Leading Bloggers Gather and Share Secrets

    March 28, 2007

Let’s face it folks, blogging is hard work.

While working on an article about the dark side of blogging, I was delighted to see that some really successful bloggers are separating from their keyboards and coming together to share their tips, strategies and encourage one another.

Liz Strauss, the founder of the hugely popular Successful Blog (a place where 100’s of comments are not unusual on a Tuesday night), has organized this gathering, coined SOB Con 07.

Liz badged me an SOB some time back (that’s successful and outstanding blogger).

I recently asked Liz what folks can expect to experience at this first of its kind event.

She said, “We’ve built a conference that reflects the values of a successful and outstanding blog — unique, content-rich presentations and authentic relationships.”

Here is some of what you will take home by attending:

  • LEARN how to write compelling posts that draw readers in
  • SEE how great blog design can make a difference
  • DISCOVER how analytics and other tools can help you maximize your blog’s potential
  • HEAR innovative and useful blog marketing techniques that will expand your reach and viewership
  • GAIN valuable insights on ways to use blogging as a coaching tool
  • CONNECT with other bloggers through our pre-launch activities and interactive presentations

Let me say this. Liz does things big. You really can benefit from checking this conference out.

For details, visit http://www.sobevent.com/