Liberal Twitter Users Rejoice at Rush Limbaugh’s Hospitalization

Is this a reflection on childish liberalism or knee jerk twitterism?

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Health Update from RushLimbaugh.com (1:30 AM EST Thursday)

ALERT: Rush was admitted to a Honolulu hospital today and is resting comfortably after suffering chest pains. Rush appreciates your prayers and well wishes. He will keep you updated via RushLimbaugh.com and on Thursday’s radio program. 

Original article: Liberal Hate Tweets Chant "Die Rush"

I just read the news on TMZ that Rush Limbaugh was rushed to the hospital with chest pains while vacationing in Hawaii. The story was about an hour old and didn’t have many details so I searched Twitter to see if people on the scene would have more news.

I didn’t see any further information but I am amazed at how dominant haters of conservatives are on Twitter. They seem so proud to voice their rather baseless opinions. Most Twitter posters seem to hope Limbaugh dies! They seem to think Limbaugh (and all conservatives) are full of hate. I know that is untrue because I am a conservative and conservatives I know are about individual freedom and less government, not hate. But, that’s besides the point. 

The real issue to me is why can’t Twitter posts be about information, informed opinion and thoughtful disagreement instead of bashing, group think and hate. This kind of knee jerk twitterism is useful for nothing and makes a great service like Twitter less great.

Here are a few sample hate tweets taken from thousands about Rush Limbaugh:

Key_Air_UhRush Limbaugh might be dieing? My Christmas wish came true!


DevinBlakeRush Limbaugh in the hospital with chest pains, please let this be the end of his reign!!! This would be a great end to the decade!!!


Bane117Rush Limbaugh rushed to hospital w/ chest pains. Santa actually listened this year.


What do you think about hate tweets? I won’t delete your comments even if you bash. 

Liberal Twitter Users Rejoice at Rush Limbaugh’s Hospitalization
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  • http://zorekrichards.blogspot.com/ Zorek Richards

    So much for anything people want to taut as “compassionate liberalism.” Clearly there is no such thing. I presume the same ones who wish him dead also wish for liberal health care. What a contradiction in realities. If I were still a democrat, I would burn my card 2night as to not wanting be be associated at all with anyone who wishes other people die. And I do not hide behind the cowardice of anonymity like the left’s plastic cronies seem to like to do.

  • Guest

    cinjohn, you have to be the biggest fattest piece of shit that walks on the earth. To hope that someone else dies should be a big red communist flag that you are not of the reproducing kind. I hope that whomever is seeing you dumps your pimply face(ass) and moves on to a better overall person in their life.

  • Barry

    Hawaii maybe it is a secret plot to try and locate President Obama

  • MoronsUseTwitter

    I hope your scrawny mom and kids get cancer and suffer an seemingly endless painful death. That sounded about as rediculous as your idiotic post. You are an absolute moron and your mother actually should be jailed just for giving birth to you.

    Your political views are viewed by others about as strongly as you view Rush’s and his views and opinions should warrant his death no more than your views should warrant yours. Grow up!!

  • Stonemeister

    It’s amazing how self-delusional the true Haters are. Like those before them, including Stalin, Hitler, Lenin, Marx, Pol Pot, Castro, Che, Mao, et al, they wish their critics silenced, either through barring them from media, or through injury or death. This is why they are so elated when they hear of the illness or death of a conservative (Limbaugh’s chest pains, the elation at the late Tony Snows cancer and following death, among so many others). American Liberalism, also known as Communism, is the only true politics of hatred and death, and they prove it so often!

  • Guest

    I only wish for Rush what he has wished for folks like me for years. If my wish comes true where do I send flowers.

    • Guest

      to yourself.

    • Guest

      Rush is a compassionate man who loves all people and wants them to have the tools to build the American Dream for themselves. Thats what he wishes on you and everyone else!

  • Guest

    Thus is all the fault of the Liberals’ Health Care reform.
    Last year, Rush would have been stone-cold dead.
    Consider on that.

  • http://www.1080pbluray.com Ian

    Hey, Twitter is a reflection of humanity and democracy Richard. Everyone has a right to his/her opinion. if you didn’t know already many people love rush and many despise him. why not pick on the wacky righty tweets too???

    though i do think this one was on the mark –
    @Mohner5: How ironic. Rush Limbaugh may die in the same hospital that Barack Obama was born: Queens Medical Center, Honolulu.

    • Rich Ord

      I will check Twitter for those “wacky righty tweets” when the next liberal icon dies.

      My opinion is at the moment Twitter is dominated by those wacky lefty tweets!


