Liberal Twitter Users Rejoice at Rush Limbaugh’s Hospitalization

Is this a reflection on childish liberalism or knee jerk twitterism?

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Health Update from RushLimbaugh.com (1:30 AM EST Thursday)

ALERT: Rush was admitted to a Honolulu hospital today and is resting comfortably after suffering chest pains. Rush appreciates your prayers and well wishes. He will keep you updated via RushLimbaugh.com and on Thursday’s radio program. 

Original article: Liberal Hate Tweets Chant "Die Rush"

I just read the news on TMZ that Rush Limbaugh was rushed to the hospital with chest pains while vacationing in Hawaii. The story was about an hour old and didn’t have many details so I searched Twitter to see if people on the scene would have more news.

I didn’t see any further information but I am amazed at how dominant haters of conservatives are on Twitter. They seem so proud to voice their rather baseless opinions. Most Twitter posters seem to hope Limbaugh dies! They seem to think Limbaugh (and all conservatives) are full of hate. I know that is untrue because I am a conservative and conservatives I know are about individual freedom and less government, not hate. But, that’s besides the point. 

The real issue to me is why can’t Twitter posts be about information, informed opinion and thoughtful disagreement instead of bashing, group think and hate. This kind of knee jerk twitterism is useful for nothing and makes a great service like Twitter less great.

Here are a few sample hate tweets taken from thousands about Rush Limbaugh:

Key_Air_UhRush Limbaugh might be dieing? My Christmas wish came true!


DevinBlakeRush Limbaugh in the hospital with chest pains, please let this be the end of his reign!!! This would be a great end to the decade!!!


Bane117Rush Limbaugh rushed to hospital w/ chest pains. Santa actually listened this year.


What do you think about hate tweets? I won’t delete your comments even if you bash. 

Liberal Twitter Users Rejoice at Rush Limbaugh’s Hospitalization
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  • CinJohn

    I hope this fat pig suffers terribly and then dies. He can never make up for the damage of the lies and propaganda he has spouted for years to the drooling uninformed idiots.

    • Rich Ord

      Right out of the gate and I get an example of the kind of hate posts I am talking about. I respect your right to disagree with Limbaugh, but really I doubt you ever even listen to his show.

      Rich Ord

      • Ace

        well put Mr. Ord

      • Moulderx1

        Shouldn’t your compassionate conservatism be more focused on Mr. Limbaugh’s well-being rather than your self confirming theory of ‘liberal hate’?

        /I don’t even have him in my pool.

      • Bob

        I love the way you guys assume that because we disagree with Limbaugh, we must not have ever listened to the show.

        Talk about blind idol worship!

        The guy’s a transparent racist, liar, truth stretcher. I don’t even use those words in describing people most of the time. It’s just that obvious with him, that I feel quite confident saying it.

    • Guest

      CinJohn, you are such a compassionate little prick, aren’t you?

  • inkblot


    I’m a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, yet I would never wish Limbaugh dead. His vocal cords ripped out, sure. But can’t our side at least try to show a bit of class.

    Then again, it’s Twitter. Not exactly a shining beacon of civility.

  • BR

    Wow, i guess CinJohn doesn’t believe in Karma. And I don’t either, so i hope Wanda Sykes dies in a fiery car crash…

  • Paula

    Why is it that Conservatives are supposed to be the ones full of Hate? Can’t liberals read their own posts why is it ok for them to wish Rush Ill will but if we were to wish the same for Queen Nancy, we would be fried?
    God bless Rush and I wish him a speedy recovery and I will pray for his health.

  • Barry

    Get real hypocrite if it was President Obama the right-wingers would all be hoping for him to die.

    • Rich Ord

      I doubt it. That would mean President Biden …. and if he died President Pelosi! :)

    • Ace

      If Obama died, that would leave Biden and Pelosi in charge. No. Way. I don’t wish death on any of them, and I would never wish death on our President, whether I voted for him or not. But I’d take a bullet for Obama to keep Pelosi out of the Vice Presidency.

    • Ace

      Conservatives hate Obama’s policies and the liberal agenda, not the man. I think he’s dangerously misguided, but I don’t hate him. I don’t even know him personally.

