Lena Dunham Bashes Shia LaBeouf on Twitter

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Shia is getting slammed by yet another celebrity after his sky-writing apology for plagiarizing artist Daniel Clowes in parts of his short film HowardCantour.com about a troubled online film critic, starring Jim Gaffigan.

Actress Lena Dunham expressed her disdain for LaBeouf's apology in a series of tweets this week.

After allegations of plagiarism, LaBeouf tweeted a slew of apologies when it came to light that the actor took parts of Clowes' 2007 graphic novella, Justin M. Damiano, and used them in his film.

Following the tweets, the actor then hired skywriters to create a five-mile wide apology across the Los Angeles sky which said, "I am sorry Daniel Clowes."

On Jan. 4 Dunham tweeted:

Some previous tweets with less than kind words for LaBeouf from Dunham:

Looks like LaBeouf has had enough. Today he tweeted, "Gonna hop off Twitter for awhile. Enjoy the sunshine, breathe the air. Hope no one was offended."

Guess he changed his mind because the tweet was removed several hours later.

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Pam Wright