      Rich Ord
      CEO, iEntry, Inc.
      Publisher of WebProNews

  • Guest

    I hope everyone prays that he makes a full recovery and is back on the air soon. Our country needs him right now. He is one of the only ones out there telling the truth. He is fighting hard for the Patriots. We should have a Rush Hudson Limbaugh day to honor what he has done for 20 years. He is the greatest political mind of our time and works tirelessly on our behalf. Fight Rush!

  • http://www.norcalblogs.com/post_scripts/ Jack L

    Just FYI, I write a blog called Post Scripts, you’ll find the link above if you want to see more of comments. Anyway…I was looking for news on Limbaugh’s passing when I came across this site and I read some of the hate comments from the twitter crowd. It’s shame we have such juvenile people among us, but if there is any consolation to come from those ugly comments, it has to be that most of those “hater” are probably too dumb to really understand their bashing is only exposing their own ignorance and lack of character. It takes them down and it does nothing but garner sympathy for Limbaugh.

    Limbaugh was a good spokesman for conservative cause and I really think believed in what he said. The show biz part was put on as an act and to that end he was very successful doing that “act” and it just irritated the bejeezus out of lefties. He was number rated talk show many years. He consistently beat the socks off his liberal talkshow counterparts. They would kill to have his ratings! So, if nothing else in this one area I think that qualifies him as a supremely successful person and good for him! He came up the ladder from nothing and built an empire…thats all American!

    However, his notoriety and rhetoric also bought him a lot of vile hate from kooky liberals who couldn’t stand and couldn’t understand… his conservative idealism. And they also hated him because he made so much money doing his schtick.

    Seems like the kooks always hate conservative people with money, but I digress. The simpletons on the far left never got Rush, but if the average person with an IQ over 100 spent a few days listening to him, I mean really listening to him and not just carping at every other word, the guy made a whole lot of sense! His popularity speaks volumes about the man’s talent.

    You don’t get where Limbaugh got without talent times ten!!!

    He had a lot of broad based appeal, something the libs will never have. He didn’t mind debating with far left libsl whenever he could and he often made them look silly when he dissected their flawed arguments, but at the same time he was remarkably civil to them, often times when they were uncivil to him. I’ll miss that most of all.

    I know the haters will come out from under their rocks to assail him now, but someone kinda important to me once said, “Forgive them, for they known not what they do.” Consdier that as a hint for you rabid libs who can’t wait kick a dead man.

    • Rich Ord

      Do you have information that we don’t have regarding your statement that Rush has died?

      Rich Ord
      CEO, iEntry, Inc.
      Publisher of WebProNews

  • Guest

    Some of you people are COLD!! FRIGID!! Cant believe the hate that spew out from some of you!!
    I dont think I wouldnt celebrate about my worse enemy, remember that none of us will live forever. No matter how healthy we how much we exercise we could drop dead any time, life is but a vapor, once appeareth then vanishing…If you hate the guy, you need not to promote the hatefull comments that you do. I value all life, no matter who it is..every one of us will, at one day will be responsible for our actions and thoughts after we die, believe it or not!! Give it a thought please!!!

  • http://delibernation.com SilasKain

    …what would Jesus do?

  • Barry

    So Rush Limbaugh dies and goes to Hell. Its horrible. Burning fires. Hot bubbling lava! Incredible pain! No Oxycontin. He looks over and sees George W. Bush having sex with a beautiful woman. Non-stop, sweaty, constant, back-breaking sex.

    So the next time Satan is going by on an inspection tour, Rush complains. “This sucks! I have to suffer for all eternity, and that White House squatting frat boy gets to spend it with a beautiful woman.”

    The Devil replied, “Who are you to question my punishment of that woman?”

  • http://limittedliabilityco.blogspot.com/ susana

    rush might die…if so…so what? big deal? he dies and another snake will grow from the head of the conservative medusa. kind of like terrorists…ehh?
    if he lives, then he gets new more powerful scripts for his “back problem”

  • Guest

    Pretty much what I expected. You might think, these are the sort of people who would be familiar with the concept of KARMA … but I’m not sure they’ve given a lot of thought to the actual meaning of the concept … not on the evidence of what they wrote, anyway …

  • Guest

    Here is a link with photos of President Obama’s certified Hawaiian birth certificate:

    By admitting to being a birther, Rich Ord, you have exposed yourself, for the whole world to see on the internet, as a first-class idiot and fool. Not even Rush believes the birther crap.

    I am no longer following such tools as yourself, the same way I would not have patience for any idiot on the left who claims 9/11 was a Bush plan.

    You can read http://www.politijab.com for thorough birther debunkings….

    • Rich Ord

      I am not a birther. I was pointing out that it is not hate for some to express that view. It is hate to wish someone dies. Sorry you misunderstood my point.