      I doubt many of these posters could hold a conversation with Rush Limbaugh without having to Google what he says every five seconds to keep up.

    • Ju

      Seriously, do you know any conservatives? Most of us are Christians and do not wish death on anyone. We may not like the POTUS policies and ideals but we certainly don’t want him to die.

  • Richard Tyree

    I am not a fan of his views, however I do wish Rush the best and find it sickening that someone would make fun or get enjoyment from someone elses suffering. Rush is a fine entertainer.

  • Guest

    You write “why can’t Twitter posts be about information, informed opinion and thoughtful disagreement instead of bashing, group think and hate”. Why don’t you want that from conservative radio hosts? Rush is nothing but a vessel for bashing, group think and hate. And racism. And hypocrisy. I am not a liberal or a conservative…just a human that dislikes liars and cynics like Rush

  • Barney Miller

    This just goes to show how one group of people (Liberals) are guilt of what they claim another group (Conservatives) to be. Regardless of what people feel or think about someone, I wonder how they would feel if it was their father who was sick? Better yet, how would they feel if it was their father or someone close to them who the cheers of death were going out to.

    It’s a sad state that the USA is in now when comments hoping for death are present.

  • Ace

    These are the people who gleefully call Americans protesting government spending and pork bills a bunch of “teabaggers” and snicker like junior high schoolers. Conservatives hate big government. Liberals hate Conservatives. It has no bearing on what Conservatives say or if it makes any sense at all, Liberals HATE Conservatives on a visceral level, and the spew is just that.

  • Guest

    I’ll refrain from calling him names, but I do agree with those who believe the world would be a better place without Rush. However, that won’t be the death of your conservative movement. Someone worse could take his place. The better option would be for Rush to have some sort of deathbed transformation n live for love instead of greed, propaganda, n hate.

    • Rich Ord

      It’s not hate to disagree with you or liberals. You mention propaganda, that is the speciality of the left — human caused global warming BS is exhibit A.

    • Guest

      And the country would be better off without Obama. But nobody, not even Rush, is hoping the Chosen One dies.

  • Guest

    Rush has hurt race relations in this country, imo. However, he has the right to free speech and I hope he gets well soon.

  • http://www.kvnuforthepeople.com Tyler Riggs

    It’s important to note that (at least at this point) you only pulled a handful of Tweets out of hundreds, if not thousands.

    Of course there are going to be people saying these types of things. There are people out there, on Twitter and in the real world, every day wishing harm upon Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, etc… It’s more a sad state of the childish partisan politics that dominate our country.

    It’s not just liberals who lack maturity at this point, it’s an entirely too large segment of the country, from all political ideologies.

  • Todd

    Why are you getting your panties in a whirl about some bad egg tweeters right after you blanketly refer to liberals as being childish? And why do you assume all of them are liberals? Anyone could and should be bothered by Limbaugh’s whiny, condescending delivery. His presentation is about one thing and one thing only, dividing conservatives and liberals (whatever those terms even mean nowadays) further apart.

    Btw, I hope Rush pulls through. But I certainly wouldn’t mind never having to hear his voice on the radio ever again.

  • Guest

    Certainly don’t wish him death or pain, but if he chose to retire to focus on his health, I’d be down with that…

  • Baba Ganoush

    It really isn’t that amazing Rich. Liberals have long had a vehement hatred for any dissent, even if such dissent comes from within their party. It is not tolerated. I doubt this is it for El Rushbo, but when that day comes, Liberals like cockroaches will come out of the woodwork to chime in with their glee.

    I hope Rush feels better soon and that he shakes the bug he (apparently) picked up from the former Kennedy compound he bought.

  • Sage

    Libs are psychotic attackers of freedom of speech & every other freedom. Of course they want dead anyone who would interfere with the implementation of their totalitarianism. They are manically insane. Plain & simple.

    • Guest

      What’s wrong with you? Seriously, are you okay?


  • http://thejimmyzshow.com The Jimmy Z Show

    The left is so debased, so deviant, so hateful that they celebrate illness and death when it happens to their political foes. Consider that for a moment. Consider that this is a clear sign of true mental illness.

