Learn More About Titanfall's Multiplayer [Video]


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Respawn Entertainment surprised everybody at E3 with Titanfall - a futuristic multiplayer-centric shooter being developed for the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. The EA published game then made its way to Gamescom where it received even more praise from the press and gamers alike.

While at Gamescom, EA met up with Titanfall producer Drew McCoy to talk about the gameplay in his team's first title. The most interesting part about the game is that it's a singleplayer game inside of a multiplayer-only universe. If that confuses you, here's how the team explains it:

Titanfall is a multiplayer experience with single player elements that occur around the players. Levels are introduced with a narrative and events occur during the online gameplay which add to the overall story. Even the ending features a bonus epilogue round in which the winning team try to hunt down the retreating losers before they can escape to their dropship.

While the above trailer doesn't show any new gameplay, it does hammer home just how ambitious Titanfall realy is. Respawn is made up of former Infinity Ward staffers - the developer that reinvented online multiplayer with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. With Titanfall, it looks like they're set to do it again.

[Image: eavision/YouTube]