LeBron James Suits Up For MSN

    February 19, 2007

Charles Barkley proclaimed that he wasn’t a role model, nor did he want to be one. LeBron James, conversely, is choosing to embrace the influential position he holds as a direct result of his NBA superstardom.

The three-time all star for the Cleveland Cavaliers announced on Monday that he would be participating in a venture from MSN that will portray the basketball phenom’s journey from humble beginnings to athletic fame and fortune, all in a storybook format geared toward children and teens.

LeBron.msn.com will give people the opportunity to explore LeBron’s road to athletic achievement, his dedication to basketball and academics, his devotion to his team, friends and family, and his role as a community activist and people’s champion. The site includes interactive content, including a blog, that will provide fans with the opportunity to share his experiences and encouraging messages to users all across the world.

“I’ve always wanted to have a place where kids can see all aspects of my personality — where I can really talk with them about where I came from, what I do and how I achieve my goals,” James said.

“Working with MSN on LeBron.msn.com allows all my fans across the globe to share in my journey. My goal is to inspire people to achieve their goals and be part of something bigger than themselves.”

“LeBron is one of the great icons in American sports today. His commitment to his sport, community and fans is truly inspiring, and this collaboration provides a fantastic opportunity for MSN customers,” said Joanne Bradford, corporate vice president of Microsoft Corp. and chief media officer of MSN.

“The rich networks of MSN and Windows Live will help LeBron advance his brand identity to collaborate and connect with millions of people around the globe in personalized and exciting ways.”

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