      Rich Ord

      • Guest

        Earlier in reply to a different comment, you claim it is strange that Obama has not produced a birth certificate, while in fact, he has, Birthers just won’t accept it and continue to lie.
        Either you have been mislead by those who lie about Obama’s birth certificate, or you are not satisfied by what he has produced, which is the very definition of being a birther.
        Question- Do you believe Obama was born in Hawaii as his birth certificate says (and Hawaiian officials, including the Republican governor have stated? If you have doubts (which Rush himself does not) then you are a birther and a conspiracy theorist. Simple.

        • Guest

          The birth issue has been settled- only conspiracy theorists have “questions” (that have been repeatedly answered & debunked).
          I did not mean to hijack the thread, but, again, I find birtherism a craziness like 9/11 truthers that is not something I can gloss over in a person, or a website. I am compelled to confront it head-on.
          As far as Rush goes, I am sure he is a big boy and will laugh at some of the crappy things wished upon him on twitter. Maybe when he feels better he can even tweet back to African-American twitterers to “get back to him after they “Take that bone out of their nose”.

          For the life of me, I just can’t understand why minorities might not wish him well…

  • Jackson

    I’m annoyed but not surprised that conservative Twitter users are using this to paint liberals as a bunch of violent hatemongers. To find really vile things about Limbaugh on Twitter you need to do some looking, it’s dominated by statements by liberals saying they don’t wish Limbaugh death and conservatives who are complaining that so many liberals have been so consistently berated by that man that we can’t be bothered to cry over him.

    There is nastiness. But you know what? Rush Limbaugh is a nasty man. He’s a hateful man. He made a career on being a hateful, angry, and violently-thinking person. That conservatives would point to this as some proof that liberals are hatemongers rejoicing at the death of an innocent human being is an utter joke, at best!

    It also seems to presume that, were it a liberal who were in the hospital, conservatives wouldn’t be all over that. You can’t tell me there wouldn’t be the same kind of hate messages there if Michael Moore was in the hospital. When George Tiller was murdered, Twitter had all sorts of statements from conservatives speaking openly about feeling his death was a good thing!

    Vengeful thinking is not a politically-based emotion.

  • Not Die

    I want Rush to live like Terri Schiavo in a vegetative state.

    • Barry

      Not a complete vegetated state though. We what him to have enough brain function that he feels the constant pain for decades.


  • MDP

    Please do not pretend that Twitter was not filled with hateful messages about Ted Kennedy when he passed away. Please do not pretend that Twitter is not daily filled with satiric and genuine messages of hatred 4 Barack Obama or many other Dems or other liberal thinkers. You make a complete ass of yourself with such posturing. Limbaugh, himself, has made no bones about his own death wishes 4 others. Your holier than thou commentary is pure BS. The real issue to you is attempting to smoke screen the reality of conservative vitriol by pointing a finger at vitriol from liberals. You would garner far more respect by being honest and stating that such comments are merely reactions to the personae we, either con or lib, have felt offensive enough to provoke either satiric or otherwise genuine distaste. Further, that none of this chatter has any meaning or purpose other than to point to such distaste unless there is backing from some faction, person, or organized group calling for or planning intentional physical acts of violence toward the subject of such distaste. Everyone has someone they express distaste 4 in myriad ways. Whether on this side or that, the messages are little more than steam. Sadly, the smoke screen and finger pointing is the cheaper and more reprehensible address. Let your actual politic define you, not your steam. In this instance, yours has spoken.

    • Guest

      Yes, but this is different. Rush is one of the good guys.

    • Rich Ord

      I agree that these “die Rush” posts are just passions spilling out from those who disagree with his political opinions. However, when Ted Kennedy was near death conservatives weren’t posting the likes of what is happening now. Hundreds of hateful messages by the minute on Twitter.

      No smoke screen, just my opinion — btw

      Rich Ord

      • Guest

        In reading you comment stating that conservatives weren’t spewing hatred and rejoicing at the death of Ted Kennedy only proves that you were no where near your Twitter account at that time, or that you are truly in a state of denial, unwilling to admit the truth.

  • sparticus

    there is no value to his life.

    may he get worse than the victims of torture whom he ridicules.

    • km

      Who are YOU to determine the value of another person’s life???
      I am completely in shock in the hate that you people are expressing!!
      Do not understand how you all think you have the right to determine whether or not a person’s life has value. Please help me understand how you have that right … AND how you can actually feel ok about saying the things you are saying about another human being

  • Guest

    who like to be manipulated by a bull frog throated fascist named Limbaugh. You all are pathetic!!!!!

    • Rich Ord

      Fascism is usually associated with more government — like the health care bill imposes — not less, which is what Limbaugh wants. Get your name calling right! :)

      Rich Ord

  • Guest

    I think it’s hilarious that conservatives always claim that they’re for individual freedom & less Gov’t when it seems to me that two of their primary objectives are abortion and gay marriage. Doesn’t attempting to pass legislation barring the aformentioned issues contradict the whole less Gov’t more individual rights claim? Sounds like Hypocrisy to me.

