LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Trailer Teases Baddies


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Gamescom is in full swing and gamers are awash with new video game details. Warner Bros. and TT Games have now released the latest trailer for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

As seen previously, players will take on the role of Avengers members, X-men, the Fantastic Four, Stan Lee, and practically any Marvel hero in the publisher's history. Today's new look at the game highlights the many Marvel villains that will be scheming to create Dr. Doom's Doomray of Doom out of "Cosmic Bricks."

Dr. Doom, Doc Ock, Magneto, Silver Surfer, Loki, and other villains are all included in the game. Galactus himself is shown at the end of the video, a callback to the first LEGO Marvel Super Heroes teaser.