LeSean McCoy Says Michael Vick Cheated During Footrace

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With the impatient wait for the return of the NFL entering its “Dog Days” stage–especially now that the draft has come and gone–the NFL-ravenous public circles like hungry sharks waiting for the next tidbit of news about their favorite team or player. One such team that’s well known in relation to moving the dial is the Philadelphia Eagles. Granted, much of the attention focuses on the fact that Michael Vick plays quarterback for the franchise, thanks in large part to his well documented past. Add in a new head coach like Chip Kelly, previously of the multi-uniformed Oregon Ducks, to the mix, and what you have is a nice recipe for catching the public’s eye.

And so, whenever news of Vick racing one of his teammates hits the modern media circuit, it’s going to get traction. This is helped by the fact that Michael Vick was known to have otherworldly-like speed. Because of the beating Vick has been taking, however, thanks to getting absolutely buried by various defenses in recent seasons, there were looming doubts about whether or not Vick possessed his impressive physical gifts. This belief is, apparently, what led Eagles running back LeSean McCoy to challenge his quarterback to a 40-yard dash footrace. While the race itself apparently happened almost two weeks ago–Vick won–the topic is still up for discussion, at least to the player who crossed the finish line after Vick.

As the various local Philadelphia sports writers follow the Eagles during the off-season workouts, McCoy was asked about the race, to which he replied, “he jumped off. He started early.” Considering the all-access era of news we live in, there is, of course, video of McCoy’s response, courtesy of CSNPhilly.com.

While the story here is indeed frivolous and fluffy, the fact that it has become a talking point only further indicates the incredible popularity of NFL. With all due respect to Allen Iverson, we’re not even talking about practice here. We’re talking about a footrace. Furthermore, the story is getting some traction as well. With that in mind, it’s not hard to imagine Roger Goodell sitting behind his desk made of money, laughing to himself while his interns tell him such a story is actually a topical subject. The laugh comes from the (daily) confirmation that, yes, the National Football League does, in fact, rule the roost when it comes to capturing the attention of sports fans.

With all of that in mind, while the fact that Vick still has his speed may provide a sense of satisfaction for Eagles fans, if they want him to start more than 10 games next season, they better hope the offensive line protection improves. In those 10 starts during last season, Vick was sacked 28 times, clearly indicating his speed wasn’t enough.

LeSean McCoy Says Michael Vick Cheated During Footrace
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  • Jeannie

    How any professional sports team could hire this piece of garbage (Vick) is beyond me… I say drown him… just like the animal he is.
    A disgraceful human being.

    • Dave Gardner

      Couldn’t agree more! My name is Talking Tina (Twilight Zone reference) and ‘I’ don’t forgive you (for killing dogs)!

  • jay

    How can any of you ask for forgiveness if your not willing to forgive. Everyone has done something WRONG in their lives. To hold that against anyone is STUPID!!!!!!!! Let Him Live!!!I Like Michael Vick why can’t idiots leave him alone….

    • Rosalie

      There is no forgivness for dog torturers/murderers Vick hung, drowned, shot live dogs he watch innocent dogs fight to the death he watched them bleed to death and suffer Vick is a sociopath Rott in hell Vick! You can never run fast enough to get away from your past..Please just go away and get off my team

      • jholley

        Well, what did Mike Vick do to some dogs that slave owners did to people from
        Well, please tell me the difference between the cruel and unusual treatment of slaves from Africa in USA. Were there fights for freedom and equality? Who raised you with your values?

      • jholley

        Sounds like Slave Owners to me.

  • chenzerino

    At least no dogs were killed this time.

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