    • Rich Ord

      I am more of the libertarian wing of the conservative movement where it is about freedom. Less taxes on everyone, especially the “rich” because people deserve to keep what they worked for. Smaller government, global warming is BS and health care is none of governments business.

      Thanks – Rich Ord

  • Guest

    I can’t believe how cruel people have become. Is this how your parents raised you?

    • mephistopheles jefferson

      My whole family hates Limbaugh. I’m reminded of Hunter S. Thompson’s obituary for Nixon:

      “My mother hates Nixon, my son hates Nixon, I hate Nixon, and this hatred has brought us together.”

  • tc

    I have been seeing this as well. I lean more conservative and rarely see the anger and vitriol on my side as on the left. Of course the right has boneheads like this but the left seems to take it very personaly. If Olberman were to have a heart attack I may not go out of my way to tweet or wish him well but I would not wish him dead and absolutely not advertise my own stupidity to openly wish for his death. I think that is the differance.

  • shocked first timetwitter

    I heard about Rush and got online to see if I could learn more about his condition and am literally in shock at what I am reading from liberals regarding his serious medical state. What happened to respect for a human life? I did not vote for Obama, don’t agree with a single thing he has done, don’t trust him, nor do I believe he truly cares about any of us … BUT, I would NEVER wish him dead or wish ANY ill-fate upon him. What happened to strongly disagreeing and even disliking someone without HATING them??? It seems like we have more compassion for DOGS than we do people nowadays. I just don’t understand how some liberals can accuse conservatives as being full of HATE when THEY are the ones expressing HATE and seem to be the ones that have no heart by wishing a fellow human being DEAD just because they disagree with him. How can you be so heartless? You seem to be the ones full of hatred and anger, yet that’s what you accuse conservatives of just b/c we disagree with you. When did people turn into such animals? What has happened to this country? I guess THIS is the CHANGE Obama was talking about … HATE people who oppose you. I really do feel sad for each and every one of you … I pray God will transform your hearts … I truly do. It can’t be easy to live with such hatred in your hearts … especially for someone you don’t even know. God save us all!

    • Guest

      don’t generalize so harshly, not all liberals wish him death even if we do hate him

  • http://twitter.com/MaxCJensen MaxCJensen

    I hope you won’t delete this, and even post it above if you’d like. My tweet is featured here, and I would like to defend it. Partly because I resent being called a liberal, and partly because I understand the disdain that would naturally be directed towards a comment like mine.

    I believe Rush Limbaugh is poisonous to American political discourse, the same way I view many on the left. That doesn’t mean I wish death upon all, or even most, or even some, political commentators I view as being poisonous to our country’s discourse. I find Rush Limbaugh to be a special exception. I listen to him, regularly. I am a part of the 20 million listeners he claims. However, I also am able to see through his distortions. He doesn’t necessarily lie, but he certainly doesn’t tell the full truth. He knows this. You don’t get to a position where he is by being stupid. He is smart enough to objectively analyze facts. He chooses not to, because he can certainly reap the most economically by demonizing one side and propping up the other, at the expense of lowering the level of discourse in our country.

    With that said, there are obviously certain moral qualms that arise when wishing death upon another human being. It is not something I take lightly, having lost family members before. However, I feel that if Rush were to die, it would benefit the “greater good”, so to speak. And I am not ashamed by this. This by no means makes me a liberal, as I am not. I just wanted to defend my posting to the degree that it is defensible, and I realize that many will not see it as such. Regardless, I would hope you can either link to this comment or post it directly. Thank you.

    • Rich Ord

      Your opinion will not be deleted and you are welcome here, regardless of your views.

      Rich Ord
      Publisher of WebProNews

  • mephistopheles jefferson

    Please use some of my hate-filled tweets about Limbaugh. They are truly base, crass, and heartless. I think they would make your article stronger.


  • tc

    Wow! I guarentee that none of these people have ever listened to Rush once but get there info from media matters or dailykos. Personaly I do not agree with many things Rush says but I do listen to him and have never heard him wish death or a racist comment. In the end rush I agree with a poster who says let these people shout with glee. The majority of people will see what how these people on the left react and be turned off. So go to it you goofy libs! Keep spewing your hate as loud as you can! Most people will see you for what you are!

    • jeloroc

      uhm the reason people hate Rush is because they DO listen to his show…I had no real opinion of him until I DID listen to his show…I listened to his show for over a year because he was on a station that, other than his and a few other programs, I liked and I was too lazy to change the station…he is a new school racist that loves to make little bigoted remarks and then accuse EVERYONE ELSE of being racist for being offended by it!

