LeAnn Rimes Talks About Husband’s Kids, Too Much?

    June 3, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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LeAnn Rimes is not only trying to be the perfect wife to husband Eddie Cibrian, she also wants to be the perfect stepmother for his two sons, Mason and Jake.

LeAnn likes to talk about Cibrian’s children a lot and while it seems like she means well, it makes their mother Brandi Glanville furious.

LeAnn and Brandi do not get along and one of the reasons is that Brandi does not like how much LeAnn pushes her relationship with her stepsons on the world.

Brandi has said numerous times that she does not like that LeAnn is trying so hard to be a perfect mother to Jake and Mason when the boys already have a mother.

Brandi and Eddie share custody of the boys and both see them often.

“It’s the worst pain you could ever imagine,” Brandi told Bethenny Frankel on her talk show last year. “You think your heart is broken after you get a divorce? Wait until there is a girl tweeting pictures of, ‘Oh, look at my family.’ You have no idea‚Ķ You can have the man, but those are my babies.”

Brandi isn’t the only one who is frustrated by LeAnn Rimes and her constant comments about the boys and her parenting. She recently had to defend herself to a Twitter follower who suggested that LeAnn stop talking about the kids so much to maybe help bury the hatchet with Brandi.

Several of LeAnn’s followers agreed that perhaps she should stop talking so much about the boys and posting so many photos of them together, especially since their mother has ask her to stop in the past.

LeAnn stood by her decision to continue to talk about the boys as if they are her own and continued to tweet about them as usual. A clip of LeAnn and Cibrian talking badly about Brandi was also leaked online this week. The clip has since been removed from the Internet but is allegedly from the couple’s new reality show.

Do you think LeAnn Rimes should stop talking about her stepsons or does she have the right to do so if she wishes?

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  • Prez Oboz

    Leann needs to get ride of the maloti & find herself a real man who will not mooch off her, will WORK & does not have a LONG history of cheating! The guys is worthless!

    • Name

      Prez Oboz, both of them are cheaters! Both of them were married when THEY decided to cheat on their spouses with eachother. Regardless of a long history of cheating or not both Rimes and Cibrian are cheaters! She is no better than he is. She is being very disrespecful of Brandi’s wishes that Rimes stop posting pictures of HER children after all they are not Rimes children! Rimes has always come across looking so desperate when it comes to Eddie and his children. I am sure she is scared that what she did to Brandi and her children by cheating with Eddie will happen to her! Prez Oboz I certainly don’t agree that he is worthless but what is worthless is what they BOTH did to their spouses and most of all Eddie and Brandi’s children!

      • Prez Oboz

        The Scum mailto maggot will cheat on her when the money runs out. I hope his next victim is the daughter/granddaughter of the boss op a huge mafia family who will serve up a little street justice. Guess you are equally upset about Jennifer Anniston, Brad Pittless & Angie jo-lee bed hopping!!!!!

    • kara

      No – Leann deserves to be mooched off of. The reality is, there is an unwritten rule. Women respect other women and do not go after other women’s men because they don’t want that done to them. However, Leann does not fall in this category. So, ladies let’s all go after her man. A word to the wise . Eddie if you want a career , get rid of her, she is your downfall.

      • Prez Oboz

        “Women respect other women and do not go after other women’s men because they don’t want that done to them.”?? Are you kidding me Kara?? Do you read?? At first I thought you were ignorant. Now I know you are a stupid dingy broad!!! News Flash Ding bat: Maggot man has a LONG history of cheating! Maggot man has problems staying employed before Leann! Guess you went black & never came back! Your birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory!!!

    • kara

      Oh how I wish Saturday Night Live would do a Leann and Eddie scit, so they can see how truly stupid they appear to all of us.

      • Prez Oboz

        Leann was a very good person until she became smitten with the mailto maggot!

  • no1baker

    Can’t stand self-important people that think the whole world revolves around their minute to minute activities. My husband’s ex-girlfriend used to do it on FaceBook; what she was making for dinner, what she and her kids were buying at WalMart, blah, blah, ad nauseum. Annoying.

  • .Julie

    Technically they are her kids too. Step-kids are still family. I loved my step-dad and we had a great relationship. My dad never got mad, he was glad there was a another good man taking care of me. We should all be glad Leann is a nice loving step mom and not a wicked witch.

    • Ellen

      They are not “technically” her kids. Please…..

      • .Julie

        Obviously you never had step-children or you would think differently. And if you do have them, well I feel bad for them for having someone like you in their lives.

        • coopersgirl

          they are NOT her kids – obviously, you don’t get it.