  • Christian Woman

    It’s time for Limbaugh to cease to exist. He has divided the nation. When I watch him froth at the mouth, turn crimson red in the face, dilate his juglars, and see his eyes glaze over…I believe he becomes possessed. He is an EVIL EVIL man. Maybe some of the shawmen in Hawaii prayed for his death. Limbaugh prayed for Obama’s failure, but in the end, God decided it was Rush the divider who should fail. Hopefully these hate mongerers will start dropping like flies. Who’s next? Beck? Hannity? Palin? The world would be better off with all of them gone. Just as the world has benefitted with Hitler’s death.

    • bean

      i encourage you to read what you wrote, out loud

    • Ju

      You’re a “Christian Woman”??? Are you serious? Best check that status of yours.

  • http://www.JeremyBuff.com Jeremy Buff

    So Rush Limbaugh can’t say that he wants Obama to fail (for the betterment of our nation), but liberals can say that they want Rush Limbaugh to die? If it weren’t for double-standards, the left would have no standards at all.

  • Guest

    Rich, I think you are right. I’m always amazed at people who say things like that. They can’t just quietly think to themselves, “Well, I won’t miss him.” No, they have to kick a dead horse and dance on his grave.

    That said, it’s certainly not an “aren’t those libs hateful” thing. I mean, the comments about Teddy Kennedy were mirror images to these about Rush. The right wing has its haters as well.

    Maybe people have always been like this, or maybe it’s a Grand Theft Auto mentality where nothing is real, it’s all just an exaggerated cartoon and people feel the need to act cartoonishly in real life. Heck if I know. It’s ugly, though.

  • Real American

    CinJohn. In your world i might be a drooling uninformed idiot, but u are a heartless, mindless, cruel person. u are a coward hiding behind lies. is it ok for americans to act like that? just my opinion. “HOW’S THAT HOPE & CHANGE WORKING OUT FOR YOU?” lol.

  • Barry

    Well according to the two faces of the Glenn Beck; Rush could be in the hands of the worst healthcare system in the world or the best healthcare system in the world.

  • Rodney

    Weather you like the guy or not, it’s sad and wrong to wish harm and death on anybody. I pray for Mr. Limbaugh to have a speedy recovery and get back on the air as soon as possible.
    Just shows the true colors of the liberal left. The lie that they are for the good of all people, or should it be that they are for the good of those who agree with their rhetoric.
    Get well soon Rush!!!!

  • http://www.expatriateruminations.com/Blog/ Guest

    Not that I don’t think that the primary purpose of Limbaugh’s shtick is making money.

  • Stephen of Orlando

    Happened to be watching FOX when news came. Went to a number of news sites and checked some of the responses. Left-hate is remarkable for its sheer viciousness. My take is many of these respondents are campaign, ACORN or SEIU activists. The title of Michael Savage’s book says it all: Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder.

  • Xeno

    You run an internet business and you expect people to filter their twitter comments to constructive information? Some people see Rush Limbaugh as a hate monger, a modern day Orator that populizes ideas of hate like many people before him. I’ll make no direct comparison to Rush Limbaugh but do you expect people to respect Rush when he disrespects half of America with any hate other than wishing death upon Liberals?

    • Rich Ord

      It was a little startling seeing all the “hope he dies” talk. Your right, upon reflection I guess that is what I should have expected.

      But wouldn’t Twitter be better if there was less hate talk and why is so much of the hate talk coming from liberals?

      Rich Ord
      CEO, iEntry, Inc.
      Publisher of WebProNews

      • Merylee


        This is not about Rush Limbaugh. These kind of Libs used the same vitriol on Tony Snow, George Bush, and anyone else who does not align with their views. They cannot intellectually win a debate, therefore their need to resort to sick personal attacks. You are witnessing Alinsky style politics taken to the Xtreme and poorly executed. Their comments will not win support of the Independents and Moderates. Therefore I encourage these people to shout their rants from the rooftops, because the self-portrait they are painting is so offensive and transparent, you can see into their souls.