  • Barry

    Maybe GOD decided to conduct a Death Panel on his Hate Filled Racist Ass.



      Do you realize that his assiatant on the show is BLACK!!!!!!! Get a life

  • Guest

    now I know why I have never gotten on one of these threads … it’s awful to see how very hateful we have become towards one another … this will be my first and my last. Life is too short to throw hateful words back and forth. I hope all of you find something else to do that actually makes the world a better place.

    • Rich Ord

      Take a look at Twitter. The hate is worse now than when I wrote this article.


  • http://www.twitter.com/cocklestew Jake

    I never wish anyone dead. However, I have been having some fun with the Limbaugh thing, because he’s just such a horrible person. And I know not all conservatives are hate-filled. Just your 3 or 4 main pundits. ;)

    • Guest

      Why is that liberals can’t look in the mirror? If you really want to see hatred and such – listen to the leaders of the Democrat/Socialist Party. Too many of you people attack Rush because someone else tells you what he is or does and you run off half-cocked without ever seeing for yourself. Stop letting someone else do your thinking for you. Churchill once said “If you are not a liberal before 30 you have no heart. But if you are a not a conservative by the time you have reached 30, you have no brain.” Truer words were never spoken.

  • Guest

    One who lives by the sword dies by the sword. I never heard any conservative stand up to those who openly pray for the DEATH of Obama. So, to hell with what you think now about liberals wishing this pompous AH dead. We are all Americans with the right to wish dead those we do not like. You don’t like Obama. I don’t like Limbaugh. Thanks.

    • Guest

      You can’t name one serious conservative who has ever wished Obama dead. Not one! This is a typical liberal approach to everything (ala Clinton, Obama, Pelosi). Lie – lie – lie and enought dimwits will listen and think its the truth. I sepise this unqualified ego brained pompous oaf the less infomred put in office. He is destroying this country, he doesn’t like what we stand for and still you clowns support him. Yet someone who dedicates themselves to the truth is to be hated because he exercises his American rights? Too bad you don’t have to take a test to make certain you have the brains to come in out of the rain before you were allowed to vote. If it were so there would be no liberals in office anymore, ever.

  • jeloroc

    when your whole life is about spewing hate you’ve got to expect to get hate in return…don’t cry for Limbaugh he brought this hatred on himself and he loves every bit of it because it makes him filthy stinking rich.


      Maybe if you got off your lazy ass and worked, you too could be living the dream — DON”T HATE

      Oh wait, that is right, your waiting for OBAMA to give you our money

  • Danny McLemore

    I, and many other liberals, have been wishing Rush well. There are many insensitive and hateful liberals on Twitter, just as there are insensitive and hateful conservatives. Speaking of insensitive and hateful conservatives, did you know that Rush had a Kennedy Death Watch? http://www.unconfirmedsources.com/index.php?itemid=3275
    I hope Rush gets well soon.

  • Robert T. Guilford

    The Twitter Haters are the scum of the Earth. They are sub-human dregs that don’t deserve to breath the same air as Rush. I pray that Rush Limbaugh fully recovers. His program is a shining beacon of truth and without his voice, the Free World would be thrown to the wolves of the drive-by media and their sycophant liberal dogs. God Bless Rush Limbaugh!

  • jeloroc

    “The real issue to me is why can’t Twitter posts be about information, informed opinion and thoughtful disagreement instead of bashing, group think and hate.”

    Where do you think we learned it from? Maybe from Conservative commentators like O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Hannity & Beck?

    • Guest

      Or maybe Carver, Carter, Clinton, Emanuel, Pelosi, Reid, Daschel, Mao (who Obama idolizes to the point of putting a Christmas ornament of him on OUR tree). These people are so kind, or maybe Farakan (sp) – he only says Jews are hooked nose bagel eating slimes who we should kill in their sleep! By the way the church that Obama went to for 15+ years voted this hater man of the year. And our VP Biden gave 3k to charity last year (he’s a multi-millionaire) – Rush won’t say how much he gave but recently he donated 100k that I know of. Grow up.

  • Charles

    … so why should the objects of his hate respond any differently?

    Live by the sneer, die by the sneer.

  • Grzegorz

    …if that sissy, Gibbs, will be equally outraged at this as he was at comparisons of Hussein to Hitler.

    And no, I do not live in America – Limbaugh is just a figure of two sided, foreign story for me. I do despise his style and do share many of his views. Perceiving myself as libertarian/anarchist I do despise breaches to the liberty of speech. And wishing someone dead just because that someone has different views is plain totalitarianism. Which is what liberalism really is.

  • Barry

    Sounds like he is going to live.