          • .Julie

            I DO get it. I had a step-parent! and HE was my dad too. He cared about me just as much as my bio-dad. He helped raise me, was my soccer coach, took me to my father-daughter dances etc etc etc! Step parents ARE parents!!! What is wrong with you people?

          • coopersgirl

            we are talking about Mothers who have given birth to their children. get it now?

    • perkymom

      Julie, you are an idiot. You don’t get it.

      • .Julie

        Do you have step children?? Or have you had step parents? If not shut up. I have and I DO GET IT!! Would you rather Leann hate his children and treat them like crap?! Do you really think that if Brandi was a decent enough human being and could get a man that she wouldn’t be posting pics of her “happy family” all over social media?! Get real. Eddie and Leann kept those boys off of “real housewives” because Brandi just wants to make money off them. Brandi needs to grow up and realize that its better for your ex-husbands new wife to love your kids and not hate them. I think that’s definatley the better of the two choices there are!

        • perkymom

          Calm down, Julie! It’ll be alright! Go get a cup of tea and listen to your LeAnn Rimes CD’s. :)

          • .Julie

            I am calm, and I dont own any of her albums, really not a fan. As for Coopers comment. Just because a mother isnt biological, and didnt give birth to the child, does NOT mean that they are not mothers. Until you have a step-child or a step-parent, you dont know what its like. My step dad was more of a father than my bio dad. Nothing you say could ever change those facts. It doesnt matter that I didnt have his DNA, he was my dad.

  • Dawn

    just leave her alone, she just cares about the kids.you would think the mom would be glad.

    • kara

      Shut up! They are not her kids.. If she cared she would stop starring in the camera like a nut. But good for them, they are taking what they can get just like their daddy. Ms. Fugly is not any ones mother. Let her have her own but it appears her hubby does not want that connection with her.

  • Ellen

    If Leanne was a good step mother she would want nothing more than to create a peaceful environment for the boys, and try her best to get along with their mother. She’s obviously aware that this bothers their mother, yet she continues to create as hostile an environment as possible. In essence, she is using the boys and I cant think of anything more despicable.

    • perkymom

      Amen Ellen.

    • Lisa

      Point well taken Ellen!

  • Dez

    I am on both sides. My daughter’s stepmother does not step anything…she watches my daughter, bathes her, feeds her and gives her love and attention. When she decided to marry my daughter’s father he didn’t come alone. He came with a daughter and I expect her to love her like her own. And if she chooses to post pictures of her and my daughter or all of them as a family then more power to her. After a divorce it stops being about the couple and the focus turns to the children. If parents cannot realize that what the kids need is love, support and a steady household then they need to head to some counseling because obviously they need it. Children are not property and to have your feelings “hurt” is very childish…especially if the children truly love their stepparents. On the other hand, I have my own stepchildren and I love them like my own. Again, I don’t “step” anything. I cook dinner, bathe them, watch them, take them to church, go to dr. appts, etc. Should I only half-ass take care of them because their mother doesn’t want me to post pictures!? Really?! Should I only take care of them a little, and cook only sometimes? Then they would complain I’m a horrible person! Come on get a grip. My daughter knows I’m her biological mother but she also has a stepmother that she calls mom as well that loves her. She has two of us that will do everything in our power to see that she succeeds in life. I do the same for my 2 stepchildren that I call my own and I post whatever my heart desires about them. People need to grow up. If she doesn’t like what LeAnn has to post then don’t look.

    • Jengau

      I completely agree with you. But, don’t you think it’s better for the kids if everyone gets along? If not posting everything on twitter is the solution – then why not do it? It seems so simple? Why would you prolong the friction?
      I think it would be very hard to know your ex was now married to a celebrity that suddenly puts your kids lives in the lime light.
      I think you are handling your situation with maturity that not everyone can employ.

      • Sarah

        So by getting along you mean bow down to the children’s mother? Give in to all that she wants? She needs to be told to mind her own business. I guarantee if she had a man in her life she would be showing the world the new perfect step daddy. She’s a baby momma who just wanted drama rather than putting her kids first

        • Jengau

          I don’t mean bow down – I mean do the right thing. You can only control your own actions.
          Divorce is hard. Why make it harder?
          How does posting your families every move on twitter make a happier family with or without an ex involved?
          I am not saying the biological mom is making things easier! What I am saying is making this conflict go away is what’s best for the kids. Someone needs to be the bigger person.

          • Lisa

            So true Jengau! Rimes keeps stiring up the pot by continuously posting pictures of Brandi’s sons! Her actions are wrong and childish and it appears no one wants to be the bigger person! No matter how hard Rimes try she will never be the children’s biological mother. Rimes comes across as not really caring for Brandi’s children but does come across as being determined to make Brandi upset!