        Set them free to roar.

    • amanda

      Much of what you’re saying about Rush is untrue. He is absolutely not a hate monger. I won’t argue about that though b/c it won’t do any good. Even if you don’t like him, what right do these classless people have to express such outrageous, hateful comments?! As a conservative, I would never rejoice in the possible death of popular figures I may not agree with politically. It’s unbelievable. What hateful, classless people!!!!

  • Blue_MD

    I find it hard to believe that any of this righteous indignation is serious. This is how the game is played when it comes to any polarizing figure. It’s not a liberal or conservative thing, it’s just human nature and politics as usual. You’ll see one side getting their pokes in while the other acts all shocked and appalled. Rinse, Reverse, Repeat.

    Personally I don’t wish him dead, but I won’t be shedding any tears.

  • Jessica


  • Bonzo

    Are you some sort of internet virgin? NEWSFLASH: anonymous commenters can be incredibly cruel, crass, racist, homophobic, etc. Take a troll through Youtube comments sometime. Or better yet, try Redstate on for size and see how you conservatives act. Ted Kennedy is a recent example. Finally, do you have any proof those users are liberal, or are you just making a huge assumption?

    • Todd

      Sound of hammer hitting nail on head.

  • Rush L.

    Limbaugh hoped Obama he failed. Maybe Obama wished the same for Rush’s heart.

  • Moulderx1

    “why can’t Twitter posts be about information, informed opinion and thoughtful disagreement instead of bashing, group think and hate. This kind of knee jerk twitterism is useful for nothing and makes a great service like Twitter less great.”

    If you’re looking for informed opinion the first place to expect it shouldn’t be in an anonymous tweet.

    IRC. Now that’s where the meat and potatoes are.


    /good luck Rush

  • Guest

    Suppose it was Obama with the serious medical condition, what would Limbaugh say? Hmmm…

    • Guest

      He’s likely pray for Obama’s speedy recovery. After the 3 scariest words in the English Language are President Joesph Biden.

  • Sharon the American Patriot

    DIE YOU FAT, IGNORANT, HATE-FILLED, RACIST, SWEATING, STINKING, ROTTING peice of LARD!!! You hope this country fails??? I HOPE YOUR CORONARIES FAIL!!!! Quit using up valuable oxygen. Leave it for people who deserve to live.

    The question is: Was it hate that did him in?
    Was it the 12 HOTDOGS he stuffed in his FAT mouth?
    Was it the one extra OxyContin he snorted?

    That’s the only question I have.

    Godspeed. Good Riddance. Whatever. Just DIE!


    • Guest

      What’s wrong with you? I swear, I have never seen more hateful people than liberal leftists. Absolutely unbelievable. You are SICK!

    • bean

      i believe that you need some serious therapy…

    • Guest

      What you wish on others will come back haunt you.

      You are a sad person and I really feel sorry for you.

    • Guest

      You are the lowest form of life. You arent worthy to be the scrappings off the bottom of Rush’s shoes.

  • Guest

    Good job at generalizing for the sake of a story.

    It’s fair to say that if a vocal liberal suffered a similar fate. We’d see a round of more of the same. We’re all human. The best of the worst happen on both sides and they’re always going to get the most “exposure”.

    • Rich Ord

      Fair point.

      Rich Ord



    • Rich Ord

      You hate Rush Limbaugh because he has been effective at persuading people with logic. It doesn’t help your cause to wish death on your political adversaries, beat them with your ideas. Apparently that isn’t working.

      Rich Ord

  • Livardo

    Conservatards lose any moral ground claims when they’re parading their stupid teabagger signs.

  • Guest

    Gosh, what about when liberals have been ill or have died? Conservatives NEVER speak ill of them. The fact is, when you devote your entire life to spreading hate, lies, intolerance and garbage, you can’t expect people to weep for you. No one had any reason to hate Ted Kennedy. Even if they did hate him, he cared about them and was fighting for them, whether they liked it or not.

    It’s not that way with Rush. He uses his power and position to hurt people, not to help people. The net result of his existence on earth is a gaping negative. Yeah….Liberals, by definition are so hateful. And Conservatives AREN’T.

