Levitating Magician Astounds Onlookers In England

    June 26, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Levitating magician Dynamo partnered with Pepsi this week to perform a stunt through the streets of London, and onlookers were intrigued and delighted with the spectacle.

Dynamo appeared to be levitating alongside one of London’s famous red double-decker buses, holding onto the side of it with one hand and holding out a cell phone in the other. The stunt was part of Pepsi’s Pepsi Max Life For Now campaign, in which the soft drink company says they will “invite and inspire Pepsi fans to live each moment to the fullest through a breadth of global, pop-culture platforms.”

The illusionist said the performance was his idea, which he pitched to Pepsi on a whim.

“It was one of those crazy things. I threw out the idea to Pepsi and they loved it and then a couple of days later we were doing it,” Dynamo said. “The people on the ground were going crazy. And all the people on the bus as well. All I could see was a row of camera phones pointed me.”

Pepsi is certainly sparing no expense for their promotions this summer; they’ve also signed a huge deal with Beyonce, who has been appearing in print ads and commercials for the brand since the Super Bowl (for which she performed the half-time show). In exchange, she gets a big chunk of change to fund her creative whims and her tour.

Now that Dynamo has intrigued onlookers, everyone is trying to figure out how he did it. Take a look at the video below and see if you can figure it out.

  • Norm

    He must be suspended by a rod or a cable. Maybe he’s standing on a demon’s shoulders.

    • David

      I actually believe this demon shoulders thingy. There is this story in my family where my great grandfather was messing with that stuff and achieved levitation, but was actually being carried by demon’s. My great Grandmother started praying and they had dropped him. In all honesty though, most likely he was being harnest by wires or something because pepsi has been promoting their product for the past couple of years with crazy thing that were not true. Like the Nascar thing with Jeff Gordon and the NBA thing with the old guy. In others words I think the levitation thing is possible but not likely, at least in this case.

    • http://webpro Tom S.

      Yes up his ass!

  • James Crowley

    I think he was wearing a steel or titanium frame/harness underneath his clothing.It probably stopped at the wrist joint allowing him to move his hand for better effect.And the bus had a place for the steel cage to attach to.

  • http://webpro Tom S.

    This video is CRAP. FAKE JOKE TRASH!!!!!!!

  • Oerlin

    He must have a really strong right arm.

  • gatorgi70x7

    Levitating goes back to the Apostle’s time, in fact, some squared off with ‘false prophets’. Once upon a time, a false prophet had his leg broken after the Apostle caused him to crash back to earth. (Look it up! HISTORY IS COOL!) The idea of levitating today, while fascinating, still has ‘questionable sources’-IF it’s genuine AND they’re NOT giving the glory to God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

  • George

    Great trick!! I love magic!

  • Kristie

    seriously? this joke is still trying to have a career? he is nothing but a knock-off of Criss Angel. Criss’ fans have already exposed him showing almost exact imitation of style and mannerisms, plus his promo pics are similar to ones Criss did years earlier. fans made videos showing how he was ripping Criss off and finally CRISS HIMSELF admitted that Dynamo was performing the same tricks he did, but WITHOUT permission. look it up, Loyals already exposed this wannabe n now in an attempt to salvage his career he pitches to Pepsi? I feel sorry for Pepsi. next time go with the actual talent and not the copycat. BTW everybody can watch Criss Angel in his new tv show ‘Believe’ on SpikeTV this fall.

  • http://www.oddwits.com Joey Butler

    C’mon people, it says he is a magician. Magicians can do cool stuff that others can’t, but that doesn’t necessarily mean demonic spirits are involved. All it means is that they and others have figured out a way to create the illusion. I am religious as the next guy, but I am also an amateur magician / mentalist. I can’t say how he did it, but I sincerely doubt demons. Nor, do I believe he is an anti-Christ. Relax.

    • Chris

      So true it is merely an optical illusion that has entertained people for years. He put his spin on it but I thought it was cool. I would say there is more demonic influence in fake Virgin Mary tears or fake miracles than with a guy who does not claim to have special powers and is an Illusionist.

  • Emily

    Easy. That’s a fake arm, with a chest harness attached. His real arm is strapped down to his chest. He is wearing the vest and the baggy shirt to hide the bulkiness of his real arm. The fake arm doesn’t move and it’s awkwardly positioned. Yawn.

  • John P

    I guess Dynamo is taking that train to Hogwarts

  • KKM

    1:46 to 1:50 watch the white shirt below his left arm.

  • KKM
  • Mary

    I think it did what it was suppose to do… It made people notice and smile! It was fun, of course it wasn’t real! Very creative stunt!

  • Rich

    Something bulky under his trousers. Seems most likely it was done with magnetic force.

  • Kman

    Fake arm is attached to the bus.

    • Amo Green

      Magic !!!!!!!!!

  • Name

    Hey, it was cool. No need to over analyze things! Sometimes it is good not to take things too seriously. He did a good trick.