  • Jengau

    I have a blended family. Our functioning, happy family would not be nearly as happy without the support of my husbands ex-wife.
    I love my step-daughters to the moon and back. It doesn’t matter how much I love them, I am not their mother. Regardless of how much I do or don’t like their mother, without the ability to empathize and get along in a difficult situation, my step daughters are the one who are impacted.
    Divorce is hard. It’s ranked one of the top stressful events in a persons life. Why make it more stressful?
    Focusing on what is good for the kids is a great start. Doing this without regard for the other most influential people in their life negates all of the good being done. THINK about what you are doing and the effect it has on other people – especially people that love your kids. And if it’s the kid’s mother, and you aren’t empathizing, you are really just throwing gas on the fire. The kids suffer.
    If the ex-wife is difficult, she is difficult. You couldn’t control her actions any more or less if she were fully supportive. You can only control how YOU act.
    I cannot emphasize this enough – the KIDS are the ones that see the emotional impact actions have on their parents.
    Ask the kids sometime – would you rather us all get along or not? If they can’t have their parents remarried, they certainly don’t revel in the conflict.

    • perkymom

      They aren’t Leann’s kids. Period.

    • Ms Moore

      Divorce IS difficult. It is made more difficult when you are blindsided by an affair that causes it. When that affair becomes a marriage, the hurt and pain is even worse. When the cause of the destruction of your marriage tries to legitimize her bad behavior by pushing her relationship with your children on you and the world … it is horrible and incredibly painful. It is easy to say, let it go, but the reality is more difficult.

      I do not agree with all of Brandy Glanville’s actions, but I totally understand her pain.

      • Jengau

        I hope you didn’t misunderstand me. The person that needs to “let it go” is Leaan Rhimes. She needs to stop making the hurt worse than it already is.

  • Lolo

    no they deserve a (step)mother instead of that ho drunk

    • kara

      You are talking about leann being the ho drunk, correct. She is the one that destroyed a family, not Brandi.

      • mickey710

        That relationship was never solid, it was always broken long, long before LR even was involved!

  • perkymom

    Leann, those are NOT your children. They have a mother and you need to keep your nose out of their lives. Oh wait, you already broke up their home when you slept with their married daddy – never mind. It’s too late for you to mind your own business.

    When will this stupid has-been country singing, home wrecking woman realize that no one cares about her or her loser cheating husband. Enough already! Shut up Leann! And leave those children alone! You’ve done enough damage already!

  • Lola

    Leann is so gullible, those kids mother is gonna milk every penny out of her. She wicked evil, and she’s gonna get even with Leann for taking her husband.

    • kara

      You think? I think she already has.. Leann married Eddie and Leann will soon feel the pain she cause other’s. Brandi has to do nothing – it will take care of itself.

  • BC94

    Both Leann and Brandi need to get over themselves and think about their kids. Putting their kids in this kind of situation is just selfish and probably sucks for the boys who more than likely have to choose sides. Leann has the right to post statuses/pictures, but if the boys really are her life, than she should work on making that life easier by patching things up with Brandi.

  • kathy

    The only reason she does talk about the boys so much is to get under Brandi’s skin. My motto “Don’t want none don’t start none “. Rimes is so insecure in her relationship with fast eddie because he is nothing but a cheat that she feels like she needs to keep the boys so happy to be important in his life……But in the end it will be all for not because we all no what a cheat fast eddie is and what goes around comes around Rimes your day will come when some one breaks your heart and tears your family up the way you have torn up Brandis’ family ….All of this makes you soooooo UGLY

  • nancyj

    Leann, just stop it! You will NEVER be their mother!!!!!!

  • jennifer9999

    Many mothers do not want their children constrantly photographed and pix put out for the public to see. Brandi is not the only one. LeAnn needs to ‘know her place’ and take a lesson on ‘bounaries’. Ed is such a blank that he wouldn’t defend Brandi’s take on this if he wanted to.

    • mickey710

      Then Handy Brandi should stop posting inappropriate pics of the kids on her twitter feed! Her son is laying in a hospital ER bed and she is concerned about posting pics of him laying in a hospital bed, on twitter (she did this 2x). A normal, concerned Mother would not even think about twitter if their child was in the ER, instead they would be worrying about their sick child. BG uses every one and every thing to get her social media attention, INCLUDING her children!

  • Reader22

    Leann is the most immature & insecure person ever! grow up!!

  • theoracle

    I would be grateful to anyone who has more love to dish on my children. I simply do not understand women who get angry because their children have extra people to love and mother them. So many children in the world who do not get enough love. Why punish someone for loving children?