  • http://mikeschinkel.com Mike Schinkel

    Problem is that Rush Limbaugh makes his living by pandering to one group while demonizing another. His entire essence is based on stirring up hate for “liberals”; it’s no wonder many who don’t identify with the conservative fringe hate him. This is not an issue with Twitter or with Twitter users, it’s human nature. When someone goes on the attack people shouldn’t be surprised when the attacker is attacked back.

    If there’s one main thing that’s causing huge problems today it’s people like Limbaugh (on the right or the left) that know that they can lie all day long and never get called on it, and if its what their audience wants to believe they they can incite a mob all with lies and nothing productive can get discussed. Opinions become entrenched and the vested interests funding this crap sit back and smile.

    Anyway, back to “twitter” and “liberal hate” you’ll note that most anti-right discussions only come up during a flash point event like this. The anti-left venom spews continuously on Twitter; just search #tcot any hour of the day or day of the week.

  • http://richardtgarner.blogspot.com Rick Garner

    Die Rush Limbaugh! http://richardtgarner.blogspot.com/2009/12/die-rush-limbaugh.html

  • Johnny-O

    Wow, how can I say this?

    First, Simple Sarah quits her Governorship, 60% if the way through; career suicide in the world of politics, I don’t care how popular she is, she’ll never serve in National politics ever again, no one will trust her.

    Then I hear FuxNews may ‘go on the box’ on cable, forcing a lot of its adherents to shell out, maybe, an extra 50 bicks a month for them to watch; viewership will fall off by at least 80%.

    Now, Rush Limbo is in the hospital with severe chest pains, and considering his cholestrol level, fondness for big, fat cigars, and basically bellicose nature, does anybody really, seriously believe he’s gonna listen to those damnable Hawaiian witch doctors?

    No way! Even if he lives (oh, be still my beating heart!), he won’t ever change, he’s just too damned stubborn. I certainly hope he has good health insurance!

    Which means, one way or another, it’s the beginning of the end. For him. Possibly for the entire Far Right movement.

    If jobs pick up next year, and the November mid-terms go well for the Dems, THAT alone will kill him…

    Looks like 2009 might turn out to be a good year after all!


    God bless America.

    • Guest

      I find it hard to believe anyone could be consumed with so much hatred for a person who just states their views. Consider the moron the lower 50% of this country elected. No experience (it shows), no morals (it shows), no direction – no concept of what made this country great, etc. I cannot comprehend how someone can be so stupid to not see what they have done and wish ill fortune on someone who is only trying to bring them to their senses and help them help themselves. There is a finite amount of patience in conservatives (who are the majority in theis country). The right to bear arms wasn’t meant to protect the rights of hunters it was to allow the populance to form a well regulated militia to remove from office tyrants if ther were no other recourse. Rush doesn’t advocate any such radical position yet you clowns think he’s always bashing you. He is only trying to wake you up to your folly. Sooner rather than later the cash cow will dry up and then what? Wake up – grow up and man (or woman) up. Be proud of your country.

  • AndyW

    As you sow so shall you reap

  • http://www.gopthinker.com GOP Thinker

    Isn’t it ironic that conservatives can’t say “Hussein”, but liberals can say, “Die, Rush, die!”?

    And isn’t it even more ironic that liberals proudly & passionately argue against the death penalty……….unless the life in question is that of a conservative??

    (Typical “compassionate” liberals…)

  • Guest

    He will remain true to his principles and pay for his own medical care. He won’t ask the government to pay for it with money forcibly seized from others.

    • MacKenna

      He’s a multi zillionnaire so it’s easy for him to “stay true to his principles” and pay for his health care isn’t it?

      Considering the fact that he’s a prescription drug addict, and an obese pig, he has so many “pre-existing conditions” no private health insurer will cover him.

      • Guest

        Yes, it’s true; he is very rich, and every dime of his fortune was given to him voluntarily in exchange for services rendered. He worked very hard to achieve what he has. He never asked the government to take money from others and give it to him. Such forcible redistribution of earnings, using guns, is the essence of liberalism.

      • Guest

        Guess what? Rush earned what he has – it wasn’t old money – he earned it. What happened to liberal compassion. Rush had a severe back injury and he did get addicted to pain killers, but gueww what? He kicked the habit yet the left still acts as though he were some skid row junkie looking for a fix. He is still over weight, but through sheer determination he has has shed a lot of weight in the past year. And how do you know what pre-exisitng comditions he has? By the way Rush stated he has insurance just doesn’t use it because he doesn’t have to. This is typical liberal garbage. Open your mouth and spout off so the rest of your kind will soak it up and accept it as truth when it has no basis in fact. This is why the liberal press hates Rush, he holds them accountable and tries very hard to only say what is verifiable as a fact and facts are an alien concept to the left.


