LexisNexis Adds Video Search To AlaCarte

    August 1, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The news and legal information providers will partner with Critical Mention to provide print and video search via the LexisNexis AlaCarte service.

The Internet has seen the growth of journalism beyond the rigid 6 and 11 PM (10 pm on Fox) television newscast and daily newspaper delivery. Much of that growth has come from individuals, or from small and medium sized media companies, many focused on specific niches of interest.

A press release today details an offering from LexisNexis, whose databases have become synonymous with “due diligence” when researching businesses. The company will work with Critical Mention to provide relevant video clips that complement print searches performed via the LexisNexis AlaCarte! service.

“We’re committed to helping the small business and independent professional community find the critical information they need, whenever, wherever and in whatever form,” said Elizabeth Rector, senior vice president of Corporate and Federal Markets for LexisNexis, in the release.

Recently, Yahoo debuted its subscription search service, which includes LexisNexis content in its results. Accessing the articles returned by queries performed from Yahoo cost $3 USD per article.

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