    • Rich Ord

      “He uses his power to hurt people” —

      Why, because he disagrees with you or people that want to shove government health care down our throats? Conservatives are not out to hurt anyone, just trying to stop this huge overreaching of government happening right now.

      Rich Ord

      • Guest

        Let me guess. You have a high school diploma?

  • Guest

    Yes, inkblot, very classy on your part. “I don’t wanna see him dead, I just wanna see him maimed!”

  • DrFengzi

    Instead we want him to enjoy 7+ more years of Obama presidency!

  • Guest

    To Christian Woman….you are mentally ill. Sick!

  • GuestRamjet92

    This type attitude from Liberals is the reason the country and Washington is in the mess it is in.

    • Guest

      There is no proof offered that those twitter comments, are in fact, from liberals. You are just self-reinforcing your own worldview.

  • Marine in Afghanistan

    Can anyone say K-A-R-M-A???

    Rush is bad for the country. Hate is getting old and who wants to fight for a bunch of old bickering men? Time to move onto another agenda.


    • Guest

      I hear more hate in what you are saying than anything I have ever heard on the Rush Limbaugh show!

  • Guest

    It’s interesting that you expect a higher standard from Twitter, however I would suggest swapping out ‘Twitter’ for ‘TALK RADIO’ and you will see my point about people of Mr. Limbaugh’s ilk.

    “The real issue to me is why can’t TALK RADIO be about information, informed opinion and thoughtful disagreement instead of bashing, group think and hate. This kind of knee jerk TALK RADIO-ISM is useful for nothing and makes a great service like TALK RADIO less great.”

    I really wish no ill on RL: I would prefer we deal with him –not by wishing him harm– but rather condemn him to a more poetic demise… turn his volume dial down to zero…

  • Guest

    Rush created this on his own. But, blame liberals as usual.

  • DiamondDave

    Rush Limbaugh is a stain on the fabric of this great nation, but iterves no purpose to wish him ill. There are others ready to take his place as the great divider of America.

  • Barry

    Maybe that insane rightwing payer session hoping for the death of Senator Byrd has backfired or maybe God is sending him a message it is not wise to hope for America to fail.

  • Mike

    i read about half of this column and said aloud…your an idiot. Maybe its wrong for people to want rush to die but the reasons they hate him is not because he is a conservative. It has zero to do with his political stance. Its about the person he is the things he has said to lead us to believe that he is a hateful person who discriminates amongst certain races. And thats his fault not ours. That being said i wish no one in this world harm and hope he is ok and recovers.

    • Rich Ord

      Mike — you obviously get your information about Rush from NPR or Daily Kos. Rush is not hateful nor racist. His show is about ideas not slogans like most of liberalism.

      Thanks for your comment regardless,
      Rich Ord

  • John Farrell

    So, Mr. Ord, you wish that Twitterers would stop the Limbaugh-hate and return to exchanging “information, informed opinion and thoughtful disagreement” about Death Panels and Kenyan birth certificates?

    • Rich Ord

      There is going to be an appointed government panel that will make final decisions on health treatments that used to be made by your Doctor. So your point is?

      In regards to the birth certificate issue, none has been produced yet by President Obama. Is that not strange to you?

      My point is it is ok to bring up points, even to be extreme … but that is not hate. Hate is tweeting posts gleefully hoping Limbaugh dies.

      Rich Ord

  • Guest


    • Rich Ord

      Very classy. The point of my article is proven again. Thanks!

      Rich Ord

  • Matt

    As a person that doesn’t take politics personally I don’t agree with everything Rush says but I don’t wish him ill either. He is more of an actor then a idealist in my opinion and the people that take him too seriously both for and against are the ones that keep him on the air. That being said if he were to be gone I am sure another political shock jock like Glen Beck will be happy to take his place and my more liberal friends seem to dislike him even more. I guess the lesson here is be careful what you wish for. 😉

    • Guest

      Good comments — I agree with you. We deserve RL and Beck — both sides of the shouting match provide the copius oxygen they need to sell their air time to advertisers. The void will be filled no doubt pretty quickly

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