Lego Marvel Super Heroes Previewed at Comic-Con, Features Playable Stan Lee


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Though Lego's most recent Lego video game announcement involves a game version of the upcoming The Lego Movie, the next Lego game fans are really waiting for is Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

The last look Marvel and Lego fans got at the game was back in June, when a trailer showed off most of the current Avengers movie lineup in the game. This past week, fans at San Diego Comic-Con got another look at the title.

Comics legend Stan Lee, fresh off his meeting with the Comic-Con Mech, was a part of the panel. He revealed the latest trailer for Marvel Super Heroes, which features some of the larger characters in the Marvel universe, including Hulk, Thing, Juggernaut, Blob, and Colossus.

Lee also revealed that he himself will be a playable character in the game. Lee was also a playable character in last year's video game version of The Amazing Spider-Man, complete with web-slinging superpowers.