educated, judging from your writing skills and content. It appears that you either attended a junior college or spent several extra yrs in the high school curriculum of southern red state. Rush, I really don’t care about you one way or the other, life is short, and wasting my time on lying, abusive, racist, radio shockjocks is not on my lifetime “to do” list!

  • Judy Kirsch

    Hopefully, Limbaugh will take this as a hint to just STOP. We’ve heard enought from him.

  • singing carpentero

    I’ve never seen a display or venue suited for the over the top narcicism as Twitter. Wow…..

  • daytime smoke

    Discovering that Rush Limbaugh was still alive, really ruined my year. It’s too bad that he, didn’t die. He is a fat homophobic, bigoted, draft dodging, junkie. Considering the amount of Oxycontin, that he has taken, he’s lucky to be alive. He’s lived too long, his kind usually lives, forever. His days, are numbered. I don’t know why conservatives are surprised to learn, people want him dead. It’s not just liberals. I would love to see him dead, and I’m not a liberal. When you consider the fact that conservative nuts have called Obama a Nazi, and compared him to Hitler, you shouldn’t be surprised. Conservatives can dish it out, but they can’t take it.

    • Guest

      You may not be a liberal, maybe not even a conservative but you are stupid, ignorant and childish to the extreme. It’s your ilk that gives away their freedom at the drop of a hat and yells at those who stand up against those who would deprive us of our freedoms. I feel what goes around comes around and may you only be taken by your rants to suffer that which you wish upon others.

  • Darrern Maclennan

    Rush Limbaugh is the modern day version of Joseph Goebbles or Julius Striker. (How do conservatives like having some nazi comparisions thrown at them for once?)

    He was a main force in stopping healthcare reform in the 90’s and as a result countless americans have died from lack of healthcare. He is a liar that has spread hate and falsehoods that have harmed america tremendously. He helped GWB get into the white house and this has lead america to utter disaster on many levels.

    I hope he dies, but at least I do not pray he dies, like some christian ministers brag about doing in presidenbt obama’s case.

  • Guest

    If they were really liberals they would respect everyone. FAIL!

  • Guest

    Shows the kind of trash that exemplifies the Democrat party. They shame themselves.

    • Luscious Lars Anderson


  • Luscious Lars Anderson

    Damn, Son! Ya’ll got me straight trippin’!

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    Excellent article with some great insights!

  • http://www.ps3hax.net/member.php?u=183749 Cher Austill

    thank you for posting that. We enjoyed reading it. Deffinatly be back again.

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