Led Zeppelin, iPhone Influence Search Traffic

    September 19, 2007

The return of Led Zeppelin is a great thing, and it’s generated a lot of search traffic.  In terms of the benefit to one company, though, an announcement related to the iPhone’s UK release did much more good.

Why “one company” out of all the people who could be connected to either event?  Simply put: because O2 can be connected to both.  “[M]obile telco O2 . . . sponsors the venue for the Led Zep gig (the former Millenium Dome, now rechristened The O2), and will also be the exclusive network provider for the iPhone in the UK,” reports Hitwise’s Robin Goad.

So, following the announcement of the Led Zeppelin reunion concert, UK Internet traffic to the O2 arena’s homepage shot up from practically zero to almost 1.5 percent.  O2’s main site was unaffected – it actually suffered from a decline in traffic for most of the week.

On the other hand, the main O2 site “did receive a boost yesterday following the iPhone announcement,” writes Goad.  “Its increase in traffic was 21%, compared to 6% for Apple and 12% for Carphone Warehouse (the sole independent retailer carrying the iPhone).”

I’m now going to wag a finger (and I’m not saying which) at everyone who made the iPhone look more influential than Led Zeppelin in this one small way.