Lesbian Couple Can’t Cohabitate, Rules Texas Judge

    May 21, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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A Texas judge has ruled that a Lesbian couple will lose their children if they continue to cohabitate.

According to an Associated Press report on the ruling, a clause in Carolyn Compton’s divorce states that her children are not allowed to spend the night with her while a “romantic partner” also spends the night. The clause could be side-stepped if the woman were to be married to the “romantic partner,” but gay marriage is not yet legal in the state of Texas.

Compton’s partner, Paige Price, has been ordered to move out of the home they share within 30 days, or Compton faces losing custody of her two daughters, ages 10 and 13. Compton’s husband reportedly wanted the divorce clause enforced for the “benefit” of the children.

According to the AP report, Compton and Price have argued that the divorce clause is unconstitutional, on the basis that it limits their “thought, belief, and experssion.”. The couple have stated that they will comply with the judge’s order, though they believe is could be “harmful to the children” and disruptive to their family.

  • Linda

    I think her ex-husband is a douche bag, and I hate Texas.

    • http://ms1.gotdns.com jonny rocket

      well then, you belong in hell. a marriage is for a man and a woman. period.

    • other

      I think she is living with a douche bag.Same as you. If Texas doesn’t like queers just stay out of Texas.

      • http://Yahoo John Struthers

        Your bigotry is showing, Bubba.

    • cheryl


      he is a douche bag, don’t get me wrong, but I AM TEXAS PROUD!!!! I don’t agree with our laws about same sex marriage, and I don’t know where you are from, but to make the comment “I hate Texas” makes you a douche bag too!!!!!!


      Childern are confused enough without being exposed to such trash. Texas is a God fearing state.


    Whenever entering the state of Texas, please be sure to set your clocks back fifty years…

    • http://ms1.gotdns.com jonny rocket

      and you go fifty years in the future douche bag.

  • bruce

    I believe we can correct this situation lickety split.

    • http://ms1.gotdns.com jonny rocket

      apple pie!

  • legally binding contracts

    A Divorce Decree is at hand, you dolts. This has nothing to do with Hating on Gays, which Texas does plenty. This woman, WAS married, had kids, divorced and agreed to no have people who she is having sexual relations with. If it were a guy, it wouldn’t have made the news, but because they bump clams its all headlines and foo foo. Who cares, the law was upheld and for once, it wasn’t the dude in court not getting to see his kids, good job man!

  • other

    Why don’t all the queers just show up in one state, 2, or 3(I recommend California, Oregon, and Washington state or Washington DC.. These areas are already decandent, weird, queer, ect a douche bag like linda would be right at home there

    • http://Yahoo John Struthers

      So, Then when YOU cross the gay state line in which state law demands a Special,multiple bendovah, and swallow entry/exit fee for using their State Highways you will comply …right?

  • http://Yahoo John Struthers

    You don’t have to spend much time reading the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights to find that our Constitution is the self identifying ‘supreme Law of the Land’ and all Courts, Legislation, enforcement, and judging authorities are subservient to it. The only way you can change the Constitution is by Amendment, the only legal way to abridge the Constitution is by using the National Security or Public Safety clauses and these were meant to be temporary not permanent abridgements.
    Additionally, we find that law in one State is to be Law in all States.
    This will head back to the Supremes’ and another tool for neo-con, Christer blockage of Equal Rights will be trash binned.

  • APBall

    It’s not a bad clause to have for any divorce whether the affected party is straight or gay. Who wants their children to see romantic partners of any sex be cycled through the house? It may have been put in there by a jaded ex who found out after the marriage his wife was a lesbian or it could have been put in there by a concerned father who wanted to make sure his young children weren’t privy to overnight partners and sex, regardless of the partner’s gender.