        An obese pig CLASSY – surely you liberals can do better. How old are you – 4 And what are these so many preexisting conditions Now I know why I am not a liberal, I actually have a brain, go to church and love all americans – Happy New Year everyone. Speedy recovery Rush and to the thousands of other Americans spending New Year’s Eve in the hospital.

  • Ms Jonsson

    I also do not think that wishing him dead for a Christian who believes in life after death and the kingdom of heaven is a bad thing. From what I read in my bible it is a good thing to go to glory. My mother used to say we should not cry for her when she dies, we should cry for her to have to live life and the difficulties it can bring. Death is freedom. No more pain. Peace! Telling people that they will go to hell is not up to us. Whether one goes to either place is no concern of ours, our concern should be where we go and whether our soul is well tended. Wishing that the President fails is wishing every American fails since he represents us. I do wish he does not fail in keeping the Taliban from blowing up our evil thinking behinds when they come to our little towns. Please pray the President does well at preventing that. Oh God please don’t let him fail. Anyone who would wish he fails is no friend of the American people.

    I looked at Orly whatshernames birther site. Rush is a member, as well as Pat Boone and Chuck Norris. And Wiley Drake, the preacher who had his congregation pray for the President’s death. This woman believes that the president has had all of his gay lovers done away with and that is why they can’t find proof of his homosexuality! AND The President has had 149 different false addresses and about 50 fake #ssn. WTF?? Rush belongs to this organization! This is insanity! People are angry about this kind of thing and do not wish him well. He made his bed and now he must lie in it. People have to be nice to someone who is not nice? Surely you jest. This is not second grade this is real life. I hope the power of God enters Rush’s soul and he retires to look at his life, his soul and his experience the last couple of days. I wish he retires.

    • Guest

      WTF? Boy are you a good Christian or what? Kinda like Obama though – to the best of my knowledge he’s only been to church once since taking office. That could change though if the Reverend Wright takes to the pulpit again, now there’s a Christian to look up to! Once a again a liberal who has no clue about Rush is acting on what others tell him to form an opinion. Take the time to listen before you spill your foul garbage out on the floor. Perhaps you should actually read your bible? Might have a different take on what’s going on around you.

      • Tater

        To the best of Tater’s knowledge, you ain’t never been to church. Means about as much as your guess.


    • Guest

      Dear friend, Rush doesn’t want Obama to fail as President – he wnats his socialist platform to fail. If you would but listen to him you would have known this. Besides, Obama doesn’t believe there is a war on terror, only man-made incidents. Ft Hood was the act of a deranged person, the Christmas Day bomber was a mis-guided youth and the Taliban is mis understood. And I hate to tell you this but President Bush kept us safe for 8 years, Obamas is dismantleing the apartaus that kept the heathens in check. If you want to help prottect yourself and your loved ones, get a gun and learn how to use it. With Obamas policies it isn’t a question of if but when terror hits mainstreet America. And lastly, why is Obama can have all kinds of really despotic radical firends and associates and that’s just fine. But let Rush belong to an organization and he is known bu every other member, can you say double standard? By the way didn’t Obamas church nominate Louis F (a real hater if there was one) as man of the Decade or some such honor? Ask your Pastor how they feel about that, better yet ask a Jew (LF isn’t exactly a fan of the Jewish race).

      • Tater

        “President Bush kept us safe for 8 years”

        So 911 didn’t happen? Nice to know.


        • http://www.gopthinker.com GOP Thinker

          “So 911 didn’t happen?”

          It sure did, thanks to Bill Clinton’s weak leadership after the 1993 WTC attack, Khobar Towers, Kenya, Tanzania, and the USS Cole.

          Unlike Bill Clinton, Bush stopped all further attacks. (Thank you for keeping us safe, W. Too bad your successor can’t do the same!)

  • MacKenna

    Rush Limbaugh is the epitome of hatred. Good lord, I can’t help remembering the vile things he said about Michael J. Fox right now.

    Conservatives aren’t haters, eh? Oh so that’s why 30,000 of them marched on Washington with photos of Obama made to look like a gorilla and all the racist slurs, and why they showed up at health care town halls with loaded guns threatening to shoot people who disagreed with them.

    • Rich Ord

      You write as if it is an obvious fact that all conservatives are haters. That’s ridiculous, especially in light of the thousands of infantile “Rush Die” posts now on Twitter by who … liberals!

      There are no equivalent examples of masses of conservatives resorting to this kind of hate on Twitter. You have it the other way around my friend, liberals, not all of course but quite a lot of them, hate their political opposites.

      Your example of the march on Washington is pretty much made up in a desperate attempt to prove your baseless charge that conservatives hate too … which they don’t.

