Learn More About The Art Of Beyond: Two Souls


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There is one last big PS3 title left in 2013 before the launch of the PS4 - Beyond: Two Souls. Over the last few months, Sony has been hyping the game with a series of making of videos that went into the gameplay, acting and music of the title. Now the latest making of video addresses one of the most crucial elements of any game - the art direction.

In the below trailer, you'll see how the art team that worked on Beyond: Two Souls took a script and created all the concept art that helped inspire the in-game visuals. The process is a lot like how a film goes through a concept art phase, but the art in games is tied much closer to the finished product than in traditional film.

You'll also get to hear from the visual FX artists on how they help bring emotion to the faces of the in-game characters with tears and other small additions that make the in-game characters that much more believable.

Beyond: Two Souls will be available exclusively for the PS3 on October 8.

[Image: PlayStation/YouTube]