Lee Harvey Oswald: Wedding Band Up For Sale

    October 24, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Lee Harvey Oswald has remained one of the most fascinating and mysterious people in our history; as the man who fatally shot J.F.K. from a Texas book depository, he was widely hated, yet many are still curious about what made him the man he was before that fateful day.

Oswald’s wife, Marina, has moved on from that day and built another life with a family, and now she’s putting up at least one significant piece of history for auction: Oswald’s wedding band. Oswald reportedly took it off before leaving the house the day Kennedy was assassinated, and it has sat forgotten in a file of a lawyer who was once under Marina’s employ. Experts believe the ring could fetch as much as $100,000.

“It gives you such insight into the mind of Lee Harvey Oswald,” said Bobby Livingston of RR Auction.

The ring is engraved with a sickle and hammer on the inside and will be among several items up for auction from that time period, including Kennedy’s rosary beads and a hat that belonged to Jack Ruby, the man who shot and killed Oswald just after the assassination. The auction is in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the death of Kennedy.

A television movie will also be aired in November for the anniversary, a film called “Killing Kennedy” which stars Rob Lowe and Michelle Trachtenberg, who plays Marina.

“I am so excited for the challenge to portray Marina Oswald, and to do my first role speaking only in Russian,” Trachtenberg said. “I’m the only actor playing someone who is still alive, so I want to stay as true to her as possible. This is a story about JFK’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, and his wife Marina. And it is fascinating.”

The film airs in November on the National Geographic Channel.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

  • Really?

    Are there really people out there that still believe Oswald was a lone gunman who killed Kennedy? Really? To me, one of the most telling things about Oswald is this. An hour after supposedly shooting Kennedy, Oswald goes to a movie theater, doesn’t pay the 25 cent ticket price even though he has plenty of money, and a movie attendant calls the police and the Dallas police department sends 8 squad cars and 17 officers to arrest him.

    Now, the President just got shot, the governor just got shot, a police officer just got shot and as a dispatcher you are going to dispatch 8 cars and 17 officers to a theater because a guy doesn’t pay a 25 cent ticket (keep in mind at this time no one knew what Oswald looked like or that he was the shooter)? All they knew was a guy didn’t pay for a ticket. That simply does not make sense. It has never made sense. Someone knew Oswald was going to be at the theater because he was told by someone to go there. Someone very high up in government that could motivate the police to drop everything, send 8 squad cars, and 17 officers to arrest a “ticket” thief.

    Don’t get me started on all the other faulty evidence that was in the Warren commission. Heck, in 1976 a congressional committee concluded that there was likely a second gunman located on the grassy knoll and that there was a probable–though unspecified–conspiracy. Also, when you look at everyone who was around Oswald throughout his entire life, they were all CIA or ex-CIA.

    One would have to be a fool to still believe the official story.

    • http://nomagicbullets.org James K. Lambert

      Like most conspiracists, you leave out several critical facts when you tell your distorted version of reality. Oswald shot Officer Tippit before going to the theater, and 10 people saw Oswald at the crime scenes and/or running away from it with the gun in his hand. The police were canvasing the area in squad cars, trying to find Tippit’s murder. Oswald first ducked into the doorway of a shoe store, clearly trying to avoid the police cars, and then ran for the theater. The manager of the shoe store followed Oswald, because he looks so suspicious. The woman selling tickets at the movie theater booth was out on the sidewalk, with her manager, looking at the passing police cars and wondering what was going on when Oswald dashed into the theater behind them; not paying because he didn’t want to be seen by the police and figuring that they were not paying attention to him. It was only because the show store manager was following Oswald that the theater people found out what happened. Then they called the police, who were already in the neighborhood, looking for a cop killing, and they all showed up. You, like Oliver Stone, make it seem like Oswald just walked passed the ticket booth and into the theater for no reason, and the police complete over reacted to a minor violation of the law. That is complete crap! You have a suspicious man who is seen avoiding police cars and who fits the description of a cop killer, as well as the description of the President’s murderer. The only logical thing was for all the police in the area to converge on the theater.

      Conspiracists are dependent on lies and misdirection to make their case. It is all they have!