      Rich Ord

      • Outsider

        The comments thrown Obama’s way on Digg and other sites during the election were not pretty. There was an organised attempt to discredit him, to the point of challenging his nationality. The hate was palpable. Being an anonymous loudmouth is a human trait, I’d say.

    • Annirich

      Racism was never an issue until Obama brought it up which he did consistently throughout his campaign speeches. He WANTED to make it an issue trying to instill a ‘guilty’ vote. Not only that, the people that marched on WA DC were conservatives, independents, and above all AMERICANS! Loaded guns at town halls were not the majority or the mainstay point. The PEOPLE do not like the way that Obama is leading the country into a european style socialistic personna. That’s not what this country was founded on nor will it be accepted by the PEOPLE. Rush Limbaugh is a conservative and bases his program on such. If you don’t like it, turn the dial. You have a choice. “epitome of hatred”? I don’t think you can separate your emotions from your brain.

  • Guest

    These are not haters of comservatives, these are haters of what Rush Limbaugh believes. Tell me that he does not speak for all conservatives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rich Ord

      To the “Guest” who believes Limbaugh is a hater:

      Why are you writing as if you know anything about Rush Limbaugh? If you have actually listened to him you won’t hear hate at all. What is with liberals who like to assign hate to conservative leaders when it is baseless. That’s pretty hateful don’t you think?

      Rich Ord

      • Tater

        Tater listens to Limbaugh a lot, and has for years. He is constantly exagerrating and distortign the news, what people say, and what they believe. He is not honest. Tater’s made this challenge many times before, and NO ONE has ever stepped up and taken it on. Provide any one page transcript of his show, and ol Tater will find a lie or a distortion.


    • Guest

      Instead of basing your views on what someone tells you, try listening to Rush for a week. First he’s a showman – a lot of what he says is a joke. That said he has strongly held views that align themselves with what made this country great. Views that are not shared by most members of the Democratic Party – since they can’t topple him with facts they resort to undermining him through lies and half-truths. There is no fairness in the media at large hence they spew thier garbage and its taken as truth by those who do not take the time to get the facts for themselves. If one takes the time to get the facts right they may just find Rush isn’t such a Bogey Man after all, you might even find you agree with a lot of what he says. You shouldn’t condemn if you don’t know what you are really condemning. Remember the people wanted Jesus to die instead of a murderer simply because they believed what they were told.

      • http://www.cinema100.com Todd Ford

        There is truth in what Rush says, especially nowadays with President Obama doing things that upset not only conservatives but also liberals. While I often disagree with it, it isn’t the content of his message that bothers me. It is the style. It is whiny and condescending and designed, consciously I think, to anger liberals and entertain conservatives. But what’s the value in this? Do we really need the two sides to be driven farther apart?

        I have listened to many hundreds of hours of Rush’s radio show. I used to work in an office that played it every day for all employees to hear. (I wonder if that’s even legal. I probably could’ve filed some sort of political ideas harrassment case.) I’m not liberal, I’m radical. And I could’ve easily just thrown on the headphones and listened to something else. But I didn’t. I have an open mind.

        I wonder though. How many here who are scolding liberals for not even listening to Limbaugh spend any time listening to liberal talk radio? It is widely available on the Internet. Mike Malloy is probably the liberal Limbaugh, but I don’t much like his style either. Peter Werbe though offers a terrific counterpoint to Limbaugh and one of the most accurate peeks into how liberals think.

      • Guest

        You are an idiot. Enough said!

      • Bob

        Nonsense. I listened to Rush for years – I stopped after I got sick of his racism, his stretching of the facts, his outright lies – and his general childishness.

        Don’t assume we’re not familiar with Limbaugh.

        We know him all too well to have any respect for him.

        Which isn’t the same as wishing him dead.

  • Guest Mike W

    As much as I detest the communist the flat liners elected to the highest office in OUR land, I do not want him to die, nor do I want his family to suffer harm (I do wish he would resign before he does any more damage though). But, the liberals are so full of hate and class envy they take joy in the pains of a fellow human, they are unable to contradict Rush so they despise him for his views. Shame to the lot of them.

  • http://www.cinema100.com Todd Ford

    “Very classy. The point of my article is proven again. Thanks!” – Rich Ord posted in response to a particular over the top and profanity filled call for Limbaugh demise.

    I’m so far to the left that most “liberals” can’t even see me. So are a great many of my friends. And yet none of us would ever dream of posting the type things you are dredging up out of twitter-land. So it clearly doesn’t say anything in general about the liberal mind. What it does say, as others have pointed out, is that the anonymous Internet is like the new Wild West. People will post anything, usually just to be provocative.

    While we have no way of knowing, I’d wager, just based on past Internet experience, that a healthy percentage of the posts here calling for Limbaugh’s death were posted by Limbaugh supporters trying to make liberals look like savages and conservatives look like the cavalry.

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